Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I had a dreadful sleep what with the heat, my awful cough and worrying about H having tests at the hospital. Apart from all that, my burnt back is so sore and I had to lie on my front all night. We left home at 9.10 and arrived at the hospital with only a few minuites to spare. H had an ultrasound and a camera into his bladder to check for tumors etc. and everything is ok so that's a relief. He has another appointment in August for a scan of his chest area to check for hernias and his gall bladder. 
When we left the hospital we went to our daughters for lunch which was lovely. We had chicken and stuffing rolls with home made scotch eggs and crisps and then cakes!!! A lovely cold drink to wash it down and a cup of tea. We sat in the garden for a while before H said we should go home because he wanted to cut the grass. I worked in the garden and filled my brown bin again ready for next week. My washing was nice and dry so I added it to the ironing pile!  I did a bit of it this morning before it got too warm but the pile doesn't seem to be going down much. It's work for me tomorrow and I am going to try to find something I can wear that doesn't ride up and leave my back bare it is so sore.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Hot Monday

As it was going to be hot today I took a salad for my coffee break and lunch. It was lovely and refreshing at 10 ( coffee break ) but by lunch ( 12.45 ) it wasn't as nice, wet soggy lettuce etc. I had to pick 50 bunches of beetroot and then weed till 1 pm when we all sat on the back of the planter to plant sprouting broccoli and cabbages, I then only had about half an hour before home time so I did a bit more weeding.when I got home my cup of tea was waiting for me. I had a nice cool shower and got dinner. When I was bent down to weed, my top must have ridden up and I have got a horrible burnt smilie shaped mark on my back!!! Tomorrow I am not working because H has to go to hospital for some tests and of course I am going with him. His letter says w e. Must be prepared to be there for four to five hours so it's going to be a long day.

Sunday, 28 June 2015


It was dull when I got up this morning but nice and warm with no wind. I did a load of washing and hung it out. After breakfast we hung about because we told our daughter and son in law we would meet them at their allotment at around 10.45. We got all ready to leave ( we were biking there ) and it began to rain, we hung  on for a bit and it eased up so we left. I left my washing out. We had only been there a few minuites when the skies opened and it poured. It lasted for ages. We didn't get much done at all it was such a shame. I had my first frappachino ( I don't know if that is how you spell it ) it was yummy , I am sure it won't be my last!!!! My washing was dripping on the line when we got home. I left it there and was surprised that when I got it in at 6 pm it was all lovely and dry. We had lunch, watched a rubbish film and the I got dinner. Roast chicken, roast and boiled potatoes,broccoli , carrots, roast pepper and courgette's. No 2 son left soon after dinner to get back to London. 
It's work again tomorrow, the weekend has flown by.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Yesterday's blog

Yesterday my feet hardly touched the ground I was so busy. I had an awful sleep because my throat is so sore and I kept waking myself up by coughing. There were at least 5 people on our coach with dreadful coughs so I just knew I would get one. I was up at 20 to 6, put on a load of washing and the dishwasher, had my breakfast, dressed and went off to Asda shopping.we saw our daughter in law on the way,walking the dog. I spent almost 120 pounds !!!! As soon as we got back I unpacked and put everything away and then rushed to get ready to go for a cycle ride with daughter who was coming round at 9 am. H went with her husband and she and I went together. We rode 37 1/2 miles at 16.3 miles an hour. We were quite pleased with ourselves, specialy as I am feeling one degree under. The men did 55 miles at over 20 miles an hour!!!! We had a cup of tea while we were waiting for them to get back and when they left we had a shower and then lunch ( cheese and biscuits washed down by choc milk ), no 2 son then came back wanting his lunch ( he had been to the climbing centre for the morning ). He is not eating bread at the moment so I made him a salad. I got in the washing and spent half an hour ironing but it was so hot I gave up and still have loads to finish. I pulled another load of weeds and dead forget me nots etc.out of the garden and then it was time to start dinner. We had a B B Q with steak, chicken, and sausages. I did loads of salad with cold new potatoes grated cheese and carrot plus all the usual stuff.we had strawberries and cream for pud. I finally sat down at around 8.45 to watch a film ( the equaliser ) it was quite gory.    Last holiday photos France and white cliffs of Dover.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Busy day

I did a load of washing, hung it out, had my breakfast, packed my lunch, made the bed and drove to work. I had to pick 45 bunches of beetroot, 55 bunches of spring onions, 76 bunches of carrots and 45 bunches of radishes. The rest of the day was taken up with weeding a bed of parsnips. However on Fridays, if I work, we leave off at 2 pm so it's a nice short day. A cup of tea was waiting for me when I got home and the lovely smell of freshly baked bread. I had cheese and tomato sandwiches for my lunch and we had paella for dinner.      Holiday photos 

Thursday, 25 June 2015


 I packed myself a salad for my lunch, had a slice of toast for my breakfast and got ready to go to work. I had a lift to the top of the field and we had to pick 50 bunches of beetroot (5 in each bunch ) they looked nice and are lovely tender beetroot, the first of the season. Then it was 20 bunches of spring onions 12 bunches of radishes and 18 bunches of new baby carrots. All this took till 9.40 and then I had to spend the rest of the day in the greenhouse and boy oh boy was it hot in there!!!! I had to de shoot all the tomatoes and winde them up their strings, then I had to fill and seed 16 trays with lettuce and salad leaves. It all took till 3.45 so I pulled a few weeds out till it was home time.  I have to go again tomorrow. H was disappointed because I had told him if I wasn't needed we would go for a ride along Marriotts way. Also we will have to do our weekly shop on Saturday 
       Holiday photos .......

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cycle day

I had an awful nights sleep, first I had really bad heart burn and then I got earache. After breakfast I hung out the washing and stacked the dishwasher. At 9 am our Daughter came round and we all went for a bike ride.we did 37 1/2 miles at 16.1 M P H. We were pleased with that ( well I was ). We had a tuna sandwich for lunch followed by melon. Then we sat in the garden topping up our tan for the rest of the afternoon. We had eggs, bacon, chips and mushrooms for dinner. It's work for me tomorrow I think I will find it hard.        A couple more holiday photos, it's H s hairy knee not mine.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I managed to get the rest of the washing dry but I haven't ironed it yet, I will do it tomorrow. I forgot to say yesterday that when I got up I weighed myself and all over the holiday I only gained just under 3 lbs.  I couldn't believe it !!!! I will be eating much more bacon and eggs from now on. I spent 6 hours today clearing the garden path, I have finished it and it looks much better. Now all I have to do is all the rest of the garden. H was going out on his bike this morning but he said it was too cold so he trained on his rollers instead. Tomorrow our daughter is coming round and we are cycling together. We had egg salad for lunch and chicken curry for dinner.      A couple more holiday photos.

Monday, 22 June 2015


I managed to get a good nights sleep even though I had just sat about for 2 days, travel is tiring. I managed to get all our washing into 3 loads then I spent the rest of the day running up and down the garden putting it out and getting it in each time a shower passed over. We went to Asda first then all the way to Hevingham so I could get some meat and stock up the freezer. When I went into the shop there were no lights on but my butcher was there. I said ' have you had a power cut?' He said ' it's Monday' then he tells me they don't open on Mondays!!!  However he is such a nice man and sold me a few things to tide me over from his freezer. All his fresh meat is delivered tomorrow. I managed to get about a third of my washing dry I hope to get the rest done tomorrow, I have ironed all the dry things and they are put away. While I was doing all this H sat in his armchair with his coat on and in the end put the central heating on !!! I have filled my brown bin with garden rubbish and you can't really see where I have been.     Another holiday photo.

Catching up with yesterday and Saturday

Saturday we packed our cases because we had to be out of our room by 10 am. We put them in a lockup and went for breakfast. Our coach was picking us up at 4.30 Spanish time so we just sat about all day eating and drinking. It was so hot and when the coach arrived ( on time ) the temp.was 33 degrees, it only got down to 30 by 8 pm. We were glad we had good air conditioning. We drove all through the night, stopping every couple of hours for a "comfort break". We got out every time we stopped and walked about to stretch our legs and try to prevent my feet and ankles from swelling as badly as they did on the outward journey. All to no avail, they were much worse by the time we arrived back. My legs felt as if they were going to burst. We were traveling for 27 hours including the ferry ride. Our Daughter and Son in law came to collect us from the coach and take us home and it was lovely to see them and we were so grateful. We had a bath with s nice long soak rather than a shower, then H went to bed but I stayed up and watched a film. The photos are of my feet on outward journey and the view we first got from the front of our hotel.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Market day

After a breakfast of bacon,egg,fried bread,mushrooms ,roll,butter,jam,fresh pineapple,melon,O J and coffee we walked to the next resort for a coffee and found it was their market day. I found the fruit and veg.fasinating. I took photos of their spring onions and cherry bell radishes to show my boss. The onions were as big as cooking onions and the radishes were larger than golf balls.H bought a new cap. By the time we had wandered round there and had a coffee it was time to walk back for a shower and lunch. After lunch H had his siesta while I read my book and when he woke up we went outside to sit on the terrace with a cold glass of beer. It was so hot out there we could only manage an hour. We went for dinner as 7.30 so chips again for me with roast pork,runner beans, sweetcorn,peas and carrots. Then fruit salad, some sort of creamy mousse, a banana and half a dozen olives. We came back to our room and began to sort out the wardrobe etc. ready to pack in the morning. We don't leave the hotel till 4.30 in the afternoon but have to be out of our room by 10 am. They have a locker for our cases and we can also have lunch but as we will have our hand luggage we won't be venturing far tomorrow.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Only 31 degrees today!! breakfast was yummy as usual and after my eggs and bacon i had fresh pineapple,melon and apricots. We had a nice long walk along the beach in the opposite direction to the one we have been every other day. We walked for an hour,then found a cafe for a coffee and walked back and we only had time for a shower and it was lunch. I had pork,sugar snap peas,potato wedges and cauliflower. Yogurt and fresh fruit for pudding.this afternoon we watched a darts match while sitting in the sun and tonight it's flamenco dancing and as it's still so hot they are holding it on the terrace. I had fish for dinner for a change it was sole and delicious, chips of course and roast red and green peppers, fresh sliced orange dipped in plain chocolate, donut peaches and cherries for pud. We just had water with our meal because of the heat and all the beer we drank while watching thr darts. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Even hotter

This morning after a breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage, fried bread, roll, butter, greengage jam, croissant, cheese,coffee and orange juice we cleaned our teeth etc. changed into our shorts and went for a long walk along the beach ( we saw a couple of lizards ). We walked round a few streets with gift shops but it's all the same old stuff you might get at Great Yarmouth. We stopped for a coffee as well. 2 coffees and 2 croissants cost 4 euros, so cheap. We walked back to our Hotel and showerd before lunch. ( pork, chips, and mixed veg. Baked apple, chocolate mousse and fresh pineapple and cherries. We then went and sat by the pool  ( which was full of small kids ) where we had a sangria and a packet of crisps and later the waiter brought us a bowl of nuts. However it got so hot we had to give up and go back to our room we are both burnt. H normally goes brown almost straight away but not this year!! He is even more red than me. We both had rabbit for dinner with asparagus,chips( again ) mixed veg and then a fabulous banana and chocolate thing which we both had one day last week. I forgot to say that the last time we went out on bikes we cycled past an enormous nudist beach. I wouldn't even have noticed it because the track was so rough I was watching where I was going but H pointed it out!!  There were no women just loads of men all sunning their bits.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Still hot

A nice lazy day, after a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon etc. we wandered out to look at the local market. It was huge so took ages to get from one end to the other. After that we went for a coffee and a walk till it was time to walk back for lunch. After lunch we went and sat outside in the sun with a giant glass of sangria and a packet of crisps. I won't say H has got his bald head and face burnt but I will not need to put the light on tonight to read my book!!!! Our evening meal was nice, I had a stuffed aubergine,spinach, roast potatoes,pork and gravy. I had pears and strawberries for my pud with blueberry yogurt. Oh also green and black olives.

Monday, 15 June 2015


I forgot to say that the day we sailed from Calais they discovered 2 unexploded bombs so the next day they were going to close the port. Our driver said it would be chaos.  Today we hired bikes and went for a long ride. It was the furtherest we have been since we got here. Well when we stopped for lunch we stopped our strava's H found his wasn't working at all and when we went off again we had gone well over a mile before I rememberd to turn mine on again!!! We came back to our hotel to check our ride and strava will only load the little bit at the end of my ride and not the main part so we feel we did all that hard work for nothing. H has got sun burnt. We left this morning at 9.30 and we were back at 4.30 it was a long ride in sweltering sun. We had a quick shower and went down for a huge glass of sangria. We then dosed till it was time to change for dinner. It's cabaret in the bar tonight but we are too tired to bother.

Sunday, 14 June 2015


After a nice breakfast of eggs, bacon, fried bread, hash browns, roll, butter, jam, fresh dates, orange juice and coffee we got ready and went for a 2 1/2 hour walk stopping for a coffee on the way. When we came back we showered and read for a while till it was time for lunch. We had chicken,chips, peas and asparagus followed by yogurt and fresh fruit ( cherries, melon and pineapple ). We went back to our room, changed back into our shorts and relaxed by the pool with an enormous glass of sangria. We came in at 5 pm because we have had enough sun, freshened up etc. and I read a book till it was time for dinner. I had beef, chips, peppers, cauliflower,peas and carrot followed by baked apple and peaches. We haven't had a " starter " since we have been here because we are a bit weary of the salad, we don't want to upset our stomachs, but where they are all laid out they look yummy. Tomorrow, if it's a nice day, we are going to hire bikes again and H says we will do a longer ride.

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Yet another lovely day. After breakfast we went for a nice walk along the beach, at 11 am we found a nice cafe for a couple of coffees and then walked back to our hotel. We each had a quick shower and went for lunch. I had fish for a change, it was sole and it was delicious. We went back to the room to put our shorts back on and then sat in the sun watched a darts compition and enjoyed a jug of sangria with a packet of crisps. We went to dinner at 8 pm and both had chicken, sausage etc.etc. There is live music in the bar this evening.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Lazy day

We went for breakfast at 8 am and I had egg, bacon, sausage, roll, butter and peach jam washed down with coffee and orange juice. We wandered back to our room and I read for a while. It was a bit overcast to begin with but very warm. We went out for a walk around 10.30 and found a cafe for a coffee. We had a look round a few shops, the sun came out so we found a seat in the sun and did a bit of people watching.we went back for lunch and then back to the sun. I am pleased no2 son is at ours because there has been no rain since we left and all my beans etc. would have shrivelled up. H is looking even redder than yesterday but I know he will be brown tomorrow, he always goes a better colour than me. We had a nice dinner again and we are stuffed. We are going to have another lazy day tomorrow and Sunday because it's rather busy on the roads at weekends. We will try bikes again next week.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Still on hols

It was very hot again today but also very windy. We had our breakfast, I had egg,bacon, 2 rolls and butter and jam, a coffee and orange juice. We then went out on our bikes. We rode 16 and a bit miles ( off road ). It was such a laugh, at one point we wanted to turn back but there was a high barrier on the other side of the road with no gap for us to pass through. So H said we would climb over it!! First he lifted the bikes over then he climbed over himself, last was my turn, well the wall was so slippery I couldn't get high enough up it to get my leg over, we were laughing so much I almost wet myself!!! I had to sit on the wall backwards and H got me under the armpits and hauled me over ( grazing the back of my leg in the process ). Thank goodness there was nobody around with a camcorder or we would be on Harry Hill. We came back had a shower and lunch, pork,sweetcorn, cauliflower cheese potato fritters and chips ( I have had chips with every meal so far ). Later we took the bikes back and we will hire them again next week , we are having a bit of a break. For dinner I had Turkey, chips, mixed veg and gravy. I had a strawberry tart for pudding and also some Mellon. I forgot to say at lunch for pud I had banana in a dark chocolate crust with cream and fresh pineapple.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hot again today! Normally when we go on holiday we are nice and brown already, me from working in the fields in my shorts and bra and H from laying in the garden, but this year it's been so cold I haven't worked without my poloneck jumper and H hasn't sat out. So he is rather pink and I spend most of the day slathering on sunblock. We didn't bike so far today as we are a bit stiff from our mountain ride yesterday, so we just rode 18 miles. I went for a dip in the Med and it was lovely but the sand burnt my feet on the way back up the beach, it was red hot. We hope to explore a bit further tomorrow.
We walked round a park this afternoon and as we approached a group of palm trees there was such a commotion so we went to take a closer look only to find a baby green parrot on the ground which we think must have fallen out of the nest. The parents were so worried so we made a quick exit.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Today's blog

  Well today was a bit different, we hired bikes again but for 3 days this time and our hotel will will store them for us over night. We then went and bought a bottle of water each and had a coffee. We then decided to bike to a place called Tossa de mar. We had to climb mountains both ways and I am proud to say I didn't get off my bike once. We had our lunch there, paella with mussels langoustines cockles pork and chicken, it was lovely. We washed it down with a beer and coffee. It was 34 degrees at the resort, far too hot really to struggle up a mountain but it was good fun coming back down the other side. It was only 38 miles there and back but took us most of the day. I had a cold shower when we got back, I can't remember ever being so hot before. We had a nice evening meal with a bottle of rose wine and a bottle of water, we drank the lot ( I had all the water but am still thirsty ). 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Yesterday's blog!

We had a good sleep and a nice breakfast. We went back to our room which is very nice and got ready to go out and hire a couple of bikes. We managed to get a couple of decent mountain bikes for the day, we were going to hire them for the week but the forecast for tomorrow isn't too good. In the morning we just" pootled " along stopping for drinks etc. we did 12.2 miles. ( it was 32 degrees ) . At lunch time we came back to our hotel, showered and lunched and then went back out for another ride. It clouded over in the afternoon so we didn't go as far as we wanted because we didn't want to get caught in the rain ( we rode another 9 and a bit miles ) it stayed dry so we could have carried on!!!  We had another shower and waited for dinner. It was live music in the bar this evening and after that, back to our room where I read for an hour before bed.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


We have arrived in Spain at last and it is lovely. It's really hot, mid thirties, and we forgot how hot it can be. It was a really long journey so my feet and ankles have swollen up horribly!! But hopefully they will soon go down. I tried to put some photos on the end of this blog but for some reason of other they will not send! I can't send them on my text messages either. ( I have already written all this blog once but as it failed I canceled it and had to do it again.)  if this works without photos I will blog each evening and put all the photos on when I get home. We got the wi.fi code when we arrived so we don't know what's up. We should have brought no 1 Grandaughter  with us to sort it out .

Friday, 5 June 2015


Today we had a lovely lazy day. I managed to get all my washing dry even with the thunder storms and rain showers. I have just put the dish washer on so everything is clean for no 2 son when he arrives, it will all be nice when we come home too because he is well house trained. As he won't arrive before midnight our daughter is taking us to pick up our coach in the morning so we will see her as well before we go. I am taking my iPad with me on holiday so I will be able to blog daily and send lots of photos. No 1 son rang earlier to wish us happy hols so I have spoken to all my children today.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Last day at work

No more work for me for 3 weeks! Yippie. Today I had to pick 100 bunches of radishes and then go weeding again, I put a minimum of 21 radishes in each bunch so I pulled a lot of them. I had to break from weeding to pick 10 boxes of rhubarb and at 2 pm I had to walk down to the greenhouse to take the sideshoots out of the tomatoes and winde them up their strings. I just managed to get it done before 4  ( my home time ). It was dreadfully hot in there and I had to stand outside a couple of times to cool down. H went out on his bike, he rode 35/12 miles at 20 miles per hour so I don't think there is much wrong with him. We had pizza, mushrooms and a side salad for dinner tonight. 
No2 son is home tomorrow so we will see him for a short while before we go but he will be here for a couple of days when we get back so that will be nice.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


I had to have cheese and pickle sandwiches for work because I am out of cucumber. I had to pick 10 boxes of rhubarb and then go weeding. I finished the bed of leeks and have started on the spring onions. I had to leave it at1 o'clock to walk to another part of the field to plant all the squashes with Andy, there were roughly 1,000 plants so it took till 3.40 and I just took a few shoots out of the tomato plants till home time. We had steak and onion pie with cabbage potato and gravy for dinner tonight. Today is our no1 Grandaughter,s birthday I hope she got loads of nice presents.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


We have 2 arches over our garden path and it was so windy this afternoon one of them blew down! H has propped it up after a fashion but it won't last and will have to wait till after our holiday to be sorted out properly. We collected our holiday tickets and case labels etc. today so it's all go now, sorting out clothing packing and clearing up so its all nice for no 2 son to house sit.
I am working tomorrow and I think I am working Thursday as well but I have Friday off to get everything sorted which is handy because we are off at 6.20 Saturday morning. It says in our holiday booklet our cases must not weigh more than 40 lbs.!!! H says his weighs 20 but mine is about 38 !!!i hope our scales aren't too far out, half my things aren't in yet so I will be hiding things in H s case.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Windy work day

I had to pick 50 bunches of radishes and then go weeding till 12.45 so after I had eaten my cucumber sandwiches I walked to the back of the greenhouse where Andy and I had to plant 18 rows of sweetcorn seeds. It was back breaking work and as the rows were so long it took us till 3.40 . I spent my last few minutes in the glasshouse winding the cucumber plants round their string tend taking the side shoots out of the tomatoes.
When I got home H said we have had a message from the travel agent saying our holiday tickets, case labels etc. were in so H and I will collect them tomorrow and then we will know what time our holiday begins. I have to work again on Wednesday.