Tuesday, 24 May 2022


I couldnt believe that I had such a good nights sleep, I did take 2 paracetamol as I went to bed but I slept through till 6.30. I spread a towel over my pillow in case my mouth bled in the night but there was only a couple of spots on it this morning. As I couldnt have any dinner last night I had a cup of hot chocolate (luke warm) before I went to bed and I wonder if that helped me sleep. I had a cool mug of tea at breakfast and then a cool cup of coffee. After that it was a bowl of porridge. I sat and read for most of the morning and had a cuppa soup for lunch. (tomato) Next I went outside and planted the two sun flowers I was brought yesterday. I was also going to pland the beans but bending down began to make my mouth really ache so I will plant them tomorrow.We watched the tour of Italy day 16. and then I made a pot of tea. We had our baths and dinner, haddock with a slice of bread and butter and baked beans. Ive had several salt mouthwashes through the day as I was told to do and I am sure it will soon heal.I hope to be back on my bike by the weekend.

Monday, 23 May 2022

Monday, hospital

I got up at 5.30, made a pot of tea and had 2 eggs for breakfast. After H had finished his breakfast we had a coffee. The weather forcast for here was rubbish today so we decided not to go out on our bikes. So as soon as we made our minds up I dressed so I could go outside and work in the garden. I had been working for about an hour and a half when our eldest son phoned and said he and his wife were popping round to see us so I went in and changed out of my shorts a tidied up. They brought us a few plants for the garden, 2 sunflowers, a chilli and some climbing french beans. The rain stayed away for ages, when our guests left we each had a cheese sandwich because I was going to the hospital for a biopsy on a leison in my mouth and they said I should eat before I go. H was taking me and then visiting our daughter who lives quite close to the hospital till I rang him up when I could go home. On the way home we were getting fish and chips from our favourite chippy for tea. I was so looking forward to them, we havent had proper fish and chips for ages. Well after the op they gave me a paper saying I shouldnt eat anything hot or crunchy or chewey till the numbness and the swelling had gone down because I might bite onto it. Or upset the stitches. I was gutted that I couldnt have my fish and chips but as its turned out I wouldnt have been able to eat them anyway my mouth is too sore. So all I have had is a luke warm cup of tea. H wouldnt have fish and chips either! He said he will wait till we can both have them. I have just taken 2 paracetamols and its feeling much better already, just an ache now.Oh I also had an xray which was a whole head thing and interesting.

Sunday, 22 May 2022


I got up at 6 oclock and put on a load of washing. I made a pot of tea and cooked 2 eggs for my breakfast.H came down at 6.40. We had a coffee and I hung out the washing. H said he didnt want to go out on his bike today so even though I would liked to have gone I decided to garden instead. The forecast was for cloud all day but that was compleatly wrong. It was a beautiful day so warm and sunny.23 degrees C this afternoon. I sat in the sun topping up my tan for a while and also got stuck into the gardening. I love the bit I have done but I sure have a long way to go! We had cream crackers with butter and marmite and a cup of tomato soup. I went back out and did more clearing up and watered all the pots and the tomato plants etc. H got the washing in for me and made a pot of tea so I went in and poured. I watched the end of todays stage of the tour of Italy and had a bath. For dinner we had duck legs with mashed potato, carrots, cauliflower and gravy, it was very tasty. I am not looking forward to tomorrow because I have to go to hospital to have a biopsy on the thing in my mouth. Its not until 4 pm so I have all day to worry! I hope the weather is good so we can go for s ride which will help pass the day.

Saturday, 21 May 2022


I got up at 6.30, put on a load of washing and made a pot of tea. I had 2 eggs for breakfast. Hubby got up at 6. 50 so I poured the tea and and he had his breakfast. I hung the washing out and we had a coffee. I emptied the dishwasher next while H got the bikes out of the garage. He wiped the chains and oiled them, my normal bike and the old road bike for him. We got ready and went out for a ride. It was great, we did 32 and a bit miles, quite slowly but H felt fine when we got home as did I.He says it was a fat burner.The cuntryside is beautiful at the moment, we went past Blickling Hall and up the hill through huge beech trees and the new leaves are such a vibrant green. It was all lovely. When we got home I put the bikes away and made us a coffee. We had tuns sandwiches for lunch and both fell asleep watching the cycle race. We hadbour baths and dinner, quiche with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. We had a shandy with our sandwiches and a cup of tea with dinner. Now I am watching the 'Goonies'

Friday, 20 May 2022


I got up at 5.50 and made a pot of tea. When H got up he cut me off a slice of bread and I had toast for breakfast. As soon as we were done we got ready and went to Asda. When we got home we had a coffee and a cream horn. I went outside to do some gardening because it was supposed to rain at 9 and we werent going out on our bikes. I carried on working outside till the rain finally came at 11. It then rained till steadily till 3. At 12.30 we had cheese and biscuits and a coffee for lunch. H watched the tour of Italy and I read my book, we watched tipping point, had our baths and I washed my hair. Dinner was pizza and potato wedges.

Thursday, 19 May 2022


I got up at 6.10, put on a load of washing, made a pot of tea and before I ate or drank anything I remembered to weigh myself. Last Thursday I weighed 138.2 lbs. But this week I have really tried, I refused wine and beer! Cycled loads of miles, went for a walk etc.Well it really worked!!!!! This week I only weigh 138.0lbs! I lost point two of a pound what a nightmare. After the excitment of the weight loss I drank my tea had a small coffee and made myself a bowl of porridge. It was very dull this morning so when my washing was done I didnt hang it out right away but as soon as it brightened up I hung it out. Next I washed and polished the kitchen worktops, swept and washed the kitchen floor and emptied the dishwasher. After that I vacumed all downstairs and was going to do upstairs but the sun came out so housework was cancled, on went my shorts and I sat in the garden. Tomorrows forcast is rain so I can do housework then. We had cheese, biscuits and pickle for lunch with a coffee. I wene in to watch the end of the race and tipping point, we had our baths and dinner. Smoked haddock, jacket potatoes and peas.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022


Another lovely day. I got up at 5.30 and put on a load of washing.I made a pot of tea and had eggs for breakfast. H got up at 6.20 and ate his prunes, yogurt and toast. I hung the washing out and did a bit of clearing up. Next I planted my tomatoes in the garden and H dug up an old fern for me. At 9 we got ready to go out on our bukes. H used his best racing bike ( no motor ). We had a really good ride and it was our fastest one this year. 26 miles, av 14.1 mph. When we got home I made us a coffee and read a chapter of my book before we got ready to go to Lidl. When we got home H sat in the garden while I got lunch, fresh rolls. H had butter and cheese and washed his down with a bottle of beer. I had cucumber in mine and washed it down with water.Next I went upstairs and put my shorts so I could sit in the garden. I wasnt out there long because it was too hot! We went in and watched the end of the tour of Italy, then tipping point. I had a bath and H got dinner, chilli con carni. So tasty. I think we are staying at home tomorrow.