Monday, 31 October 2016


I had a slice of toast this morning with some tasteless spread on, I must buy some marmalade to jazz it up. I packed a salad for my lunch at work and dressed it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it was nice. I had to pick 30 bunches of beetroot, 54 bunches of carrots and then leeks. They came to take me away at 12.30 so we could wash and pack the 8 boxes I had trimmed. After lunch I had to go with Andy and we spent all afternoon planting broard beans. We planted thousands!! They will be ready to harvest in May. When I got home we had a cup of tea and I had a bath and for tea we had jacket potatoes and baked beans. At 7 our daughter and son in law came round because he is laying a floor for us at the weekend and wanted to check our underlay. Because we live in a cul,de sac we have had no trick or treaters so I gave them some of the sweets I bought in case, there are less for me to eat now. I have tomorrow off so we hope to go out on our bikes.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Almost forgot.

It's 23.36 and I suddenly rembered my blog. I've had a busy day, dusting, vacuuming,cooking and gardening. First I did a load of washing and hung it out, porridge for breakfast and then I made H some sultana buns then I spent a couple of hours cleaning. We had egg sandwiches for lunch and H went up to the ' pain cave ' to ride a race on his turbo. I went out to work in the garden while he did that and I was out there till 3.30, I went out around 12 ! I got the washing in but because it was a bit foggy to start with and there was no wind it was still quite damp. H ran me a bath and I had a long soak, when I came down he had made a pot of tea. I cooked dinner, pork mashed potatoes, Romanesque, cauliflower, leeks and gravy. I went upstairs to watch strictly come dancing results and fell asleep. It's work tommorow so I must get to bed. No 2 son is on holiday in Spain for 3 weeks, he went yesterday and arrived safely,he says it's lovely where he is.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Another Saturday.

we both managed to stay in bed till 6.45 this morning mind you,I didn't go to bed till 2 am ( I was reading.) I had porridge again but it was better than yesterday's,I made it a bit less runny. H got on and painted a load of door frames while I emptied the dishwasher and sorted the kitchen. We had a coffee and then got ready to go out on our mountain bikes. We went a bit faster today but not as far. ( 22.76 miles off road)  I really love it but it was hard work, worth it though, I burnt almost 700 calories. 😊We had a shower and then lunch, a cheese sandwich and coffee ☕️. I read a bit more this afternoon and made a beef stew for dinner which was very tasty.

Friday, 28 October 2016


We both got up at 6 this morning and had our breakfast. I made myself a bowl of porridge which I didn't enjoy, had a cup of tea and put on a load of washing. We also stacked and started the dishwasher. Then I dressed and we went to Asda. When we got home I unpacked,put everything away and we had a coffee. After that I did all my ironing up to date while H vacuumed downstairs. He also painted a door and a radiator before he went on his turbo trainer. I then went into the garden to do some more clearing up. I raked a strip of grass we have at the front and decided it needed reseeeding so I jumped in the car, went to Taverham garden centre to buy a small box of seed. When I went into the store I found they are getting ready for Christmas so I was there for ages. I bought 3 tree baubles, one each for my daughter who I get one for every year, one for my eldest granddaughter and her partner and one for my grandson and his partner. I also got some of my ' special' Christmas cards and a pack of general ones. I love Christmas!!! On the way home I called in at the chemist and bought some blue nail varnish. As soon as I was home I seeded the lawn and worked in the back garden for an hour or so. H called me in at wine o'clock, iwent up for a shower and then cooked dinner. Roast potatoes in goose fat, peas and sweet corn and a steak and ale pie. For pud we had chocolate pudding with a melt in the middle salted caramel middle and ice cream. We had vegetable soup for lunch but I am still feeling hungry.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


I have had a lovely day. We had a leisurely breakfast and then a coffee, I hung out my load of washing and read a couple of chapters of my book before getting ready to go out on my mountain bike. We rode to Aylsham along the track and it was lovely. It's almost 33 miles and the sun was out for most of the ride.we had a salmon sandwich for lunch and for dinner tonight we had pasta with tomatoes, sausage, onions etc, it was very tasty. The only downside of today was I had a phone call from the doctors to say my blood results were back and my colesterol is high so they want to prescribe statins for me but I said I don't want to take them. I said I will try to bring it down with diet, so it's porridge for breakfast instead of my lovely buttered toast, semi skimmed milk and loads of salads.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I had to work today and the weather was nice! I picked 72 bunches of carrots, 36 bunches of beetroot,  then I trimmed 5 boxes of leeks and picked 6 boxes of tomatoes. After that I had to plant spring cabbages and rhubarb chard in the greenhouse. It took me till 3.50 and the boss said I could go home. He also said he doesn't need me any more until Monday so I have a lovely long weekend ahead of me. H was pleased when I told him. For dinner tonight we are having pizza, mushrooms and stuffed tomatoes with potato wedges. All the time I was trimming leeks a robin was with me, it sat on my box and didn't even fly off when I threw a leek into it. It kept singing to me and was so lovely.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tuesday 25throots an

It's a day off for me today and we would have liked to go out on our bikes but I have to go to the doctors for blood tests and pressure check etc so there really wasn't enough time. Instead I have been busy in the garden, I am making the path wider by laying bricks either side of the slabs. The bricks that are there have been in for over 25 years so take ages to lift without doing too much damage to roots and bulbs. A few weeks ago I bought 3 packs of bulbs, 2 daffs and 1 of black tulips. I planted a few but had at least a dozen left to plant, now I have somewhere to put them I can't find them!!
I have not written a blog for ages because I lost my page so I am not sure if this is going to work, if anyone who knows me finds this please text to let me know.

Monday, 10 October 2016


It was 6 degrees when I got up this morning so I put on an extra layer for work today. I packed chicken sandwiches for lunch and off I went. First I had to pick 60 bunches of carrots, then 30 bunches of beetroot and 160 bunches of spring onions. By then it was lunch time and it was pouring with rain so I had to sit in a horrible little tin hut and eat it. After that I had to pick 4 bunches of purple carrots and another 12 bunches of orange ones. After that I had to walk to the leeks and trim them till I was picked up and taken back to the yard to wash and pack everything. It rained on and off all day and it was quite cold at times. I don't have to go again till Wednesday. For dinner we had pizza and corn on the cob. The pizza was really yummy,it was already cut into 6 sections and there were 2 cheese and tomato,2 ham and pineapple and 2 salami, all were delicious, it came from M & S.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

I thought I could never blogg again because my ' ap' disappeared but no 2 son found this page for me so I am still able to write, however it won't print photos. I have had a great weekend, the seaside on Friday with fish and chips, my brother and his wife to dinner yesterday and a really ' chill out ' day today. We didn't have time to have our 3 games of cribbage which was a shame but I forgot to post our results last time. It was one game each and the third game was so close but son won which is probably why I forgot to post it!!! Tomorrow I have to go to work and the forecast is cold for our area  and wet with possible thunderstorms so I won't be looking forward to that.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Day out

It's been a nice day, first we went shopping and when we came back we had a coffee, I read my magazine and after our son had eaten his breakfast we got read and went first to Holt where we all had an espresso in a cafe we had never been in before, it was nice. We then went on to Sheringham for fish and chips. After that we walked down to the sea ( it poured with rain) it was lovely, I am at my happiest when I am by the sea. I just love Bakers and Larners of Holt too. If I was rich I would do all my shopping there. I took a photo of some of their pasta. I bought a large pork pie there and H and I had half each for our tea. Son had a salad. 

Thursday, 6 October 2016


I was really busy at work today so the day flew by. I did yet another load of washing and hung it out, packed marmite sandwiches for lunch and off I went. First I had to pick 30 bunches of beetroot and then trim leeks. I did 10 boxes and walked to the carrots to pick 3 boxes of loose ones. I had no other instructions so I walked to the yard and was told we needed another box and a half of loose carrots, 24 bunches and 12 purple ones. Then 12 bunches of spring onions, we picked up all the leeks I had done and went down to wash everything. I only had time to pack some of it and then it was time for me to go home. When I got home H had made a nice loaf of bread. For dinner tonight we had cod in parsley sauce with new potatoes and cauliflower. No 2 son is coming home tonight.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


There were only two of us at work today so it was all a mad rush. ( the boss is in France and Andrew was on a gardening job). First I had to help on the cabbages then pick 84 bunches of carrots. After that I had to pick 131 bunches of spring onions, then it was 10 bunches of golden beetroot and 30 bunches of purple beetroot. The onions took ages because they were such a job to clean up. I then had to go to the yard and help with all the washing and packing. I took banana sandwiches for lunch, and for dinner we had burgers,tomatoes, eggs and bread and butter. I have to work again tomorrow but then I have 3 days off.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


I have had a nice day. I managed to stay in bed till 6.20 and when I came down I put on a load of washing. I had a nice slice of buttered toast for my breakfast with a cup of tea. I hung out the washing and then made H some shortcakes. We had a coffee and then got ready to go out on our mountain bikes. We went along the track as usual but when we got to where the N D R is going to cross the track was closed so we had to turn back and use a bit of the new road before getting back to where we wanted to be. It was a lovely ride, most of it in sunshine. At one point we came to a fallen tree which we managed to get under because it was being held up by a bank. We did 25 and a bit miles. The washing was dry when we got home so I brought it in and we had soup anda buttered crumpet for lunch. This afternoon we watched a cycle race and for dinner tonight we had spaghetti bolognase. 

Monday, 3 October 2016


It was a lovely day at work, I packed a couple of beetroot sandwiches and off I went. I had to have 25 bunches of beetroot, 36 bunches of carrots and 80 bunches of Spring onions. Then I went with Andrew to pick and trim 3 boxes of turnips. By the time we had done all that it was lunch time. After lunch I had to trim leeks all the rest of the afternoon just leaving enough time at the end of the day to wash and pack them.when I got home H had got my washing all dry, I didn't have time to hang it out. For dinner tonight we had breaded cod with potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower . I have got tomorrow off so H and I will be going out on our bikes, hopefully. 

Sunday, 2 October 2016


I have done nothing much all day. A load of washing, a load of dishes and a short bike ride to buy 2 crabs so we could have crab sandwiches for lunch, then on to the chicken farm for eggs. The crabs were lovely. My washing all got dry, so bonus. We had a steak and onion pie for dinner tonight with new potatoes, carrots and cauliflower. It's work for me tomorrow. I just hate how quickly the nights and mornings are drawing in.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


We managed to lie in bed until ten minuites past six. We then had our breakfast and H watered our new sprouting grass while I sew a couple of buttons on shirts. We had a coffee and H worked on his Spanish homework for half an hour before we had to get ready to meet our daughter and son in law to go for a ride on our bikes. It was a lovely ride to Reepham station along the track and we were treated to a drink and cheese straws before riding back again. On the way there the men left us so they could go for a bit of a burn but we came all the way back together. We were a bit worried about the weather as the forecast was for rain but we had sun most of the way round and it was almost too hot sitting outside the cafe with our drinks. When we got home we had a fried egg sandwich and a coffee. For dinner we had a quiche with new potatoes and cauliflower. Oh, by the way,the rain came here at 2.40 pm.