Thursday, 30 April 2015


Work again so I finished my cucumber, my tub of tomatoes and 2 of my 3 red peppers, it's a good I am shopping tomorrow. I Had to pick 50 bunches of spring onions, 120 bunches of radishes and several boxes of rhubarb. 2 of us then pricked out 2 trays of fennel into the field. As soon as we started on that job it began to pour with rain and then it hailed and the wind was awful. We both got soaked. By the time we had finished it was 2 o'clock, there was nothing else for me to do so I came home. We had pie, cauliflower, carrots and new potatoes for our evening meal.
No work tomorrow so we hope to go out on our bikes if the weather is good enough but we can't be back late because I have to go to the dentist in the afternoon.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


I made my cucumber sandwiches, had my breakfast etc. and went to work. I had to pick rhubarb first and then radishes, after that it was leeks, we did 2 more rows so only 4 rows left now. We washed and  packed them and had our lunch. After lunch I seeded 6 trays with salad leaves, 200 pots with courgette's and squashes and 9 trays with 104 squashes in each. There was still some time left so I pricked out 924 lettuce into the field. We had a glass of wine when I came home, a relaxing bath and then dinner. It rained this afternoon but we haven't had nearly enough. Everything in the fields is way behind this year. My boss asked me to work again tomorrow but he says he might not have a full day's work for me, it all depends what people order in the morning.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hubby's birthday

I have had a nice day. All my washing got dry, I managed a quite decent ride along the track and H took me out to lunch. We did our ride early, leaving home at 8.50. We came back, had a shower and a coffee and then sat and waited till lunch time when H took me to the Marsham arms pub where we had our lunch. We had a lovely meal, mushroom soup with home made bread and butter for starters and then I had " posh fish and chips" with mushy peas and tartare sauce, H had sea bass on a bed of pea and lemon risotto. We were both too full for desert. We washed it down with cider and tap water. When we got back home H opened a bottle of red wine he was given for his birthday and we had a glass of that. A couple of hours later no 1 son came round and spent some time with us, daughter in law sent me some lovely plants that she has grown, she really has got green fingers.
Work for me tomorrow.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Planting day

I spent the whole day at work planting seeds. Broard beans first, 3 massive rows right across a field, next it was sweetcorn. 19 rows 9 inches apart all with a trowel.  Each row took half an hour so I was bent over all day and now I am having a job to straighten up. H made a nice chicken curry for tonight so at least I didn't have to come and cook. Today is no 1 sons birthday he is 52. Tomorrow it's H 's birthday and he will be 77, I said I will take him out to lunch but so far he can't make his mind up where he wants to go. I have got tomorrow off but I have to work on Wednesday.

Sunday, 26 April 2015


This morning we went out on our bikes early.( before 9 am ) we rode along Marriotts Way and were surprised at how many people were already using it. A lot of other cyclists, runners, joggers, walkers, dog walkers and bird watchers. It was only the day before yesterday that we did the same ride but there were many changes. In one wood all the bluebells have come out and it is a beautiful blue carpet. There were also cowslips and lords and ladies. Also the trees have come into leaf and look lovely. We rode much faster today and on one of the segments on my " strava " I have got Queen of the mountain which means I rode that section faster than any other woman who is using that programme. Not bad for an old girl of 76 specially as there are loads of women doing it. I expect someone will soon beat it but at least I have been queen for a day. I wore shorts for the first time this year and my legs got really filthy. Work tomorrow. 

Saturday, 25 April 2015


I have had a nice day. Grandaughter no2 is in the girl guides and her mum had to take her to the station this morning to catch a train to London where she and her fellow guides are spending the night on the H M S Belfast. It's called " a kip on a ship". H and no2 son have been on a tour of the ship and have told her tales of a mummified cat in a mini hammock, so she says she will be on the lookout for that. After daughter had dropped her off at the station she came round to mine and took me to a garden centre where we had a toasted tea cakes and cup of coffee before shopping for seeds and plants.we bought lots of nice things. Daughter has just taken over an allotment so she bought seeds and plants for that and a few for her garden. I bought some fertiliser and an attachment for our hosepipe so H can water the grass. We had lamb cutlets for dinner with veg and mint sauce. H says if it's not too wet in the morning we will go out on our bikes again. I am still coughing but it's no worse since my last ride ( and no better ).

Friday, 24 April 2015

Back on my bike

I went out on my bike today for the first time in over 2 weeks. It was lovely, we just rode along the track, not too fast because it made me cough. It was really beautiful, all the blackthorn is out, ( sloe bushes) the cherry trees are in full bloom and the floor is scattered with primroses and wild violets. We saw baby rabbits, a heron in flight, swans and a couple of jays. It was so good to be out again, I think we are very lucky to be able to do all that we do at our age. When we got home we sat in the garden in the sun and added to our tans. I expect they will soon disappear next week when the weather takes a turn for the worse.we rode 22 3/4 miles and I loved every minute of it.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sunny again

It's been a lovely day again and I have spent most of it sitting in the garden. I look quite pink!! The last time no 1 son came home he offered to house sit for a couple of weeks in June so we could go away on holiday. So we booked a couple of weeks in Spain. We have been to Spain for the last 10 years at least, if not more. H speaks Spanish so it's very helpful. Last year and the year before we were in northern Spain but all the rest were on the Mediterranean and that's where we are off to this year. The first year we went by coach but all the other years we drove there. We got on an overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbio and the last 2 years to Santandare. The driving in Spain is easy but the drive to Portsmouth is hard work ( all round the m25 ) and as H will be 77 on Monday I think it's too much for him so we are going by coach again, he is not keen on flying.
We had sausages, a burger, mushrooms, peas, oven chips, an egg, roast peppers and bread and butter for dinner tonight and it was yummy.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Not so warm today, specialy in the middle of a field. I had to do radishes and leeks. 110 bunches of radish and 2 full rows of leeks right across the field after washing and packing everything it was 10 to 4 so my boss said I could go home. I don't have to go again until next Monday. No 2 son rang last night, he is off to Greese on Saturday for a weeks climbing. Daughter lost2 lbs this week and Grandaughter no1 lost a pound. I dare not get on the scales because I haven't been on my bike for ages and my mum always told me you should feed a cold. Mine has been well fed.!!?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sun glorious Sun

What a lovely day. After H went out on his bike I sat in the garden from 10 till 3. I look a nice healthy colour and it makes me feel better even though I still can't stop coughing. When he came home I just popped inside long enough to make fried egg sarnies for lunch. We had pizza for dinner tonight with a jacket potato and a side salad. It was nice. 
It's work for me tomorrow.

Monday, 20 April 2015


Toast for breakfast cucumber sandwiches for lunch. First I had to pick 25 bunches of radishes and then rhubarb,15 boxes of various weights. After that it was off to the leeks where I thimmed 5 boxes and I walked down to the greenhouse where I spent the rest of the day. In there I pricked out another 450 celeriac plants and started to pot up some tiny tomato plants. After I had finished the first sort I pricked out a few cucumber plants before it was time for me to go home. We had a special treat this afternoon, it was so hot in the glasshouse our bosses wife brought us an ice cream. I had a cornetto. When I got home I had a bath and cooked dinner,   Steak and onion pie, mashed potato,purple sprouting broccoli , red peppers and gravy.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Still coughing

I am really fed up with coughing, my chest and throat are so sore and I feel tired out. I haven't done much all day I just feel listless. H went out and rode 80 plus miles, I don't ever remember him having a cold. We had bacon sandwiches for lunch when he came home and roast chicken for our evening meal. I have to go to work tomorrow but I can't say I am looking forward to it which is unusual for me because I love my job. Let's hope I feel more like it in the morning.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sunny Sat

I've not done much all day apart from lay in the sun ( with 2 jumpers on ) to get a bit of colour in my legs. H went for a ride but I am still coughing. He is joining his cycle club in the morning for a fast ride, so I made him pasta bake again to help see him through I took a picture of the ingredients and the finished article.

Friday, 17 April 2015


We went shopping as usual this morning and I spent £95.83!!!! Then we went to the free range chicken farm and I spent another £3.60 on eggs. I hung the washing out when we came back and I haven't done much else all day. I rang the dentist and made an appointment for a check up and no1 son rang to see how I am ( still coughing ) I went outside for a while and saw my first housemartin of the year and I forgot to say that I saw 2 swallows on Monday when I was at work but my boss had seen them the day before. I haven't been out on my bike since last weekend but I won't be going again till I am better. It was toast and marmite for breakfast with a mug of tea, H ground some coffee beans and made a " proper coffee" when we had shoped. We had a fried egg sándwich for lunch, another coffee and paella for dinner tonight.

Yesterday's work

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Work again. I did a load of washing, hung it out when it was done, had a slice of toast for breakfast, packed my cucumber sandwiches,a few sticks of celery, some tomatoes and my water and went to work. I was in the greenhouse all day. First I had to pick 110 bunches of radishes and then I spent all the rest of the day pricking out trays of celeriac. I took a photo of what I was doing on my iPhone and normally by the time I get home they are on my iPad but today they haven't turned up so I can't put them on my blog. 
I am still coughing like mad and H moans every time I cough but I tell him he should think himself lucky he only has to listen to it not do it!! My throat is so sore and my headache is back. It was chicken curry for dinner tonight.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Warmest day of the year so far

Work today so I stacked and started the dishwasher,had my breakfast, packed my cucumber sandwiches and off I went. I had to pick 20 bunches of radishes, 21 boxes of rhubarb and then leeks.i was picked up at 12.30 to wash them etc. I then spent all afternoon in the greenhouse pricking out celeriac into trays and boy was it hot in there!! H went out on his bike, rode 59 miles all on his own. I have been coughing all day again which has given me a splitting headache.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sunny Tuesday

A nice day at last!! Porridge for breakfast with a mug of tea. I put on a load of washing and we had a coffee. H then went into our garage to get his bike out and our sun loungers and the wind break. I couldn't go out on my bike because I have spent all night coughing again. He put the windbreak up so I could sit behind it. He got ready and went off to do a ride and when he left I washed the kitchen floor, hung the washing out washed up and then changed into my shorts to sit out in the sun. I was out there from 10.45 to 3 o'clock only going in to make tuna sarnies when H came back. He also came out to sit in the garden for a while. I had flip flops on and I can see a mark across my feet where the strap goes. We had spaghetti Bolognese this evening which was nice. I have to work again tomorrow so I hope I am not coughing too much.

Monday, 13 April 2015


I was up most of the night coughing so I feel pretty tired tonight. I had toast and a giant mug of tea for my breakfast,packed a couple of turkey sandwiches for my lunch with a few little tomatoes and a bottle of water and off I want to work. I had to pick 12 boxes of rhubarb first and 25 bunches of radishes next. Then I had to walk to the leeks and trim them till 12/30 . I managed to do 7 boxes. We washed the leeks and then I had to go to the greenhouse, fill 17 trays with peat and seed them. I managed to do them all but 3 which I will have to do on Wednesday.there are 308 seeds in each tray so I put in 4,652 seeds!! I was glad to get home to my nice cup of tea. We were supposed to go out on our bikes tomorrow but H says he doesn't think I will be well enough to go. He rode along the track this morning to the City and saw 2 otters in and out of the river.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Too windy again

I had porridge for my breakfast for a change. H went out on his bike at 7.30 and rode 66 miles at over 20 miles an hour. He said he felt really good and wants another pasta bake next next Saturday to see if it works again. I just worked about the house but my cough is so bad I felt I was doing everything in slow motion. When H got home he was hungry so we had bacon sandwiches and a bun for lunch with a glass of chocolate milk. Our evening meal was a roast, pork with veg and batter puds. I wish the wind wind would drop,we seem to have had it for ages. It's work for me again tomorrow, one of the men I work with is on holiday this coming week which only leaves 2 of us to do all the work,( our boss helps out but he has a lot of tractor work to do, ploughing etc. )  I may get an extra day.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Wet Saturday

We were up at our usual time and toast for breakfast.we decided to go out on our mountain bikes along the old railway track " Marriotts Way" . It was a nice morning so after we had had a coffee and a hot cross bun we thought we might as well go and get it over with. We were going well but after we had gone 12 miles it suddenly turned much colder and began to rain. We were 10 miles from home and it rained all the rest of the way. Luckily it's quite shelterd with the overhanging trees so we didn't get too wet but I had to take my sunglasses off because I couldn't see. There were several trees down along the track since we last went and 2 were newly down because they were still across the track. H is going out tomorrow with son in law for a long ride so I made a nice pasta bake for dinner this evening to get him round. ::: 5 rashers of bacon, 8 mushrooms, an onion, some peas, 5 oz pasta shells, 4 oz cheese and a jar of Asda tomato and garlic sauce. :::: Cook pasta and while its cooking, dry fry bacon, then add onion to pan and cook till its soft, fry mushrooms ( add a little oil if needed ) and add frozen peas. Put it all in a casserole dish, pour on the sauce, grate and add cheese and bake in oven for around 30 mins at 200 degrees c. It makes 2 large dishes and you will be able to fly on your bike the next day.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Sun at last

We went shopping after breakfast, I spent £88.36. When we had unpacked, put everything away and had a coffee H ran me into the City so I could go to the bank and get a couple of things we needed. I caught the bus home and when I got back H had gone out on his bike. I changed into my shorts and sat in the garden for 2 1/4 hours to try to get a bit of colour into my pasty white legs. My white camelia has finally come out and so has my japonica.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Thursday work.

I took salad leaf sandwiches for my lunch at work but by 3 o'clock I felt sick I was so hungry. I will have to add cheese or something next time. I had to trim 4 boxes of leeks and do 2 boxes of loose carrots before 10 am and then after coffee break i had to pick 46 bunches of radishes. After that I had to go back to leeks and do 6 more boxes. I then had to go back to the greenhouse to fill and seed 6 trays of leeks, it was then home time. My throat is sore and I couldn't wait to get home for my lovely cup of tea only to find H had forgotten to make it!!  It's the first time I have come home from work to no pot of tea since he retired 12 years ago. He made me one straight away and poured me a nice hot bath with loads of bubbles. We had pie, carrots,cauliflower,potatoes and gravy.
Some of the radishes I picked.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I feel rubbish today again, my throat is so sore from all the coughing and I am worn out. I didn't have much to do luckily, just a few bits of washing and a load of ironing this morning and this afternoon we went to choose some granite for the kitchen worktops. H went for a ride this morning on his own and rode 63 miles. I am going to work again tomorrow so I hope I get some sleep tonight.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


When I got up this morning I knew why I didn't feel right yesterday, I have a rotten cold. My throat is so sore and I have been coughing for most of the day. I went to work though because in the middle of a field on my own is the best place for me. I trimmed leeks as usual till 12.15, washed and packed them and then I had to prick out lettuces into the field from trays. When they were done I had to go to the glasshouse and fill 48 trays with peat for the men to seed with various greens tomorrow. I am working again on Thursday. We just had eggs on toast for tea because I have no apetite and when I eat I cough. 

Monday, 6 April 2015


I have had a really lazy day. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted and haven't felt right all day. We sat and watched a film this morning, decided not to go out on our bikes because it was cold so did nothing. Our son was more energetic, he went to the local climbing centre and spent the afternoon climbing. After we had eaten our evening meal he packed his things and returned to London.
Work for me tomorrow.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Day

I hope any one who reads this has had a happy Easter. I have had a nice day, all my children came round and all at the same time which is extra nice.H had been out on his bike but was back before they arrived. We got some nice eggs ( I have almost eaten all mine ) I thought once it's gone I can get back to my diet. I did a bit of weeding this morning, salad for lunch and as a special Easter treat, roast turkey, roast and mashed potatoes, carrots,sprouting broccoli, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. Stewed Apple and custard for pudding. H wants to go for a ride tomorrow but I said I only wanted to do a " short one" so we are riding 26 miles. This last week I rode over 100 miles and worked 2 days so I have had a good week.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Wet start

We were expecting to go out this morning with our daughter and son in law but when we've got up it was  pouring with rain. We put it back a couple of times, it was still horrible so we decided to do our own thing.H and I finally left home at 10 10to ride 36 1/2 miles, it was not a nice ride because it was cold and the roads were so wet I got really splashed.( it's what I get for being at the back!!) I was glad to get home. H had bacon sandwiches for lunch but son and I had salad. For dinner we had gammon, chips, peas, sweetcorn and bread and butter, followed by rice pudding. The sun finally came out here this afternoon but it was too late to bother about. I made a loaf of bread and put all my Easter eggs together ready to hand out to my family tomorrow. This is what they look like.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday

Hot cross buns for breakfast!! We went shopping as usual but because I bought quite a bit of extra stuff,my bill was much higher than usual. (£122.86) !!! It would have been more but I forgot to get any beetroot and I was going to get another Easter egg but they had sold out of the ones I wanted.
No1 son rang this morning and says he will come round on Sunday. No2 son arrived home this afternoon, changed and went climbing. Daughter is coming round in the morning and she and I are cycling together, we are doing around 37 miles and H and son in law are riding 60. She just sent me a photo of herself in her Easter PJs, they have bunnies on.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Up at 6 and a load of washing on. A slice of toast and marmalade with a cup of tea for breakfast and a bit later a cup of coffee. I hung out the washing and we watched a cycle race that was on yesterday to get us in the mood for our ride. We decided to do the same ride as we did on Tuesday in the gale. It was still pretty windy but nowhere as bad. We did the ride a lot faster but I wasn't feeling as good. My legs really ache and all afternoon I have been getting cramp in my legs and having to jump up. My washing was nice and dry when I got it in. We had a fried egg sandwich for lunch and smoked haddock, jacket potatoes and cauliflower for dinner. 
The photo is of my 3 different camelias, I am just waiting for the last one to come out which is white.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wednesday work

Today was quite a change for me because instead of spending most of the day on leeks I had several different jobs. First I filled 3 boxes with loose carrots and then I had to pick rhubarb, the first this season. We then washed and packed the carrots and some parsnips which took till ten and coffee break. Next I went into the greenhouse and picked 30 bunches of radishes, also the first of the season. I stayed in the greenhouse and filled 100 pots, I put runner bean seeds in 50 and courgette's in the rest. I then filled 9 trays to sow more seeds, sweetcorn, peas and Chinese celery. I ended the day back on carrots,4 more boxes and just had time to wast them before home time. We had spaghetti Bolognese for dinner today, it was very tasty, I made it with an onion,chopped carrot, mushrooms, a tin of tomatoes, an oxo cube and minced beef.
The pictures are of some trays of plants that I did earlier.