Thursday, 31 March 2016


It was work today so after breakfast I packed my lunch and headed off. First I picked 7 and a half boxes of rhubarb and then 40 bunches of radishes, the first of the season. After that I spent the rest of the day in the glasshouse pricking out cabbages and cauliflower plants.616 cabbages and 1.232 caulies. For the last hour I planted 520 peas in little modules and 520 sweetcorn seeds. It was a lovely day and so nice to be able to work without plastic trousers and coat for a change. My next workday is next Wednesday so I hope to be getting a few bike rides in before then. We had a cheese omelette and chips for dinner this evening I was hungry and it was nice.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


This morning I did a load of washing,hung it out and had my breakfast. Then we had a coffee and got ready to go out on our bikes. We did 36.2miles in under 2 .1/2 hours. It's the same ride as the last time we went out, we were faster this time and it was a worse day, the wind was much stronger and more against us so we were pleased. We had some cheese and biscuits for lunch and H went out front to clean the car. I went into the back garden and to do some clearing up and filled my garden rubbish bin so it can go out on Saturday. I cooked a nice roast for dinner,chicken,carrots,green beans, potato, batter puddings and gravy. Tomorrow I have to go to work but the weather forecast looks good so it will be a good day.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Another nothing day for me. I hung out my washing and got it dry. We popped to the shop where I bought do-nuts to go with our coffee and crisps to go with our sandwiches at lunch.H exercised on his turbo trainer while I sat and read my book. For dinner I cooked liver, potato wedges, mushrooms, and a fried egg. Tomorrow I am going out on my bike so I hope it's dry and not too windy.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Monday

Yet another day of doing nothing !! It's been awful here, wet and windy. Our no 1 son came round this afternoon which broke the monotony a bit. It was nice to see him. We had a coffee and some hot toasted and buttered hot cross buns. H used his turbo trainer again so he has had some excersize today but I have done next to nothing. I took these photos yesterday,a good job I did, they are all battered down today.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Still Sunday

I have nothing much to talk about. I did all my housework and then more or less sat about all day. My daughter bought me a bag of mini eggs and a gold bunny for Easter and I have eaten them all? I ate my rabbit with a cup of coffee, dunking it and it was soooooo good I may have to buy another and do it again. For the first time ever I missed the boat race!! I am so disappointed I love it and to make matters worse my team won. A few years ago we went to London to watch it and Cambridge won that year too.

Easter Day

As I forgot to blog yesterday I will have to do it twice today!  Yesterday was very windy so apart from hanging out my washing and getting it in again I didn't go outside. When I got up in the morning though I was happy to see my cycle ride from the day before had loaded onto strava. I was pleased about this because I was using my iwatch and thought is was not working properly. 

Friday, 25 March 2016


I have had a really nice day. After breakfast we went shopping and when we came back we had a coffee and a hot cross bun. Then after making the bed etc we changed into our cycle gear and went for a ride. I rode 36.3 miles in lovely sunshine. The only downside is that my strava failed so I have no record of my ride but I was with H so we know what we did but I wanted to check my heart rate. We had a corned beef sandwich with brown sauce for lunch and paella for dinner this evening. I can't believe how good I feel when I felt so ill on Wednesday, but one of the men at work said there was some sort of virus going about so perhaps I had that.

Thursday, 24 March 2016


I wasn't looking forward to work today but it turned out to be nice. I took a box of salad for lunch. First I went with the 2 men to pick rhubarb. We had to have 16 boxes. After that they dropped me off at the leeks and I finished them all off. After that I walked to the glasshouse where I filled 15 trays with peat and after I had watered them I put 308 lettuce seeds in each one. I was then joined by one of the men, we filled 6 more trays and sew them with leek seeds. Finally it was 4 more trays for salad leaves. It was then time for me to go home and the day has flown by. My leg is better and my back wasn't as bad today either. We had steak and Guinness pie this evening with mashed potato broccoli and gravy with a slice of gorgeous chocolate orange cheesecake for afters that our daughter brought round for us. I have no more work until next Thursday.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I had planned to go out on my bike this morning but I was in such pain I decided I couldn't go. H said it didn't matter and rode on his turbo trainer instead. Today is our daughters 49 th birthday so this afternoon we went round to give her her cards and presents. As it is almost Easter I also took all their Easter eggs , so I had 2 huge carrier bags, my iPad (which I wanted our Grandaughter to look at for me ) and my shoulder bag. When we left I put the bags in the boot. They felt heavy and I thought my shoulder bag was in with them. H said, have you got everything, I checked and realised I had left my iPad so I went back for it. When I got  home I unpacked the bags and the reason they were heavy was because of all the chocolate and wine they had given us for Easter. I had left my bag there!! I have a splitting headache a sore leg and a bad back my eczema is itching all over the place, I am feeling really depressed. Even our meal of sausages, egg, fried tomatoes and chips hasn't made me feel any better.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Well today I have done nothing. I am stiff all over from working yesterday! I had to plant all the beans by hand with a trowel. The ground was very hard in places and I have a blister in the palm of my hand and a bruise on my thumb joint, both of which are due to the pressure. Each time I finished a row I had to walk back over it dragging the soil over with my feet and my left leg is weird today and every now and again just kind of collapses and I almost fall.over!! I planted almost half a mile of beans. H has been good and plying me with coffee and snacks. We were hoping to go out on our bikes tomorrow but I don't know if I will be able to pedal with my poor leg.

Monday, 21 March 2016


I packed 2 chicken and mayo' sandwiches and 4 plums for my lunch with a bottle of water and went off to work. I had to trim leeks to start with, I had filled 4 boxes when the boss came up with a bucket and a trowel and I had to go further up the field to plant broard beans I was supposed to plant 14 rows but there was only enough beans for 9 rows so when I had done them I had to go back to leek trimming. I had trimmed 3 more boxes when the men came and helped till it was time to wash and pack them. When I got home a nice cup of tea was waiting for me. We had chicken and veg for dinner again with yesterday's leftover chicken. No 1 son rang this evening just to see if we are ok, he is on a course this week, to help with his work. I don't think I will see much television this evening I am struggling to keep awake.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


I did not have time to blog yesterday! No 2 son and I played 1 game of our 3 games of cribbage we always have when he comes home and he won. After dinner we all 3 played scrabble, it went on for hours so we didn't have time for our other 2 games. H won the scrabble. Today we played our second game when we got up, I won and then son and I went out on our mountain bikes along thr track to Reepham station where we had a drink and a snack before returning home.( their cheese straws are lovely) when we got back our daughter and Young Grandaughter were here. When they left I made us all a salad  for lunch. We then played our final card game and I lost!!! I am not at all happy about it!! I enjoyed my bike ride though. We had roast chicken for dinner with all the usual trimmings. Our son is leaving later this evening because he has work tomorrow and so do I. I have just made him some choc chip and pistachio flapjack to take back with him.

Friday, 18 March 2016


We shopped early and I spent loads of money!! When we came back we had a coffee and then got stuck in with the housework so we could have the weekend free to do what we want. I made some nice soup for lunch and then we went off to Cley for a walk past the reed beds and down to the sea. It was quite cool and very damp at times but we had a lovely walk and lots of birds, a red kite, buzzard, marsh harrier,heron, pea wits, several types of ducks, coots, swans and grey lag geese. We had a coffee before our walk and a cup of tea when we got home, then I cooked dinner. I made a chicken and sausage pasta for dinner and settled down to watch my soaps.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


It was back to work today and I wasn't looking forward to it one little bit. I had to trim leeks for the first 2 hours and it really dragged but as the day went on it got better. We washed and packed the leeks and one of the men went off to deliver them so I went back up the field with the other one and we dug up 7 boxes of carrots, went back and washed them all before it was time for lunch. It was back for more leeks after that and back to the yard with just enough time to wash them before it was time for me to go home. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but but my back aches and is pretty stiff, I hope it's gone by tomorrow. I have to go back again on Monday. We had yesterday's leftover cottage pie for dinner and it was lovely.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


I said last Thursday that we took our passports down to the post office to have them renewed. Well just before 8.30 this morning our new ones arrived by courier. How good is that? We are always hearing how bad the passport office is but you couldn't get much faster than that. The only sad thing is the fact that, barring loss, this will be my last one because it runs out when I am 87 and even if I am still alive I won't want to be gadding off to foreign places. We went to the City this morning for H to get a few things. All I got was our daughters birthday present. We both had a coffee in the city, H had a jam do- nut with his and I had a cheese scone with mine. We had another coffee with a cheese and pickle sandwich when we came home and then I cooked some mince, onion, mushroom, tomato, peas and sweetcorn to make a cottage pie for dinner tonight. I am making it big enough to last us for tomorrow as well. Tomorrow I have to go to work and after 8 hours grafting on the land I hate coming home and having to cook dinner. I haven't worked since the 29 th of Febuary so I think it will be hard. I have loved being at home but I hate my purse being empty. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


I thought that I was going to have a nice photo of coffee and cakes to put on my blog today because we were going to cycle to Holt and have a nice snack in Appleyards. We put our cycle gear on and off we went. Well it wasn't very nice, there was a very thick mist which fogged up my glasses all the time and the highest the temperature got to while we were out was 4 degrees. We decided if we sat outside with our bikes we would get too cold so we just carried on round without stopping. Shame about the cake!!! It is almost 42 miles from door to door so we have had out exercise. We had a sandwich for lunch when we got back and tonight we had mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans,eggs, chips and bread and butter, it was lovely and as I was so hungry it tasted extra good.

Monday, 14 March 2016


I haven't done much today. H went out for a sort ride but I didn't want to bother. I did a load of washing, hung it out, got ot dry and ironed it. I also did a load in the dishwasher, emptied it and put it all away. I made a curry for dinner tonight, cleaned the kitchen and took a couple of photos of the spring flowers in my garden. After a lunch of home made soup and a slice of cake I sat and read my book all afternoon. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016


I was up early but just sat and read till I heard H moving around upstairs. I then made a pot of tea and a bowl of porridge. After breakfast we watched a cycle race and had a coffee before I made a loaf of bread, I made a ciabatta for a change and it's lovely. H went up to ride a virtual race on his turbo trainer and I vacuumed and dusted all downstairs before getting changed to go out on my bike. I rode 16.8 miles on my own and my average speed was 15.5 miles for the first 16.1.miles which I was pleased with. Then disaster struck, my chain came off ( which often happens ) but it twisted up and jammed down in my frame and try as I might I couldn't get it out. So I had to walk the rest of the way home.I didn't mind, it was a lovely morning warm and sunny. The pity was that I didn't stop my strava so instead of a nice average speed it dropped down to rubbish. After I had showered and changed I made a boiled cake, one of our favourites. We had a steak and onion pie for dinner with mashed potato, cabbage, leeks and gravy after which I came upstairs to watch Crufts. 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Shopping day

We were up early,went to Asda before 7am and were indoors again before 8. When we came back we unpacked and put everything away before having a coffee. I did a bit of housework and then we changed into our cycle gear and biked to Aylsham. We went the long way round so over 20 miles, came back a shorter way which meant we did 39 and a bit miles. It was great to go for an outside ride again for a change. We had soup and a sandwich for lunch with celery and cucumber. I had a bath and washed my hair and then it was wine o'clock. We had paella for dinner and blackberry and apple for pud with a dollop of yogurt.

Thursday, 10 March 2016


I had a much better day today, I did a load of washing and after I had hung it out I pruned all my roses. Then we had a coffee and popped to the post office to get our passports sorted out because they run out at the end of March. When we came back we had a slice of cheese on toast for lunch followed by a banana. I went back outside,cleared round the base of all my rose bushes and then fed them. When I had finished I went to the front of the house and began to clean up the brick weave, it's got a few seedlings coming up in places and the groves are all a bit mossy so I have been cleaning them up. The patch I have done looks nice. I got the washing in all nice and dry again,cleaned out the oven and had a shower before cooking dinner. We had a jacket potato, mushrooms peas and fried cod. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Porridge for breakfast, salmon sandwiches with celery sticks for lunch and steak, potatoes, green beans and peas for dinner. That just about sums up my day! It's been so wet I haven't been outside the door. I did make a loaf of bread and also ride for 1 hour and 10 minutes on my static bike but apart from that I have only read or watched tv. Never the less the day has passed quite quickly.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


We are getting in a muddle with our days! Because I always work on a Monday and didn't yesterday we thought it was Tuesday so we got up thinking this was Wednesday. I don't have to work again until Thursday week so goodness knows what we will be like by then. I haven't done much today, a load of washing which I hung out and got dry, and I walked to the shop while H was on the turbo trainer. I went the long way round just to get a bit of excersize. I checked out the village pond for frogs or frogspawn but couldn't see either, perhaps it's a bit early. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch and just scrambled eggs on toast for tea because we haven't had enough to do to work up an appetite.

Monday, 7 March 2016


I was up at 5.50, put on a load of washing, the dishwasher and the kettle and made a pot of tea. Then I packed up 2 cheese and pickle sandwiches with 4 sticks of celery for my lunch and had my breakfast. Then H got up and asked me if I had looked out of the window, no. So I opened the blind to find quite a covering of snow and the temperature was minus 2 degrees c. I decided I didn't really want to go to work, at the age of 77 it's hard to keep warm working outside for 8 hours in minus zero degrees. I rang my boss and he was quite happy, he said there wasn't much to do anyway. So H and I had a coffee and I went up to ride on the turbo trainer. I rode for an hour and 10 minuites and did 21.6 miles. H went next, and after we had both had a shower we had one of my pack up sarnies with a nice cup of hot chocolate ( not my bottle of cold water.) This afternoon no1 son came round with my Mother's Day card and present so we had a nice chat with him and saw the latest photos of the puppy who is growing fast. For dinner tonight we had sausages, oven chips, eggs, baked beans and a slice of nice home made bread........ Our garden in the snow.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothers Day

I forgot to write my blog yesterday!!! Nothing much happened, housework cooking etc etc. Our grandson moved into a flat with his girlfriend and no2 son flew to France for a week of snowboarding. He sent me a nice photo this morning and he has plenty of snow, I hope he is having fun. 
Today our daughter and son in law came round with a lovely card and gifts, chocolates, key ring, and loads of smellies. When they left I went up for a ride on the turbo trainer. I rode for an hour and a half and managed to do 26.1 miles. That was one of my longer rides on a static bike. No1 son had to work today but he sent me a message this morning and rang this afternoon, he says he will come round tomorrow when I leave off work. I made a batch of melting moments this morning also some cheese straws and a loaf of bread. So that's what we had for lunch, some of them, for dinner tonight we are having quiche, baked tomatoes and potato wedges.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Shopping day

We went for our weekly shop this morning ( my highlight of the week ) !!! I bought my first Easter egg. I spent this week,£ 68.8 so pretty good. We were going out on our bikes today but when we shopped the roads were so wet we decided not to bother. I always ride behind H and if it's wet I get soaked from water off his rear wheel and filthy. It's ok when it's warm but no fun in the cold. Near the golf course near Asda there was a flood almost right across the road. My bike was still on the turbo trainer from yesterday so I did a half an hour on that. We had a lovely salad for lunch and for dinner tonight we are having sweet potatoes baked, with mushrooms, tomatoes and smoked haddock. I have never baked a sweet potato before so I hope it's alright, I used one to make wedges the other day and H said they were too soft.

Thursday, 3 March 2016


I was up earlier this morning I put on a load of washing and made porridge for my breakfast. I hung the washing out and got it all dry. I made a loaf of bread and rode 21 and a bit miles on H's turbo trainer. We were going out but H had to go to hospital this evening and wasn't allowed to eat anything after 12 midday so we didn't want to chance going out in case we weren't back in time for his last meal. ( beans on toast ). He had to have a camera down his throat into his stomach and small intestine. They give you the results while you are there and we are so lucky because everything is in perfect order. He still has to have a cat scan at a later date to check his gall bladder. We weren't on the way home till well gone 7 so we called in at the chippy for fish and chips for our tea.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Another nice lay in and toast for breakfast. Later coffee and a hot cross bun. I am not buying any more until Good Friday otherwise it won't be special. I don't even know when Easter is this year, I heard someone say it's early this year. We had cheese and pickle for lunch with crackers. This afternoon I knitted a pair of baby's shoes they took almost an hour. I made a nice pasta bake for dinner, it contained chicken, sausage, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and pasts topped with cheese, it was very tasty.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


I am pleased I didn't have to go to work today!!! I would have been wet though working in the field in all that rain. However good our wet weather gear is it can't keep out 6 hours of constant rain. I feel sorry for my 2 workmates. I on the other hand had a nice day, I read quite a bit of my book before having a  'bike ride'on the trainer in the bedroom. I rode 14.1 miles in 48 minuites. We had lunch after I had showered ( bacon sandwiches ). We sat and watched an old cycle race this afternoon and for dinner I cooked sweet potato wedges, broccoli, carrot potato and lambs liver. The forecast is not much better for tomorrow so I expect I will be doing quite a bit more reading.