Monday, 31 August 2015

Wet bank holiday

It's been a miserable day and we have done nothing much. No 1 son came round to see us which was nice, daughter rang and we had a nice chat,she and her family were going to the Aylsham show today but it was too wet. I just sat about most of the day! I should have been going to work tomorrow but I have to go to hospital to have the ' thing ' on my leg looked at. So my first day will be Wednesday. We had liver,potatoes,mushrooms,tomatoes,eggs,courgette's and bread and butter for dinner.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


I have had a really lazy day. I made some buns, vacuumed through downstairs and dusted. We had ' dippy eggs ' for lunch, watched a cycle race in Spain and I cooked dinner, steak and onion pie, potatoes, runner beans, cauliflower and gravy. That's it! And now I am going to have a quick shower and veg out in front of the tele. H did over an hour on his rollers.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


This morning I made a loaf of bread, put on a load of washing, stacked and started the dishwasher and had my breakfast. We sat and watched the news, had a coffee and I hung out the washing. I watered the outside pots and then spent over 2 hours weeding. What I did looks nice. We had cheese and crackers for lunch with a hot chocolate and after I had emptied the dishwasher I read the first chapter of my new book. We then watched a stage of a cycle race in Spain after which I prepared dinner, sausage and ham pasta bake. At 6.30 pm I watched Pride and Predjudice.
Yesterday when we were out picking blackberries we came across a hazel bush and the ground around it was strewn with nuts which must have blown off in last Sunday's gale. We gathered them up and they are very nice.

Friday, 28 August 2015


We shopped this morning and I spent £65.55 ,this is a record for me my cheapest week ever. After we had put averything away etc. we had a quick coffee and changed to go out on our bikes. 
On the way home from the hospital yesterday I noticed a damson tree at the side of the road. So we cycled there first because H wanted me to make him some jam. They weren't quite as ripe as I would have liked so we went to look for some blackberries to go with them. We also picked a few Myra bella's to pop in. When we arrived back home we had cheese on toast for lunch and I washed and prepared the fruit. 3 lbs fruit and 3 lbs sugar and that's it, no water. I slowly cooked the fruit stirring so they didn't stick or burn. When fruit is cooked add sugar, stir till its dissolved and then boil for around 10 minutes till if a little is dropped on a saucer it forms a skin. Leave to stand for 30 mins, warm jars in oven and pour in jam. I scooped as many fruit stones out as I could but there are a few left in the jam. It really tastes delicious. H will have it on his toast and peanut butter. For dinner we had bacon, eggs, mushrooms,tomatoes and bread and butter.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Early payday

It was the same old thing at work,radishes, beetroot,spring onions and then all the afternoon picking tomatoes. The highlight of the day was when the Red arrows came in to land at Norwich airport. They came in really low over my head and then spun round in all directions and landed one by one. Later they came back from the display they had been doing and went round our field in a perfect diamond before pumping out smoke and landing. My bosses wife gave me a dozen eggs and 2 cucumbers so that was nice. I also got my wages because I am not needed tomorrow. As its bank holiday Monday and I have to go to the hospital on Tuesday I will not be going back to work till next Wednesday. It will be like a mini holiday. H made a nice loaf of bread for me today. I will be shopping in the morning and then we hope to go for a bit of a nice bike ride.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hospital day

This morning I had my breakfast but H was only allowed a up of tea. I did a load of washing and also my ironing up to date. H got himself ready and I had a coffee and a couple of cream crackers. We then went to the Norfolk and Norwich hospital for him to have a scan on his colon and small intestine. We were very impressed with the service. There was no waiting, in fact e were called in early, they explained everything to us and when the procedure was over they gave H a up of coffee and a packet of biscuits ( he was starving ) . We went from there straight to a K F C which we ate on a car park and when we got back home H had a huge bowl of cereal with chopped bananas on top.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I had toast for breakfast and packed beetroot sandwiches for my lunch. I had to pick 48 bunches of carrots,20 bunches of beetroot and then spent the rest of the day bunching spring onions. I thought I was going to get away with the weather but just before 3 pm it began to rain so I had to work the last hour in the wet. I managed to get 257 bunches of onions.H is on the second day of his diet and says it's not so bad today but he is not looking forward to 8 o'clock because he has to have the second half of his medicine then and he says it's really awful. Tomorrow he has to go to hospital for a big scan, I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok.
No 2 son rang this afternoon to see how our ride went on Sunday, I told him it was a nightmare ride with gales all the way home.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Wet Monday

I had to go to work this morning so I packed my lunch and hung out the washing etc before leaving. H has to go to the hospital on Wednesday for a big scan and has a diet he has to follow today and tomorrow. It's very strict and I know he will be starving. I had to pick beetroot and spring onions, go down to the yard to help wash and pack them which all took till 1.45. By then it was pouring with rain so I came home. H said, after I left this morning he looked out of the window only to see that my linen line had broken and my washing laid all over the garden. Luckily I had a spare so he put it up and rehung my washing.  I was right he is very hungry. He was allowed 2 slices of bread with 75 grams of white fish and a plain yogurt for his dinner, his piece of fish was about 3 inches long !! I had 3 times as much fish,cauliflower,runner beans and courgette in a cheese sauce,it was very nice. I have to work again tomorrow because I will be at the hospital with H on Wednesday.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Today the plan was for our daughter and son in law to come round at about 9.30 and we were all going to cycle to Wells next the sea. They are both in their 40s and we are in our late 70s so when we all began they gave us a 6 minute start.well it was gale force winds but right behind us all the way. We had done about 18 miles when they caught us and we had been going 17.3 mph. When we arrived at Wells the chip shop had been open around 5 minutes. We sat on the harbour wall with cod,chips and a can of shandy each, very nice. On the way home it was awful,the wind was so strong and the route is so hilly I began to wonder if I would make it home. When we did get back I kept getting cramp in both my legs and it's really painful. We had a cheese and beetroot sandwich with tomatoes for tea and now I am laying flat and won't do any more tonight but I have made a nice loaf of bread since I have been home. The whole round trip was about 65 miles.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


I was rearing to go this morning and by 8.15 I had made and eaten a bowl of porridge, stacked and started the dishwasher, done and hung out a load of washing,washed up the things that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher,swept and washed the kitchen and downstairs toilet floors. We then had a coffee and the temperature was beginning to rise so I dusted the lounge and went outside to sit in the garden. I wasn't there for long it was too hot so I gardened instead. I have filled my brown bin and it was only emptied yesterday. So I have to wait 13 days before I can fill it again. I will carry on pulling up rubbish and pile it on the patio till I can get rid of it. No 1 son rang, he is fine and says he will pop round to see us in the week. Daughter also rang and arranged our bike ride for tomorrow it may get postponed because the forecast it for gales. We had bacon sandwiches for lunch and H cooked our steaks on the barbecue which was nice and we had them with cauliflower,beans and a chunk of French bread that H baked this morning and it was delicious.

Friday, 21 August 2015


We went shopping this morning and I spent £ 80. We came straight back, unpacked, put everything away and had a coffee before getting ready to go out on our bikes. We rode 36 miles in just over 2 hours. When we got back we had a quick shower before a lunch of cheese and biscuits with a slice of coffee and walnut cake for desert all washed down with a pint of cider. In the afternoon I began to fill my bin with garden rubbish again while H plumbed our outside tap in again. When he had finished I got the washing in and made a pot of tea. We then sat down to watch " the 39 steps" it's the original one and it's so bad it's good. For dinner we had baked pasta with chopped pork and a tomato sauce. Tomorrow I am going to have a lazy day because we hope to bike to wells next the sea on Sunday and the round trip is over 60 miles.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Pay day came early

 No work for me tomorrow so I was given my wages this afternoon when I left off. It was pouring with rain this morning when I left for work, I only have to go 7 miles and it must be much closer as the crow flies but when I got there they hadn't had a drop. H says it rained here for ages. I hope it's dry in London for my daughter and family. We had a nice dinner, liver, potatoes, runner beans, fried tomatoes and courgette's. I have just had a nice relaxing bath and washed the tomato smell out of my hair. We will be doing our weekly shop in the morning and if it's dry we will go for a bike ride later.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I packed my cucumber sandwiches, had my breakfast, picked the runner beans and got ready to go to work. I had to finish picking the tomatoes first,8 boxes, then 150 bunches of spring onions, they were easy after the rain and I didn't have to fork them up. Then it was a few bunches of beetroot before weeding the runner beans. I hate that job because I am allergic to the leaves, they bring me out in a rash, it was 24 degrees and I was all wrapped up so they couldn't touch me. When I got home H said the hospital had rang and given me an appointment already!! I only went to the Doc's yesterday! It's for the first of Saptember. Our daughter rang for a chat, she is off to London tomorrow with her husband and youngest daughter. They are staying overnight and visiting museums etc.      work again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


We woke up to a wet morning and here it has not stopped raining all day (6.50and still is ) All the worktop's are in, the gas is back on and the sink and and tap etc. is all plumbed in. It was too wet to cycle today so I made an appointment to see a doctor because I have a nasty sore type thing on my leg. I have had it for ages but it is growing and it itches all the time but is too painful to scratch. I bought a French stick for lunch and made cheese and ham sandwiches, and for dinner tonight we had jacket potatoes, fried eggs and tomatoes with a slice of bread and butter. I took a photo of my leg to send my daughter so I thought I would share it with you.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Work top day

This morning I put on a load of washing and had my breakfast, I couldn't make up my mind wether to have marmite or jam on my toast so I had half a slice of each. I packed my cucumber sandwiches and got ready to go to work. I am having all my new worktop's fitted today so I am glad I will be out of the way. I had to pick 75 bunches of radishes, 24 bunches of carrots, 30 bunches of beetroot and 281 bunches of spring onions. There was 2 of us on the onions so we finished all this by 12.15. I had to spend the rest of the day in the glasshouse and, boy, was it hot in there! I drank 2 pints of water. I picked 13 boxes all with over300 tomatoes in each and another part box before home time. I still have still got loads more to do. When I got home the tops had arrived but not till this afternoon so the 2 workmen took all the old tops out and got as far as they could but then had to hang about waiting. They are still here at the moment but will be leaving soon and will have to come back tomorrow. As we have no gas we are having a chicken salad for dinner tonight. I am keeping well away from the kitchen at the moment I only get in the way.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


I spent quite a while this morning emptying the top shelves of all my kitchen cupboards and giving them a wipe ready for the new worktop's which are being fitted tomorrow. The house is now looking a right tip with so much stuff standing everywhere. H took all the drawers out so they are all stacked up in the dining room and every time I have wanted something it's been in the last drawer I have looked in. H enjoyed his ride and was back before 10 am. We had pork sandwiches for lunch and roast chicken for dinner ( son had pork and salad at lunchtime.) He and I went for a nice walk this afternoon and watched a couple of men fishing in our local pond, we were only there for a few minutes and we saw them catch 4. It's work for me tomorrow, I will be glad to be out of the way while the workmen are here.

Yesterday's blog !

Yesterday I didn't get up till five past six so I quickly put on a load of washing, had my breakfast and we went shopping. I spent £ 97.80 and I still have to get eggs from the chicken farm, which means it will be over £100 this week ! We unpacked and put everything away and I hung out the washing while H put on a loaf of bread which should be done just after we get home from our bike ride. We changed into cycle gear and waited for Daughter to arrive. We had a nice ride,almost 36 miles at 16.3 mph. We arrived home to the lovely smell of fresh bread. No2 son was still here so we had a coffee and bacon butties for lunch ( son doesn't eat bread any more so he had his bacon with a salad ) . I was too worn out Friday when I came in from work, needed to do some baking but H said why don't I just buy a few cakes for once so I did. Daughter and son in law were supposed to be coming back here after our rides. ( s i l rode with others.) well they had changedtheir minds and went straight back to theirs so didn't need cake!! We watched a race in the afternoon and had a nice bar b q in the evening. After H went to bed Son and I watched a film and then he went to bed, I just laid on the settee for a few moments to give him time to clean his teeth etc. before I went up and the next thing I knew was waking up and it was twenty to four A M ! I went to bed, heard H get up at 5 ( to go for an early bike ride ) came down to say goodbye to him and took my cup of tea back up to bed and didn't get up till 8.10 .

Friday, 14 August 2015

Payday again

I finally finished picking the tomatoes but really I should have done them all again, there are so many ripe. They took till 10.05 and then I had to pick 45 bunches of radishes and spend the rest of the day weeding. But I was home by 2.20 and welcomed in with a cup of tea and a nice glass of red wine. I showered and washed the tomato smell out of my hair and watched a cycle race with H. Daughter rang and she is coming cycling with us in the morning. No 2 son is coming home for the weekend and should should be home later tonight. It's shopping for me in the morning.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Manic day at work

When I got to work I was handed a list which said ...... 36 radishes, 10 spring onions, 60 beetroot and then 90 more spring onions. ( all bunches ). But however much of it I had done I had to walk to the lettuce bed after coffee break and help to prick out more lettuce. So by 10 I had done the radish, 10 onions and the 60 beetroot . When I got to the lettuce bed I first had to pack some that had been cut ready to sell. Then I planted more lettuce, cos, oak leaf, cabbage and a tray of fennel. All this took till 12 and I went back to finish my 90 onions, when I had done them I was to pick tomatoes. Well I had done70 when Andy came along on a tractor and said the count had gone up another 10 and after that we had to do 10 dozen bunches of carrots. We got them done and I finally got into the greenhouse at ten past three. I picked 3 boxes of tomatoes and it was time for me to go home. I had a cup of tea and a nice soak in the bath before dinner.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


I had my breakfast, packed my lunch,( cucumber sandwiches ) made my bed, dressed and went to work. I had to pick tomatoes first, there are so many ripe ones it's unbelievable, I picked  12 boxes before I had to leave them and pick spring onions instead. I was supposed to pick 401 bunches of them and after a while one of the men joined me but we still couldn't get them finished, we were 30 bunches short. The day really flew by and of course I am working again tomorrow. I have been working to save up for new granite work tops for my kitchen and on Monday they are going to be fitted. When they are done I am going to have a new kitchen floor too. I will then have to thing of something else to save up for. It helps to keep me working. We had chicken curry tonight for dinner.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day off

This morning it was pretty cloudy but we decided to still go out on our bikes. We went on a round trip to Holt and home not even stopping for a coffee. It was almost 42 miles. My computer said I had averaged 15.6 mph and so did H's phone and garmin but my strava said it was only 15.1 which is wrong and most annoying. ,!! We had cheese on toast for lunch and for dinner we had bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, bread and butter and grilled courgette's , it was very tasty. It's work again tomorrow.

Monday, 10 August 2015


After a slice of toast I packed just one sandwich because I had to leave off at one o'clock to go to the hospital with H . I had to pick 75 bunches of radishes, 60 bunches of beetroot and 240 bunches of spring onions. Two others were on the onions for part of the time as well so we finished them at 12. That left me an hour to pick tomatoes I filled 4 boxes from 3 rows so I have 11 more rows to pick. When I arrived home H had made a pot of tea so I had a cup with 2 cream crackers. I had a shower and got ready to go to the hospital . We were lucky and didn't have to wait long and we were home again by 4.10. H has to ring the hospital tomorrow to make an appointment for a full body scan. They have given him some medicine which he has to take the day before and a diet sheet that he has to stick to for 2 days before that. Looking at his diet I think he will be starving. We had steak and kidney pie for dinner with roast potatoes courgette's and runner beans. No work tomorrow . 

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Nothing much to report today, H went for his bike ride and I got on with some house work and then went to get a few Myra bella's for my lunch through the week. H was home again around 10 30 and had done around 68 miles. We had a cheese and onion sandwich for lunch and a banana split with maple syrup and squirty cream. We sat in the garden in the sun and I also pulled a few weeds out of the garden. We had a salad for tea with cold chicken.H went to bed at 6.45!!! Because it's all rubbish on tele ( he says ) but he is going to read for a while.
Tomorrow I am only working till 1 pm because H has an appointment for a scan at the N and N hospital. I will just have time for a shower and a quick lunch before we have to leave. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sunny Saturday

It's been a lovely day, we went for a 22 mile ride along the track before 9 am and before it got too busy. Once again it was a lovely ride. I had porridge for breakfast for a change, we had cheese and biscuits for lunch with a beer, it was nice because we had my lovely ' black bomber ' cheese, it's REALLY strong. We sat in the garden for a while but it was very hot. H cleaned the 2 bikes we used this morning and also the one he is going to use on his long ride in the morning. He is thinking of doing around 80 miles. Our Daughter, son in law and no 2 Grandaughter all went to Great Yarmouth today and the weather was perfect. H wanted pasta for dinner tonight to help his ride tomorrow ...............
.2 cooking onions
4 rashers of back bacon
4 oz of yesterday's cooked chicken
2 mushrooms
A handful of frozen peas and one of sweetcorn 
5 oz pasta ( I used shells today ) 
4 tomatoes
Some grated cheese for the top and a tin of chopped tomatoes.
Slice and fry onions in a little oil add chopped bacon,simmer for 5 mins add chicken and sliced tomatoes, add peas, sweetcorn,chopped mushrooms and tin of tomatoes. Add cooked pasta when all the rest is bubbling nicely mix well, pour into ovenproof dish and sprinkle with cheese. Cook in oven till cheese has melted nicely and dish up. There is no need for any seasoning because the bacon makes it  salty enough. It was very tasty and quite filling. H says he would like it again next weekend but I think I will make a pasta tuna bake for a change.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Busy day

As soon as breakfast was over we went to Asda and were home again by 7.50. I spent £ 76.08. After we had put it all away H made us a coffee while I hung the washing out and picked the beans. When I had finished my coffee and reading my magazine H took me to the City. He dropped me off and returned home. I did the things I had to do and also took a few photos of the painted dragons around the streets. I caught the bus home, changed  and we went out on our bikes. We did 26 1/2 miles at 16 miles an hour. I was pleased with this because it's the fastest I have been for ages. We had a lovely pork pie for lunch from the deli' counter in Jarrolds, I also bought some " black bomber " cheese, my favourite. All my washing is lovely and dry again so I have ironed it and put it all away. We had a roast dinner as I was home, chicken, roast and boiled potatoes, runner beans from our garden and gravy. .... I saw this in the City today, I have never seen it before.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


After I had eaten breakfast, hung out the washing, made the bed etc. I went to work for the last time this week. First I had to pick all the tomatoes. We grow cherry tomatoes called sun gold, so they are orange rather than red. I picked 11 boxes each with over 300 tomatoes in each box. It took till 11 am then I had to pick 30 bunches of spring onions and 5 of beetroot. I spent the rest of the day weeding. As I have the day off tomorrow we are going to do our weekly shop and I am also going to the City. We had salmon for dinner with new potatoes and runner beans from our garden.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I did yet another load of washing, hung it out and had my breakfast. I packed my lunch and had time to pick our beans and start the dishwasher before it was time for me to leave. I had to pick broard beans first, we had to have 10 boxes. Then it was 80 bunches of beetroot and finally spring onions where I spent the rest of the day. I was supposed to do 280 bunches but I had to fork them all up and because they are dry they are hard to peel so I only managed to do 260 before it was time for me to go home. The ends of my fingers are really sore. We had a nice tea of sausages, eggs, potatoes and beans.        

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day off

I woke up to a lovely day, I put on a load of washing and had a slice of toast for my breakfast with some of my home made jam and it is nice. I hung the washing out and after a coffee we got ready to go out on our bikes. We decided to ride along Marriotts Way on our mountain bikes. It was lovely, it was very windy but on the track we hardly felt it, it is so sheltered. It was just a leisurely ride enjoying the scenery and the wildlife. We did 23 miles. We are so lucky to have the track right on our doorstep. If we want to we can ride from our house all the way to Wroxham without using a road, it's around 52 miles. We had a cheese and beetroot sandwich for lunch with a glass of wine and a choc chip bun. I filled my brown bin with garden rubbish ready for the bin men on Friday and for dinner we had lamb chops with new potatoes, cabbage runner beans and gravy.

Monday, 3 August 2015


Same old Monday, radishes, beetroot, spring  onions and weeding. Home with backache so a long soak in the bath, tea and then my soaps.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Busy Sunday

This morning after breakfast I did 2 loads of washing and hung it out, made some choc chip buns, put on a loaf of bread, picked some chives and made a nice potato salad. Then I decided to make some jam. So, first I got on my mountain bike rode into the country to find some ripe Myra bellas ( wild plums). When I got back I washed them weighed out 3 lbs and cooked them. Then I added 2 1/2 lbs of sugar brought it all to the boil stirring all the while so the sugar melted without burning. Then I simmered it for around 15 to 20 minuite's. Meanwhile I heated my jam jars in the oven. I then poured the jam into the jars, job done. The recipe says equal weight of fruit and sugar but we like our jam to be a bit sharp, I have tried it and it's delish'. When it's almost cooked the pips rise to the top and I spooned most of them out but there is always the odd one that gets away. We had a Bar B Q this evening ( sausages and ribs ) with sealed. tomorrow.

Saturday, 1 August 2015


My shopping wasn't too bad this week, £75.47 and that's with 2 bottles of wine and a birthday card. When we got back we had a coffee, I hung the washing out while H cut the front grass. Then we changed ready to go out on our bikes. We did a much better ride than last time, almost a mile an hour faster and 10 miles further. We had a salmon sandwich for lunch with a glass of wine. H cut the back lawn, put our sun loungers up and we sat in the garden all afternoon. For dinner we had liver and onions, potatoes, runner and broard beans with strawberries and cream for pud........... We saw all the normal road kill on our ride but we also saw a beautiful hare and a poor little stoat.