Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Eve

I did nothing much this morning, apart from a load of washing which I hung our and got dry, a load of dishes and made a nice loaf of bread. My back is really painful so I keep having to stop and lay down. At 11.30 our son in law, daughter and youngest Grandaughter came round to pick up me and no 2 son and take us to Horsey gap to see the seals. We were lucky to get such a great day for it. We did a 4 mile walk along the sand dunes in the sun. I just had a banana for lunch which I took with me and for dinner we had toad in the hole with cauliflower, carrot, sprouts and mashed potato and gravy. Ice cream for pud. 

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lazy day

I have done nothing much today, I did go into the garden and spent around an hour and a half pulling weeds up. I filled my huge bucket up twice but you can't see where I have been. No 2 son went to the climbing centre this morning while H rode 31 miles on his turbo trainer. This afternoon no 1 son came round and had a go on the trainer, he thought it was good and did 7.2 miles. I made spaghetti bolognase with quorn mince for dinner but I didn't have any as it seems to upset my stomach. Tomorrow my daughter,son in law and no 2 Grandaughter are coming round to pick up son and me and we are going to look at the seals. 
When I was gardening I found 6 Lilly beetles ( killed 5 ) 1 got away!! I also saw 2 ladybirds. 

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


We have had another fab day. A nice lie in, a leisurely breakfast, watched an old film and after lunch our son took us to Sheringham park in his camper van. We had a lovely walk as far as the gazebo and back. We had home made soup for lunch and turkey stew for dinner. We were going out for a bike ride tomorrow but the forecast is for 40 mph winds and if that's the case we will give it a miss.    

Monday, 28 December 2015


I had an awful night, my back is so painful. I just sat about till it was time for me to get ready to go out on my bike with my daughter. I didn't want to go but I knew if I didn't, she wouldn't. My back was alright on my bike but hurt when I got on and off and when I wanted a drink. However I am glad I did it. Son and I had salad for lunch but H had a turkey sandwich. We all had melon for afters. I sat all afternoon because it hurts to move. I cooked the 2 men a cheese and mushroom omelette with chips and peas. I just had a few chips. I was supposed to go to work tomorrow but I have had to cry off, I told my boss I will not go back until next Monday, hopefully I will be better by then. 

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Missed a day!!!

Yesterday was so busy that I didn't have time to blog. There were 11 of us for lunch and tea so I hardly had time to sit down. Every thing went well and we had a lovely day. We had some wonderful presents and in the evening we played games. 
Today the big clear up began!!!! I have done loads but this afternoon we took a break and went to Cley for a walk along the beach to blow the cobwebs away. It was raining here when we left, dry when we arrived had a lovely walk although I have a bad back, and the weather was lovely, mild dry and no wind. When we arrived back home it was still raining and Daughter said it had rained all afternoon here. So we were really lucky. We had turkey curry for dinner ( surprise, surprise ) 

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Day

I managed to lay in bed till 6.30 this morning and then I put on a load of washing before eating breakfast. We sat and watched Christmas songs till our son came down before getting ready to go out on our bikes. We asked him if he wanted to come with us, but we were on road bikes and he didn't bring his home this time but he has a mountain bike here. So H and I went off for a short ride, we did almost 21 miles (20.9) and because there was no wind and the roads were empty it was great, we did it at 16.3 miles an hour. When we got back we had a coffee, then I prepared lunch. Son and I had a salad and H had a bacon sandwich. This afternoon I made a fresh fruit salad for tomorrow, and also the stuffing for the turkey which will be going in the oven when I go to bed, I always start it the night before because it big and being fully stuffed it takes some cooking!!, the bird weigh's 7.5 kilos. For dinner tonight we had fillet steak, stuffed mushrooms and chips. It was lovely. It will be a busy day tomorrow, everyone should be here by 11 and then for us Christmas begins. 

Thursday, 24 December 2015


We got up just after 5 am, had our breakfast and went to Asda. We were there just after 6 and it was really busy, they had most of the checkouts open but I still had to queue behind a couple of people with laden trolleys. We went from there to our butchers in Hevingham to get our turkey and loads of other stuff, sausages, steaks, bacon, ham, pork pies, sausage rolls, etc etc. Even after all the shopping and driving we still managed to be home again by 8.10. We had a coffee and then I got stuck into the     housework it's great, the whole house is sparkling. I even had time to watch a Christmas film this afternoon. At 6.10 pm no2 son arrived home for the Christmas holidays and was just in time for tea. We had lasagne, potato wedges and salad, it was nice. I am now going to relax and watch my soaps. My turkey is huge!!!!! 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

First day of hols went well

I have had a good day, we laid in till 7 and after breakfast had a coffee. When the washing was done I hung it out and we got ready to go out on our bikes. It was hard work because it was so windy but we enjoyed it. We were out 2 1/2 hours and didn't see another cyclist!!! We rode 38.7 miles on a course with lots of nasty uphill drags in it. We feel as if we have had out excersize. When we got back I filled our bird feeders and got the washing in while H made us a cup of soup, cheese on toast, coffee and got me a mince pie. For dinner tonight we are having pizza, potato wedges and peas. It was cooler today but it was wall to wall sunshine all the way round our ride. The sky was a beautiful blue and if you got out of the wind you could feel the heat from the sun. I have hung up all the Christmas cards we have got so far and they look nice.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Holidays have begun.......

I was busy at work today so it went quickly. I did 17 dozen bunches of carrots, 4 sacks of sprouts and a box of leeks. I then helped to wash and pack everything and it was time for me to leave off. I came home with my wages and Christmas gifts and I don't have to go back until next Tuesday so I have 6 days off. It was milder today, less wet but more windy, I was almost blown over twice. I was also given some lovely vegetables. H says we will go out on our bikes tomorrow so I hope the wind has dropped. He made a nice loaf of bread today and tonight we had pork chops with cauliflower, carrots and potatoes with a nice slice of new bread and butter. 

Monday, 21 December 2015


It was really busy today at work today. I had to fill 9 boxes with loose carrots and then do bunches till the men came to pick them up. Well I only had time to do 14 bunches and they turned up and it was coffee break. I then had to pick sprouts till lunch and I did two and a half sacks. They are really tight on the stalks and I broke 4 of my nails!!! I am so annoyed, it's always the same at Christmas, I always have rubbish nails. I spent all the afternoon trimming leeks and did 9 boxes. It was an awful afternoon the wind was blowing a gale and it was pouring with rain. I got home cold and wet. My cup of tea and my bath warmed me up. We had spaghetti bolognase for dinner and the good news is tomorrow is my last workday till after Christmas.

Sunday, 20 December 2015


We both came down at 6 ( our daughter had worked 2 hours by then ) we had our breakfast, I had porridge for a change. A little later we had a coffee and H got ready to have a ride on Zwift island. I needed eggs so at 9.30, when Nature farm was open I went out on my mountain bike to buy a dozen and a half large ones ( they are lovely eggs ). It's only a 3.1/2 round trip and I was going well beating some of the times I had done before. Well I got within a half a mile from home and I don't know what happened but my bike suddenly stopped dead and my " rear mec " was jammed in my wheel!!! The back wheel would not move so I had to carry my bike the rest of the way home. It seemed to get more and more heavy the further I went and by the time I got home my arms and back ached. Anyway H says he has fixed it for me so I will try it on my next day off. We just had cheese and biscuits for lunch with a coffee and a roast tonight. When I got back with my eggs I made some cocoanut and choc chip buns, and as you can see by the photo H couldn't even wait for them to cool right down.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

My poor legs


We were up before 6, I put on a load of washing, we had our breakfast and we went shopping. I was in Asda by 7 and out by 8. I also went to tesco to get some dates. By the time I got home it was 8.37, I had to unpack and put every thing away and also hang out the washing while H sorted out our bikes ready for our ride. We then changed into our cycle gear and rushed to the garden centre where we were meeting our daughter and son in law to go for a ride. Much to my surprise we arrived first.H and J went off to ride 50 miles, while L and I were going to ride 30. We had done 5 miles when L got a puncture in her rear tyre!! Well we are hopeless, neither of us had a pump, but even if we had I don't think it would have made any difference!!!! We haven't a clue. However it was our lucky day, 2 young men stopped. ( on bikes ) and within minutes they had her wheel out, new tube in, pumped up and job done. We were so grateful. The wind was really too strong for us and it was hard work, we only managed 15 miles an hour. We were back ages before the men so we had a cup of tea and a mince pie while waited.    I normally get L some carrot tops for her rabbit if I know she is coming round but I went nowhere near the carrot bed yesterday so I just gave her Jake the peg!!! When they left we had a bath and then a chicken mayo sandwich with a glass of wine. We watched a " midsummer " and I cooked dinner, pork and veg. Now I am watching strictly come dancing.

Friday, 18 December 2015


I had to go to work again today!!! I haven't worked on a Friday for ages. The good thing about it is, we leave off 2 hours earlier so I was home by 2.20. My cup of tea was waiting for me just the same. I took cucumber sandwiches and hardly had time to eat them we were so busy. I picked 2 and a half sacks of sprouts and was on leeks for the rest of the day. I managed to trim 11 boxes. When the boss lifted them he cut the bottoms off a couple so tonight we have got roast chicken with leeks, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes. Because I worked we couldn't shop and I am running out of all sorts !! We have no fruit, hardly any milk no yogurt etc etc. I will be going bright and early in the morning. Tomorrow I am having a ride with my daughter which I am looking forward to, I hope I will be able to keep up with her. I think my knees will be ok they weren't too painful at work.

Thursday, 17 December 2015


It was a busy day at work, I had to do 20 dozen bunches of carrots and I had to fork them all up!! Because there are lots that are with fangs or twisted, too small etc. I feel as if I have dug up half a field. I had to go down at 12.10 to help wash and pack everything and by the time that was done I only had time to pick a sack and a half if sprouts before it was time for me to go home.we just had eggs for tea tonight with hot mince pies and squirty cream for pud. ........... This is one of my odd carrots I called it Jake the peg, with his extra leg.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


I went off to work after packing my bag etc and it was very mild even in the middle of the field. I had to do 96 bunches of carrots and I had to fork them all up as well. Then I walked to the leek bed and trimmed 11 boxes before the men came for me to help wash and pack them. We had almost finished I was carrying a box full of leeks out to the washing area, I caught my foot in a loop of hose pipe and I fell over onto a concrete edge. I have a huge ' egg ' come up on my left knee and a long gash on my leg under my right knee, and that is through 2 pairs of trousers! I also hit my chest on the box I was carrying so I am pretty sore all over. Anyway it happened at3.30 so I came home. I felt much better after soaking in the bath. We had chicken curry for dinner which was nice. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I have had a nice day. We went out on our bikes this morning and rode 28 and a bit miles at 16 miles an hour, we were pleased with that in December. We came home had a shower and some lunch and then we went to Sprowston garden centre on our way to my middle brother and sister in laws. It was a nice afternoon and good to catch up with them face to face rather than emails for a change. I bought them and us a Poinsettia, ( I hope I can keep mine till Christmas ) I am not very good with them. We exchanged gifts, had a cup of tea and a biscuit and the time flew by. I told H we would have to have a late dinner because I had to cook the chicken etc. Well he came up with a brilliant idea. !!!! So we bought fish and chips on the way home !!!! Now I have chopped up the chicken and made a curry with it which we will have tomorrow and I won't have to cook after a long day at work. 

Monday, 14 December 2015


I was working today so I packed some sandwiches ( cheese and tomato ) and off I went. When I arrived the boss told me we were busy today and I was pleased because it makes the day go quickly. I had to pick 3 boxes of loose carrots, 72 bunches of carrots and 11 boxes of leeks. Then I had to go weeding so we couldn't have been that busy. I was weeding for an hour and a half. Oh, I also had to pick some sprouts, we had a customer who wanted 100 !! So I had to count them as I picked them 
( I gave them 103 for good measure.) when I got home H had made a nice loaf of bread and my cup of tea was waiting for me. We had salmon, jacket potato and mushy peas for dinner and now I am going to watch my soaps.

Sunday, 13 December 2015


We were up at 6, I put on a load of washing and we had our breakfast. H then got ready to go out on his bike with our son in law. They met at 8.15 and rode 52 miles. When he came back, it was around 11 am, he was frozen and his hands were numb. He says in future, if it's under 4 degrees he is not going out. While he was gone I cleaned the whole house, sweeping and washing floors, vacuuming and dusting, polishing and clearing up loads of rubbish and putting it all away. I also hung the washing out but it got wet because it rained and I didn't see it start. Our daughter came round this afternoon to deliver Christmas cards and have a chat. We had a cottage pie for dinner which I made with quorn and it wasn't too bad but I like meat. It's work for me tomorrow so I will try to get an early night. I am now going to watch strictly come dancing.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

P s

In my kitchen I have a hanging fruit basket which is a great idea if you are short of work top space. My middle brother made me this macrame hanger years ago, it's been washed loads of times and still looks good. I used to have a blue bowl in it but just changed to green to match the kitchen.


Today I decided to ice my cake, it was raining outside so we couldn't bike which was a shame because we had planned to go out with our daughter and son in law. Anyway I used 1 egg a little lemon juice and icing sugar. When it was done I smoothed it over with a hot damp pallet knife and then sprinkled it with edible stars and snowflakes. I didn't waste the egg yolk, I made melting moments with it. 3 oz sugar 4 oz butter 4oz Sr. Flour and a few drops of vanilla essence plus porridge oats to coat  them....cream flour and sugar add essence blend in the flour and roll in porridge oats. This makes 18 to 22 biscuits when I put the balls on my baking tray I flatten them slightly.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Day off

We both got up at 6,I put on a load of washing and made a pot of tea while H sliced off the bread and made the toast. After breakfast we dressed and went to Asda. We also went to M & S where I bought a ' meal deal ' for dinner this evening and a few Christmas bits and pieces. When we came back we had a coffee, I read my TV magazine and then we got ready to go out on our bikes. We rode 26 and a half miles. It was horribly windy again so we were pleased with our effort in the circumstances. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch and a glass of our M&S wine. I haven't done much else today apart from washing my hair and making a loaf of bread. My washing was almost dry when I brought it in. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015


I went to work at 8 as usual and had to pick 6 dozen bunches of carrots, 2 boxes of loose ones, half a sack of sprouts and then leeks till the men picked me up to help wash and pack everything. All this took until 2 o'clock when I had to trim 3 more boxes of leeks and finish off the day with an hour of weeding. As I walked in the door the phone rang and it was my daughter just ringing up for a chat. After that I had a bath and cooked dinner. We had  potato wedges, grilled tomatoes with cheese on top, mushrooms poached eggs and bread and butter. H had yogurt with honey on top for pud and I had a mince pie........... At work they gave me a cauliflower, I think they gave it to me because it was too big to fit in a box ,!!!......

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I was at home again today so I put up a few more Christmas decorations and tried out my new fork. H rode 15 miles on his turbo thing and then got ready to go out on a bike ride with me. We did 41 and a bit miles and I am really worn out. It was too windy for me ! When we got home we had an egg sandwich, a cup of soup and a hot mince pie with squirty cream. I just sat about all afternoon too tired to do anything. I cooked dinner at 5 pm, quiche, roast cubed potatoes and mushrooms. ...................... A PICTURE OF MY BIRTHDAY FORK

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Today's blog

I have had a lovely day. After breakfast I just sat and read till no2 son got up. Then I made him some flap jack to take back with him this evening. Then we all got ready and went to Cley near Holt for a walk through the salt marshes and along the beach by the sea shore. It was a lovely walk (2.91miles). On the way there we called in at the garden centre to get my birthday present, a garden fork. It's a really good one and just what I wanted. At Cley we had our lunch, H had a cheese and ham toastie, I had a tomato,basil and cheese toastie and son had a jacket potato with coleslaw. We all had side salad and 2 cups of tea and it was all very nice. For dinner this evening I cooked fish, chips and peas with rice pudding for afters. Our son left at 7.15 to go back to London and I came up to watch my soaps. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

Yesterday's blog !!!

I fell asleep last evening before I had blogged!!! It was just one of my usual days, work, was harvesting beetroot, carrots and leeks, strawing and weeding. Lunch was chicken sandwiches and dinner was spag' boll. When I woke up to go to bed I checked my phone only to find a sad message from our no 1 son, they lost their beautiful dog Ollie. He has been going downhill for a while but it's still a shock, he was a lovely dog.

Sunday, 6 December 2015


I have had a really lazy day. After my bowl of porridge I hung out my washing and it was so mild outside I stayed out pulling up weeds till our son got up. I went and washed up a few things and he made me a coffee. I wrapped more pjresents and when H came home from his bike ride with our son in law I made some soup for lunch. When my washing was dry I brought it in and 2 minuites later it was raining. Our son went to the climbing centre this afternoon and I put the chicken in the oven with some potatoes to roast we had it with mash and green veg. For pudding we had stewed blackberry and apple with custard. The men then watched a film so I have come upstairs to watch the ' jungle '.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Saturday again

I thought it was Saturday all day yesterday, I am losing the plot!!! I had porridge for my breakfast for a change, did a load of washing, hung it out and managed to keep it on the line long enough to get it dry. We had bacon sandwiches for lunch and I wrapped some more of my presents. I have only 3 more to get. I went to the post office this morning to post a card to my brother in New Zealand and I posted all the rest of my cards while I was there. I love Christmas. We have been sent 3 cards already. We had toad in the hole for dinner with mashed potato broccoli carrots and gravy. H and no 2 son are watching a film( mad max ) in the lounge so I have come upstairs to watch strictly come dancing. Today has flown by.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Busy day

First we went shopping, came home for a coffee and then changed to go out on our bikes. We did 36 and a bit miles but only slowly. It's the first time I have been out for ages. The wind was far too strong for me!! As soon as we got back we had a quick lunch of cheese and biscuits, a shower and were off to the hairdressers. When we arrived home we had a cup of tea and a nice paella for dinner. After that I  went into the kitchen and made a carrot cake. I finally managed to sit down at 8.15 pm. No 2 son is coming home tonight so that will be nice.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

My birthday

I packed cheese and tomato sandwiches for my birthday lunch with an apple. I can't believe how busy I was at work!!! First I had to pick and trim3 boxes of turnips then pick 2 boxes of loose carrots. After that it was bunched carrots, I was supposed to do 120 bunches of them but when I had picked 72 bunches I was taken down to help wash and pack every thing. After that I had to walk back as far as the leeks and trim them till lunch (4 ) boxes. We had lunch and then it was back up the field for me to finish the bunched carrots(48 ) and then 3 more boxes of loose ones. I was taken down again for washing and packing and the day was over. When I got home no 1 son had been round with my present, a super rear light for my bike and my daughter in law has sent me a huge box of Dahlias. I love them and only have one in my garden this year. Our dinner was washed down with champagne so I expect I will be asleep in front of the TV tonight. 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


I packed my cucumber sandwiches and my bottle of water and went to work. I had to pick a box of loose beetroot, 4 boxes of loose carrots and 48 bunches.. Then I trimmed 4 boxes of leeks and went to the yard to wash and pack them all. After that I went back to the rhubarb bed and carried on laying straw. It was quite windy and my eyes are full of straw. When I got home I sat down with my cup of tea and the doorbell went, it was our daughter with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bag full of presents. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 77. I will have to change the title of my blog.!!! After a nice soak in the bath I made a nice spaghetti bolognase for dinner.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

1st December

I was at home today and it was nice. After a leisurely breakfast H and I popped out to get a few things, my tele' magazine, some eggs, some wild bird seed, a few more cards and some wrapping paper. When we got back home I changed into my cycle shorts and rode 20 miles on the turbo trainer, it was really hard work., H then had his turn and he rode 40 miles, I don't know how he does it. I so wanted to ride outside today but it was too wet. Then when it was too late the sun came out...!!!.. H went into the loft to get out our Christmas tree, I can't believe it, it's the first time it's ever been out before the 18 th. We had chicken, chops, fried onions and chips for dinner tonight and ' dippy eggs ' for lunch.