Tuesday, 31 May 2016


We had masses of rain in the night with gale force winds. After we had eaten our breakfast and had a coffee we got ready to go out. First we went to the chicken farm for eggs and then on to Aylsham to take H's suit trousers in to the cleaners. I bought my magazine and we had a coffee and a scone in a little tea shop. H had a fruit scone with jam and butter, I had a cheese one. After that we went to a butchers where I bought 2 pork pies and some bacon. I bought a book for my holiday in a charity shop. ( Cranford ) and we came home again. We went thought several floods, one right up to our doors. When se got back home we had our pork pies and a glass of wine. Later we had a coffee and i just sat and read all afternoon. For tea we just had eggs on toastst, H had poached and i had fried. I am going to stay and read my book till its time for my soaps.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Bank holiday Monday

It's our usual bank holiday weather,dull cool and miserable,also very windy. After I had done my usual clearing up and hung out the washing there was nothing much for me to do. I went into the back garden and began to pull up my forget me nots. I have thousands so it's going to take me ages. It took over an hour to clear my oval bed. Now my brown bin is full so I will pull some more up when I have somewhere to put them. I had a cheese sandwich for lunch and we watched tele' all afternoon. We are having yesterday's leftovers for dinner tonight so there is nothing for me to do. We wanted to go out on our bikes tomorrow but the forecast is rubbish so I don't think that is going to happen. H has some dry cleaning he wants done for our holiday so if it is raining we will go in the car to a cleaners and I will be able to have a look round a few shops.

Sunday, 29 May 2016


I had quite a busy day, my sister in law ( H's sister ) and her husband were coming to lunch. After breakfast I emptied the dish washer, did 2 loads of washing and hung it out. Then I tidied the house etc. and prepared the vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower,carrots and little new potatoes. I roasted the potatoes in olive oil with garlic, rosemary and thyme. I made leek and potato soup for starters, and cooked 'coc au van'to go with the veg. It was either trifle or carrot cake for desert, wine or water and cups of tea. Anyway it was all nice, we had a nice afternoon and it was nice to see them again. We have re stacked the dishwasher and it will go on again in the morning. We were still full at tea time so we just had a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Saturday, 28 May 2016


After breakfast I did a bit of clearing up and as the sun was out H put our sun loungers up on the back lawn. We sat out there and had a coffee but it soon clouded over so H cut the grass and I worked in the garden. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch and then I made a carrot cake which turned out really well. I also began to make a sherry trifle,I soaked my sponges in sherry then I drained a can of fruit salad and mixed it in with the sponge, I made a jelly and added the fruit juice from the can. It has set nicely so tomorrow I only have to add the custard and the cream and strawberries. For dinner tonight we had pork chops, potato wedges, and baked beans

Friday, 27 May 2016


I went shopping at 7 am and when I had unpacked,put everything away and had a coffee we got ready and went to the City. We bought our holiday euros and each also bought a lightweight jacket for our holiday. They are both ' north face ' but mine is a nice soft green and H got a black one. We are normally stocking up on shorts and t shirts for our holidays but I don't think it's that warm in Holland. But we are looking forward to our cycling holiday. I got us sausage rolls and iced buns from greggs for lunch. I then went to the hairdressers for my holiday hair cut and on the way home we bought a Chinese takeaway for dinner. It was huge and I am stuffed, I have been eating rubbish all day. Tomorrow I will try to be more healthy. 

Thursday, 26 May 2016


I packed my lunch and had my breakfast, did a load of washing and hung it out. Then I dressed, made the bed and went to work. I picked 80 bunches of radishes first and then I went weeding until Andy came up to the lettuce bed with a trailer loaded with plants and I joined him to plant them all. We planted all the lettuce first and then we moved along to where we were putting the squashes this year and planted them. It took till 2 minutes to 4 and I came home. I had a cup of tea and a bath, I washed my hair too because it's the hairdressers tomorrow. For dinner we had sausages, mushrooms, eggs and chips. I don't have to go to work anymore until Wednesday, five whole days off !!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I was at work by 7.50 this morning and it was dry but dull. I had to pick 10 bunches of radishes and then 10 boxes of rhubarb. While I was on the rhubarb it began to rain and then it rained all the rest of the day. However it didn't make any difference to me because I had to spend the rest of the day working in the greenhouse. I filled trays, seeded them, took all the side shoots out of the tomatoes. Cleared a bay, strung up some more tomatoes and did a little hoeing. I left off at 4 pm but it took me ages to get home, it was chaos on the roads all because of the new road. I had corned beef and brown sauce sandwiches for my lunch and tonight we had spaghetti bolognase. The surprise is I have to go to work again tomorrow, it's ages since I have worked 3 days in a week.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


It was sunny when I woke up this morning but it didn't last long. We had our breakfast and a coffee, watched a bit of tv and then got ready to go out on our mountain bikes. It was really windy and not very warm. We had intended to go for a long ride but H said it was too cold so we just did 23 miles. I enjoyed it and I was plenty warm enough. When we got back it was a quick shower and then we went to the local garden centre. I bought a hanging basket, some bedding plants, slug pellets and a bag of compost. We also went to a sports shop where H bought a pair of trainers. Then we popped into a nice little tea room where we had a cup of coffee and a scone for lunch. ( H had a fruit scone and I had a cheese one. )When we came home I went straight into the garden,filled my planter with compost and planted my runner beans and the bedding plants. When I came in we watched the tour of Italy and had a cup of tea. For dinner tonight we are having quiche,potato wedges and stuffed tomatoes. It's work again for me tomorrow.

Monday, 23 May 2016


I had to go to work today so I did a load of washing and had time to hang it out, packed my lunch, had my breakfast and went to work. I had to pick 25 bunches of radishes first and then I finished weeding the beetroot bed I was working on last week. Then it was coffee break and after that we all went planting. First it was celeriac then cauliflower, red and green cabbages, broccoli and sprouts. It all took till gone 3 so I spent the last bit of the day pricking out 150 pots of parsley, basil and chives. For dinner tonight we had salmon, jacket potato and baked beans. 
My boss has a dog who has lots of squeaky toys, his favourites are his squeaky pigeons. Last evening my bosses wife was looking out of the window and a fox wandered into their garden picked one up in its mouth and ran off with it!!! 

Sunday, 22 May 2016


We were up at our usual time and I stripped the bed and put the washing machine on while H stacked and started the dishwasher. We also put on a loaf of bread and then, after breakfast I made some fruit and nut flapjack. I hung out the washing and then got ready to go out on my bike. I went along the track and rode 18 miles. I tried hard and it was a good ride. I am not too keen on going on my own but H was riding a virtual race so couldn't come with me. We both had a shower and a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch and then I spent the afternoon working in the garden. For dinner we had chicken with mashed potato,cauliflower and gravy. It was a sunny morning so after my shower I put my shorts on, put lotion all over my legs, arms, face etc. got my sun bed set up and the sun went in. We didn't see it again!! My sheets etc all came in nice and dry so I ironed everything and put it back on the bed.

Friday, 20 May 2016


We went shopping first thing and after Asda we went to M& S for a £10 meal deal. They open at 8 am so we had to wait a few minutes. When we got back home we unpacked and put everything away. I then hung out the washing while H made the coffee. When he had finished his he went outside to put a new cable on his mountain bikes back break. When he had done we changed and rode 22.5 miles off road, it was lovely, my favourite ride. The only down side was H got a puncture. However it didn't take long to sort out an we were still home again in under 2 hours. We had cheese sandwiches and radishes for lunch with a drink and later on we had a glass of wine. We are having our M& S meal for dinner. Our family landed safely in America so I am sure they will have a fabulous holiday ( it was a 9 and a half hour flight) .

Thursday, 19 May 2016


It was work for me today, I took lettuce and tomato sandwiches and a bottle of water for break and lunch. I had to pick 70 bunches of radishes first and then go to the greenhouse where I filled 18 trays with peat and then seeded them all with lettuce and salad leaves. It took till lunch and then I spent the afternoon weeding a bed of beetroot. I have to work again on Monday unless it's too wet to go planting. Our daughter, son in law and youngest Grandaughter all went on holiday today. They are flying to Florida, it's about a 9 hour flight so I think they are still in the air. Tomorrow I will do my weekly shop and if it's nice I will relax in the garden.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


We managed to lay in bed till nearly 7 this morning which is good for us. We had our breakfast and then I stacked and started the dishwasher. We washed up the few odd things that wouldn't fit in and then we had a coffee. By that time it had begun to rain so we said we wouldn't go out on our bikes so we got ready and went to B and Q instead. We wanted a hose pipe, some lawn food and some paint. On the way home I bought my tele magazine and 5 jam do- nuts. We had another coffee when with our cakes when we got back and then H went out front and cleaned the car and after that he fed the front lawn. We had " home made " fish and chips and mushy peas for dinner and they were nice but I prefer shop ones because I love the crispy batter.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I couldn't sleep last night because I had such a bad headache, I still had it when I got up and I was feeling worn out as well. I did a load of washing and hung it out when it was done. I sat about after that and after a couple more headache tablets I began to feel better. H had put our bikes away because even though my head was better,bumping along on my bike might have started it up again. He then cut the front and back grass while I vacuumed the whole house. I went into the garden after that and cut all round the lawn which has made it look nice. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch and for dinner we had pork chops, potato wedges, cauliflower and green beans. ----- a photo of the garden. 

Monday, 16 May 2016


It was work today, I had to pick 50 bunches of radishes first and then go weeding till some trays of lettuce were brought up the field for me to plant. They took me until 12.20 so I had my corned beef sandwich for my lunch and then I went back to the weeding which took right to 3.20. Bent so low to the ground for so long has given me a headache. I spent the last bit of the day stringing up tomato plants. I have to go again on Thursday. I had a cup of tea and a nice soak in the bath and then just an omelette for tea. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016


A few weeks ago we found a Phesant while we were out on our bikes ( road kill ). We brought it home where I plucked and dressed it and put it in the freezer. Yesterday while we were on our bikes we passed a lovely patch of wild garlic so we stopped and picked some leaves. I thought it would go well with our Phesant and when we arrived back home I took the bird out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. This morning after I had eaten my breakfast and hung out the washing etc. I fried an onion, browned off the Phesant and put them in my slow cooker. I added a carrot, chopped and added the wild garlic, a potato,some green beans, 2 sticks of celery,some water and gravy granules. I then just left it to simmer all day. I popped out on my bike to the house in Felthorpe where I bought 2 crabs for out lunch which were delicious. Dinner was lovely too,very tasty.

Thank God for lavender oil

Last evening when I cooked dinner I put my husbands plate in the oven to warm.( he always insists on a hot plate ). The oven was on 200 degrees c.  The plate was in a bit longer than I intended so it was heated to that temperature. I took it out of the oven ( with my oven gloves ) put it on a tray to carry it through,realised it was a bit wonky and automatically got hold of it to move it ( no gloves ). All 4 of my fingers and my thumb on my left hand stuck to the plate and it was instant agony. However I have a bottle of lavender oil standing in the kitchen, thanks to my no 1 son, I ripped the top off lent over the sink and poured it over my hand, within 2 minutes I couldn't feel a thing, it really is magic. This morning the tops of my fingers look a bit misshapen but still no pain.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


This morning after breakfast I did a bit of clearing up etc. we had a coffee and then we got ready to go out on our bikes. We went for a nice leisurely ride along the track on our mountain bikes, we went all the way to Aylsham so the round trip was 31 and a half miles. We didn't want to do a road ride because the wind was so strong. It was even windy on the track but we were a bit more sheltered along there. When we came back we had a cheese sandwich with radishes and a glass of red wine. H and I watched a cycle race this afternoon, the tour of Italy, I found it a bit boring so I read some of my book. We had a steak pie for dinner with mashed potatoes,cauliflower,green beans and gravy. After my shower I watched Doc Martin, I've seen it twice before but I like it.

Friday, 13 May 2016


As soon as I had eaten my breakfast I went shopping. H didn't want to come this morning so I went on my own. It still only took an hour. We had a coffee and then I did all my ironing up to date. Our daughter popped round to see us which was nice, she goes on holiday on Wednesday so it's the last time we will see her for a couple of weeks. I got all my washing dry again. We had a corned beef sandwich for lunch and this afternoon I had my 6 months checkup at the dentist ( on Friday the 13th )!! However everything was fine so I am happy, so happy that we had a glass of wine as soon as we got home. I made a pasta bake for dinner and we had strawberries and cream for pud.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Work day

It was work for me today so I was up early, did a load of washing, had my breakfast, packed my lunch, hung out the washing and went to work. First I had to pick 75 bunches of radishes and then some rhubarb. This took until coffee break after which we all sat on the back of the planter and planted the first of the leeks. It was then 11.10 and I went into the greenhouse and planted around 300 tomato plants.( it was terribly hot in there ) . When I had finished I did a bit of hoeing in there till lunch. After that I went to the rhubarb again and picked 50 kilo's before going back to the greenhouse where I filled 50 pots and planted chives in them, then Andy filled 100 pots and I planted 2 runner beans in each pot and it was home time. I have to go to work again on Monday. When I got home I had a cup of tea and a long soak in the bath. We just had eggs and beans on toast for dinner because I couldn't be bothered to cook.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


It was raining again when I got up just before 7am so I put all yesterday's washing into the tumble dryer. H had already put the dishwasher on and started a loaf of bread. At 9 it brightened up a bit and the sun began to peep through so we decided to " do" a short, fast ride. We waited until the bread was done and off we went. We rode 16.5 miles in 59.33 minutes so our average was 16.7 mph. I was very pleased with this because it's the fastest I have ridden this year and I have never done that particular ride in under an hour before. When we came back I made a couple of chicken and pickle sandwiches and H went upstairs to ride another 21 miles on his turbo trainer. I went into the garden and picked some rhubarb which I washed, chopped and stewed for pudding tonight ( H will have custard on his ). So for dinner it will be that after we have had quiche with stuffed tomatoes and potato wedges.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Short blog

It was wet today so I spent most of the day reading. I finished my book which I thought was good. It's called The Girl on a train. We had a chicken sandwich for lunch and H had a turbo session. For dinner we had eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms and chips. My boss rang this afternoon to say would I go to work on Thursday instead of tomorrow. I said I would. 

Monday, 9 May 2016

I can't believe it's sunny again!

I had my washing out nice and early and after breakfast I popped out on my bike to ride a small section of the track to get my Queen of the mountain title back! Yesterday when I checked my ride on arriving home I had this title for about 2 minutes, then my Grandaughter must have loaded her ride, beat me so I lost my crown to her and I was second.  A few minutes after that my daughter must have loaded her results, won, took the crown and then I was third. So to winde them up I took it back. There are only 5 women who have done it so far so it will soon go to somebody else but I bet they won't be as old as me. 
After that we went to Wells and had fish and chips sitting on the harbour wall in the sun. From there we went back to the car eating an ice cream on the way. We then went to the Holkham estate for a walk in the park, it was lovely. We saw loads of deer. When we got back home we had a nice cup of tea, a salad and pancakes. Our son is going back to London shortly, but it has been great seeing him again.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Yet more sunshine

It's been another lovely day. H went out with our son in law for a long ride, ( 78 miles ) they did it all at over 20 miles an hour! I went for a ride along the track with my daughter, no2 son and no1 Grandaughter,it was nice the 3 generations out together. We rode to Reepham station, had a snack and rode home again. There were loads of people taking advantage of Marriotts Way. As soon as we got back, a quick shower and then a salad for lunch. After that my son and I went to visit my other son and his wife and their lovely puppy Vinny. He is a Bouvier and he has grown loads since I last saw him he is a lovely boy. We had to leave at 4 o'clock so I could get the chicken in the oven for dinner tonight but had plenty of time for a nice cup of tea and a look round the garden. With our roast chicken we had roast and mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli,batter puddings and gravy. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016


What a beautiful day. I was up at 6 and put the washing machine and dishwasher on, made a pot of tea and read my book till H got up. We had our breakfast and put out our sun loungers so we were out in the sun before 9 o'clock.  No 2 son arrived home last night around 22 hundred hours and when he was up he also sat outside. I sat there as long as I could bear it and then I worked on the garden and patio so I could get some sun on my back. We had a salad for lunch and no 1 son came round so it was coffee and cakes all round. I had had enough sun by 2 pm so I came in and read my book until it was time to get dinner. Our son went to the climbing centre this afternoon and when he came back we had our first B B Q of the year and it was very nice. It has been a perfect day for us all to start off our tans,and for our son, who is just back from Greece to top his up.

Friday, 6 May 2016


We went shopping as soon as we finished breakfast and when we got back we had a coffee. I hung out the washing and after a bit of housework we changed and went out on our road bikes. I rode 36.3 miles in the sunshine and my nose is burnt! When we came back we had cheese and biscuits for lunch and sat in the garden for about an hour and a half but it wasn't as warm as yesterday. For dinner we had chicken curry, a glass of wine and a cup of tea. Tonight our no 2 son is coming home for the weekend so that will be nice. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016


It's been a lovely day, the best so far this year. As soon as I had done all my chores I went into the garden to work and lay in the sun. H mowed the lawn and I cut round the edges and tidied the patio. I had been working for a while when I noticed my back feeling rather hot,so as I didn't want to get it burnt I thought I had better spend the rest of the day laying on my sun bed drinking wine. It worked well. My back is fine. I had had enough by 3.30 so I went in, had a shower and my daughter rang. We had a nice chat and hope to go out together on our bikes on Sunday. It was a cheese sandwich for lunch and quiche, potato wedges and peas for dinner.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Work day

I arrived at work at 7.50 even though most of my journey is marred by the work for the southern bypass.i had to go straight to the greenhouse, fill 15 trays with compost and then seed them all. With 308 seeds in each pot it was a lot of seeds. Then I filled 100 pots and planted them all with basil plants. I still had about half an hour left before lunch so I was sent outside to weed the first bed of broard beans. I had completed 4 rows when Andrew, Andy, my boss and his wife all came up the field with a trailer full of plants and a tractor with the planter attached and we all went planting. The boss drove the tractor and the rest of us sat on the planter . We planted thousands of cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli. We finished it all at 3.30 so I carried on with my weeding till 4 and then I came home. My cup of tea was waiting for me and then my bath. We had baked beans and eggs on toast for tea. I don't have to go to work again until next Wednesday. I will be glad when things get a more busy at work. The broard beans are full of flowers and smell beautiful.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


This morning I had my breakfast after putting on a load of washing. Then I hung it out and had a coffee. I did a bit of dusting while H checked our little folding bikes over and put them in the boot of the car. After that we got ready and went to Holkham for a ride round the estate. It was lovely,the sun shone and we had a nice ride, I love my little folder. We did about 10 miles. After that we packed them up and and drove to Wells next the sea where we had fish and chips for lunch. We had a wander round the shops and an ice cream on our way back to the car. Also before we left home this morning H booked the ferry for our holiday so now we know when we are going we can book our hotel. When we got home we had a cup of tea, my washing was dry, and I had a nice soak in the bath. I am still full from lunch so I don't want anything to eat but may have a slice of cake later.

Monday, 2 May 2016


Today we decided to go for a long ride on the track. So after breakfast I hung out the washing and we got ready to go. We rode 36.3 miles and most of it was off road so it was quite hard work. We were pleased with our effort. When we came back it was lunch time, we had soup and a sandwich. I got my washing in all nice and dry and then we watched television till it was time for me to cook dinner. As I have a lot of nice gravy left from yesterday I thought we would have one of my frozen pies for dinner, we will have it with green beans and mashed potato. For pudding I made a nice crumble. ( rhubarb ) I picked the rhubarb out of my garden and will make H some custard to go with his but I will have ice cream on mine.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


I was up at the usual time and had a slice of toast for breakfast with my giant mug of tea. I didn't even have a load of washing this morning. We then had a coffee and I read for a while, when H went up to get ready to ride this race thing on his turbo I made a fruit cake. I also prepared our salads ready for lunch, covered them with cling film and put them in the fridge for when he had finished. I then sat in the garden and waited until he had. He rode 100 k so it took a while ( 63 miles ). After lunch we watched   
The tour de Yorkshire ', there was some nice scenery but it looked very cold and bleak on the moors. When it was over we sat in the garden again for a little while, until it was time for me to prepare the vegetables for dinner. We had roast chicken, roast and mashed potatoes, broccoli, batter puddings and gravy. It was all very nice. My boss rang me this evening and said he will want me to work on Wednesday and Thursday next week, we will begin our planting season, and should be starting with cabbages, cauliflowers and possibly a few early leeks. I think I am looking a bit ' pink ' and I can definitely see where my watch has been, I have quite a white mark.