Saturday, 7 July 2018


I got up at 6 and put on a load of washing, I had eggs for breakfast, dressed and hung out the washing. We had a coffee and our no 1 son rang so we had a chat with him. When no2 son got up and had his breakfast we all got ready to go out on our bikes. Our daughter and son in law came with us and we went off along the track to Reepham station and had a drink. Next we carried on along the track past Cawston till we came to some woods and turned into them. It was hard work, like an obstacle course, there were so many trees over the path we had to keep lifting our bikes over, I must have walked a mile the time I jumped off and then back on my bike. Daughter and I were terribly stung by nettles and both my legs are cut and bleeding which was done by brambles and bracken. When we got to the road that lead to the rat catchers daughter and son in law left us and headed back home by road while we carried on off road and struggled through more brambles and bracken. It was a good ride but really hard work. When we got back we had lunch. H had a bacon butty while son and I had a salad. I sat in the garden all afternoon, the sun had gone in so the temperature was nice. For dinner tonight we had steak, potatoes and salad with strawberries and cream for dessert. My legs just above my ankles are very sore, first with the cuts but worst are the nettle stings. My daughter also says her legs are painful, she’s got no cuts but, like me, loads of stings.

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