Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday30 th Sept.

Work today so it was cucumber sandwiches and water instead of eggs, bacon and coffee. I hung my washing out before I left and it's all lovely and dry again. I had to pick 121 bunches of beetroot first and then leeks. I had a couple of boxes done when I got help, we trimmed 7 full boxes, took them to the yard to wash and pack them before lunch break. After lunch I had to pick 4 boxes of runner beans and spent the last three quarters of an hour picking tomatoes. When I got home I had a welcome cup of tea and after a nice soak in the bath I cooked dinner.    Pork chops, potatoes, carrots and broccoli, it was nice. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Busy Tuesday

I have had a great day. After I had eaten my breakfast and had a cup of coffee I hung out the washing and cleared up more garden rubbish. We then changed and went out on our bikes. We didn't go far because H wanted to go to the City to buy a computer. (21 miles ) We parked in the forum and it was almost full, the City was really busy because loads of people were looking at the dragons which are all now in one spot instead of spread all round the streets. After shopping we went to. " giraffe" for lunch and it was very nice. ( picture below ) when it came to tea time we were still full so we just had a cup of tea and a sandwich. My washing was all lovely and dry again and I did a bit more gardening and have filled my brown bin again ready for the bin men on Friday.

Monday, 28 September 2015


Today it was carrots, spring onions, beetroot, runner beans , leeks , a bit of weeding and finally harvesting and washing squashes. The day went nice and fast and I enjoyed my cucumber sandwiches sitting on an upturned box in the middle of the field in the sunshine. When I got home H had been for a 31mile bike ride on his own vacuumed downstairs for me and painted a couple of doors. For dinner we had bacon, eggs, chestnut mushrooms,fried tomatoes and a crusty roll. No work for me tomorrow so we can have a bit of a lay in.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lazy Sunday

I put on the usual load of washing as I got up and hung it out when it was done. I had porridge for my breakfast and just sat and read till H brought me a coffee. After that we got ready and went out on our mountain bikes to pick some blackberries. We picked loads, I cooked some with a few apples which we had for pudding this evening. When we got home we had cheese and biscuits for lunch, chicken curry for dinner, and our stewed fruit and custard. I put a bit more garden rubbish in my brown bin and made H some of his favourite raspberry rocks. We watched the men's world championship cycle race, I was reading for most of the time because it took over 6 hours. I must have been bitten while we were picking blackberries because I itch all over and have several large red bumps. This week I have cycled over 90 miles. ....... A photo of some of our berries, I have frozen loads. 

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Porridge for breakfast, and then hanging out a load of washing before getting ready to go out on my bike with my daughter. H went with our son in law, they rode 45 miles and we rode 32. Louise is so much better than I am and I struggled to keep up with her. We had a cheese and ham roll for lunch and chops and veg for dinner. I would have written more but Wales have just beaten us at rugby and so l am too fed up to carry on.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Hair time again

We shopped this morning, I spent just over£82. We came home, had a coffee  and got ready to go out on our bikes. We went to Aylsham and back, just over 28 miles. We were back just after 12 noon,l made us cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch, had a quick shower and we got ready to go to the hairdressers. I had a colour and a cut. By the time we got back home it was time for me to cook dinner, steak and onion pie, potatoes and peas. The day has flown by. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pay day again

I don't have to work tomorrow so I was paid when I left off. I had to pick 2 boxes of beans, 6 bunches of radishes, 16 bunches of spring onions, 60 bunches of beetroot, 60 bunches of carrots and then pick the tomatoes. There was enough for 5 boxes. The boss said if I had any time left he wanted 2 more boxes of beans, I managed to do a box and a half before it was my hometime. I forgot to take anything out of the freezer this morning so we had jacket potatoes, salmon, mushy peas and French stick for dinner. I took cucumber sandwiches for my lunch as per usual. We are shopping in the morning and cycling on Saturday.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday .

I put on a load of washing as soon as I got up so it would be done before I went to work and I could hang it out. I had to pick 4 boxes of beans first and then Andy and I had to pick 96 bunches of carrots,  10 bunches of spring onions and 80 bunches of beetroot. We then had lunch and I picked a box of tomatoes before the boss sent me to to trim 6 boxes of leeks. Andy came just as I was on the last 3 leeks so we stacked them on the trailer so we could take them down and wash and pack them. By the time we had finished packing them up and weighing them etc, it was 3.40 so I spent the last 20 minuites back picking runner beans. When I got home we had an' all day breakfast ' for dinner, 2 eggs, bacon,, baked beans, mushrooms and a huge hunk of a warm French stick that H had just made.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Day off

It was a chilly start this morning but it soon warmed up and we.wanted to go for a bike ride. However, H was expecting a parcel so we decided to to just go for a short ride. We changed and rode 16 miles in under an hour so we were back in plenty of time for the postman. Later we went to the chicken farm   for eggs and on the way I bought my next weeks TV magazine. We also went to the ' kitchenary' where H bought our daughter a French bread baking tin. He bought us one a couple of weeks ago and it works really well. We had a tuna sandwich for lunch with crisps and for dinner I did a cheesy pasta bake. H also painted 4 doors and while he was doing that I spent time in the garden. I have started to fill my brown bin again.  It's work for me  tomorrow.

Monday, 21 September 2015


It was work today but I took chicken and Mayo sandwiches for s change. There was only 2 of us today because one of the men ( Andrew ) is on holiday. However I didn't have much to do. 30 bunches of beetroot 140 bunches of spring onions. I was then supposed to go weeding but it was pouring with rain so I decided to go down to the yard and sit in the men's dinner shed with my lunch. On the way down the other worker ( Andy ) came past with his tractor,he said I could have a lift if I helped him trim a box of swedes and cut 2 dozen lettuce. After lunch I went weeding for just over an hour and Andy got me to go with him to harvest squashes. We picked 16 boxes, took them to the greenhouse where we washed them and laid them out on pallets. We had left over chicken for dinner with veg. No work tomorrow for me. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday 20 th

I have been quite busy today baking, washing etc.  When no 2 son came home he brought a ' cookie jar ' with him and wanted me to make them for him. His jar was chocolate brownies. He also wanted his flap jack to take back, H wanted a cake and I had to bake a loaf. The cookie jar had very clear instructions, easy to follow and very tasty. His flap jack I flavoured with cinnamon and added seeds and chopped dates. I made H a chocolate sponge which turned out really light and fluffy. We had cheese and mushroom omelette for lunch and roast chicken for dinner. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015


I have had a nice day. I slept till 6.30 did a couple of loads of washing, hung it out, had a leisurely breakfast, emptied the dishwasher and had a 2 son,who arrived home last night around 11.20 said if we were going for a bike ride he would come with us. So we all got ready and went out to ride 26 miles. Our son is 38 years old so I struggled to keep up with him but it was a really great ride and good fun. We were about 10 minuites faster than yesterday!!! We all had salad for lunch, spent all afternoon watching rugby ( we are all great fans ) and then I cooked dinner. Gammon steaks, corn on the cob, runner beans and chips, all very nice.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday 18 th September

Shopping this morning, I spent £ 109.01 it sounds quite a bit but I have begun to fill my wine rack again and I bought all the ingredients for my Christmas cake because it's only 98 days to Christmas. We did loads of clearing up when we got home, I hung out a load of washing and at 10 we changed to go out on our bikes. We did almost 27 miles in an hour and three quarters. It's the first time I have been out for a week. When we got back we had our lunch which was pate on toast with salad. We then carried on with the clearing up and H made 2 French sticks which turned out well.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pay day came early

I was busy at work, I picked all the tomatoes first which took till gone 12 and then I had to pick 35 bunches of radishes 50 of beetroot, 70 of spring onions and 12 dozen bunches of carrots where Andy joined me but we had to be down at the yard for 3.30 to wash and pack it all so we only managed 9 of the 12 dozen bunches of carrots. When we had finished the boss told me he could manage without me tomorrow and gave me my wages. When I got home the kitchen was finished and looks nice H has just got to paint the new skirting board.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Work today and cucumber sandwiches. I left H at home with the workmen and to make a loaf of bread. I had to pick 30 bunches of beetroot ,100 bunches of spring onions and then go to bunch carrots with Andy. We did around 9 dozen bunches and it was lunchtime. After lunch I had to pick 7 boxes of runner beans and any time I had left I had to pick tomatoes but I only had time to pick one row and it was hometime. When I got home the kitchen floor was done and looks nice, tomorrow they just have to put new skirting boards on and finish off. For dinner we had sirloin steak, potatoes, fried onions and runner beans from my garden.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Today was the first day of the new kitchen floor. Our 2 workmen ( our son in law and his dad ) arrived at 8 am and it took all morning to chip up the tiles and the adhesive. H and I went to the chicken farm for eggs and then to the garden centre for a coffee and a cake. He had a fruit scone with butter and jam and I had a Bakewell tart. I bought some tulip bulbs and some wild bird seed for my garden feeders. When we got back home I spent several hours in the garden weeding. We just had a cup a soup and a bun for lunch but for dinner we had potato wedges, cheesy mushrooms, bacon, eggs and a corn on the cob with a slice of bread and butter ......  A photo of the floor so far. Our workmen are very through, they took all the rubble away and left everywhere clean and tidy, they will be back first thing in the morning.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Wet work day

I was busy at work today, I had to do 25 radishes, 24 carrots, a box of leeks, 20 spring onions, 6 boxes of runner beans 3 boxes of broccoli and 50 bunches of beetroot. Everything except the beans and broccoli had to be washed and packed. I found some nice potatoes growing in the carrots so it was all nice fresh veg for dinner and went well with our quiche. I had a little time at the end of the day to do some weeding. 
Tomorrow we are having a new kitchen floor. It could take up to 3 days to do!! At the moment we have cream tiles and H fitted them. They did look lovely but over the years they have got chipped here and there. The worst chip is where I dropped the pressure cooker. The trouble is when they chip they are a dark grey underneath so the floor never looks clean. However when H does a job he does it really well so it's going to hard to get them up. They are well stuck, and have to be lifted with a drill. I expect there will be dust all over the house.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


I have done very little all day so I won't even bother to blog about it.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Tour of Britain ( Norfolk)

This morning we both got up at 5.50 but had both had a good nights sleep for once. After breakfast we moved our fridge and our fridge freezer out of the kitchen and into the dining room because next week we are having a new kitchen floor and every thing has to come out. Our kitchen tiles were put down by H and when he does a job he does it well so we are having to have a man with a pneumatic drill to get them up.!!! We were going to the race but it was raining so we decided to stay in and watch it on the television. When it was over we got ready to go to our daughter and son in laws for a bar b q. It was really nice and we had a lovely evening. Our grandson was there and no2 Grandaughter it was lovely to see them both. No 1 Grandaughter was on duty so we didn't get to see her. First she was policing the football match and then she was on duty at the Uea music festival. H went to bed as soon as we got home because he is going out on his bike tomorrow at 7.15.
 I took a photo of the meat on the Barbie but forgot to photograph the salad, rolls etc.

Friday, 11 September 2015


It's been a lovely day, we went shopping first thing and just managed to get home by 8. I spent £ 84  When we got home and had unpacked H went into the garage to sort out our mountain bikes while I hung out the washing. We then had a coffee and I read my magazine. After that we changed to ride along the track. It was lovely, it's my favourite ride and the weather was perfect. The only downside was that swallowed a fly and on the way down it stung the back of my throat!!!  When we got back we had a 'cup a soup'and a cheese and ham sandwich with a glass of wine. We then watched the tour of Britain and I cooked dinner. We had duck again because it is so nice. I followed the instructions on the packet and it turned out perfect.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Weekend starts here

No work for me tomorrow thank goodness, it's been such a busy day. We did beetroot, carrots, onions, lettuces, sweetcorn, curly kale, courgette's, runner beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbages. I hardly sat down for five minutes. Everything had to be washed and packed and then delivered. I was glad to get home for my cup of tea. I had a bath and then cooked dinner. Pork chops, curly kale, carrots, sweetcorn and potatoes. I had ice cream for my pud, I have gone off yogurt at the moment. In the morning we will go shopping and then we hope to ride along the track for s change, we haven't been able to on it for ages because it's been too wet.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Work today so I packed beetroot sandwiches some Victoria plums and a bottle of water, hung out my washing and went to work. It was beetroot, carrots, radishes, spring onions and runner beans today. I was busy all day and I already know I will be busy again tomorrow. When I got home H had done nothing all day except make a loaf of bread! I had a cup of tea, a bath and cooked dinner. We had a pasta bake with runner beans,carrots and cauliflower on the side. I am stuffed.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


We both managed to lay in bed till 6.15 this morning !!! Hopefully when I retire we will make it to 8 o'clock. We did all the usual stuff except I had porridge for my breakfast. We got ready and went out on our bikes. When we had done about 4 miles a deer bounded across the road in front of H and it really was a near miss. We heard its hooves skid along the road. We also saw a couple of kestrels and a poor dead fox. We rode over 38 miles, it was a really hilly route so our speed wasn't very good. Cheese on toast for lunch and then we watched ' the tour of Britain ' we actually rode along quite a bit of the route they are taking on Saturday when they pass through Norfolk. Jacket spud, mushy peas, cheesy mushrooms and quiche for dinner. Work for me tomorrow.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Pay day again!

When I got to work my boss handed me my wages for this coming week. He paid me for today, Wednesday and Thursday. He and his wife are off on holiday tomorrow. Because they have 4, cats 2 tortoises, loads of cockatiels and several bantams a friend house sits for them when they go away. They are taking their dog with them. I had to pick 40 bunches of beetroot, 24 bunches of carrots, 25 bunches radishes, 75 bunches of spring onions, 2 boxes of tomatoes and 3 boxes of leeks. I spent the rest of the day weeding but only managed 2 and a bit rows, it was all I had time for. I had a nice cup of tea waiting for me when I got home. I then soaked in a nice hot bath before dinner. We are hoping to go out on bikes tomorrow but the forecast isn't very good.

Sunday, 6 September 2015


H went out with J our son in law this morning for a cycle ride. He was here by 7.15 and off they went. I then dressed, made the bed, hung out the washing I had done earlier, washed up all the pots and pans from last night, made a nice fruit cake,swept and washed the kitchen floor,had a quick coffee and  went into the garden to begin filling my brown bin again. I was still out there when H arrived back home. He had ridden 70 miles at 19.8 m p h. They went all the way to Holcombe, round the coast, up to holt and the long way home from there. He went up for a shower while I made bacon sandwiches and a coffee each. We watched the ' tour of Britain ' cycle race and I cooked dinner. We had roast lamb,broccoli, runner beans,new potatoes and gravy with mint sauce.
Last night I watched strictly come dancing,it was only the celebrity's being given their partners so not very interesting but I am looking forward to it next weekend, there has been nothing on TV at weekends worth watching for ages. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015


We had to shop this morning and had to go early because we were meeting our daughter and son in law at Taverham garden centre at 9.15 to go for a bike ride. I spent £93.64 this week but I did get myself a pair of joggers to wear about the house and some wine. While we were waiting for L and J we saw loads of vintage cars drive past ( model T fords ) etc. there must have been a rally somewhere in the area, they all went towards Reepham. L and J gave us a 4 minute start and then tried to catch us, it was good fun. We knew they would catch us because they are much faster than me,( no faster than H though,but he towed me along ). Still they should be they are in their 40 s and I am getting nearer 80 all the while. Mind you we had done over 18 miles before they caught us. We then all rode home together and most of the way it was tail wind. When we got home we had a pate' sandwich with tomatoes and grapes and for dinner we had duck with broccoli and new potatoes. The duck was really tasty and so tender. I will certainly be getting it again. English strawberries and ice cream for pud, yummy.

Friday, 4 September 2015


Ham again for lunch, it was dull and cool at work today but as its a short day for me it flew by. I had to do 40 bunches of radishes, 100 bunches of beetroot and then pick all the tomatoes. My boss is on holiday next week and has told me I will be working just Monday,Wednesday and Thursday so I can plan what I want to do on my days off. 
The time of year has arrived when there are loads of huge spiders about. I don't like them but when I had my children I tried not to show my fear. My boys are fine with them but my daughter hates them. Her first 2 children 1 girl 1 boy , are fine with them,but her youngest is scared of them. She sent her Mum a text at 1 am to say there was a huge spider in her room ( her room is next to theirs ) she woke her husband ( who was not amused ) and he had to go and sort it out. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Work again, but I took ham and mustard sandwiches for a change. I don't normally take meat in the summer because standing in the field in the heat it can go off. It was fine today because it was quite cool. I had to pick 35 bunches of radishes, 90 bunches of beetroot, 70 bunches of spring onions, 96 bunches of carrots and then pick tomatoes. I only had time to pick 2 boxes because it took till 3.30 to do all the other things. I have to work again tomorrow so we will have to shop on Saturday. Daughter rang when I got home from work she has got a rotten cold and feels awful. We had a nice spaghetti bolognase for dinner this evening I put in an onion a carrot ( both chopped ) some peas and a tin of chopped tomatoes. It was very tasty.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I packed my cucumber sandwiches etc. and went off to work. I had to pick 200 bunches of spring onions,96 bunches of carrots and then I had to trim leeks for the first time this season. It's one of my favourite jobs but when I first start it makes my hand very sore. When I got home my cup of tea was ready and waiting and by the time I had drunk it my bath was ready so I had a nice long soak before cooking dinner, pizza, potatoes and sweetcorn. Yummy. Our Grandaughter had to go back to school today and she was so excited!!! She wanted her parents to get her up at 5.30 this morning! They left her till 6.30. I hated school so I am so pleased she loves it.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


I didn't sleep very well last night because my hospital visit was on my mind. I wasn't there very long, I just had my leg looked at and was told I would have to have a biopsy and will get the appointment in the post so I am no further forward. However the doctor who looked at it didn't seem too concerned so I am not going to worry. On the way home we went to a garden centre to get an arch to replace a rusty one we took down. They didn't have the one we wanted but I bought a pack of canes and a few bulbs for the garden. H cut the front lawn but apart from that neither of us has done much today. We had curry for dinner which was nice.