Friday, 24 May 2019


I got up at 5.50 because H got up. I put on a load of washing and we both had toast for breakfast. As soon as we were done I cleaned my teeth, dressed and we went shopping. From Asda we went to our butchers in Hevingham. I bought meat for a bbq a lasagna for our dinner tonight , some bacon so we could have bacon butties for lunch and a few things to stock up the freezer. When we got home we had a coffee and a toasted tea cake. I hung the washing out, read my magazine and then we got ready to go out on our bikes. We did just over 30 miles, it was lovely, warm and sunny, although there was a strong wind. It’s the first time this year that I have cycled in shorts. When we got home we had our lunch and H mowed the lawn while I vacuumed. I had almost finished downstairs when our daughter rang , she had spent most of her day in the walk-in centre, doctors and chemists. She has an ingrowing toenail. She says for such a small thing the pain is amazing. When I got off the phone H and I went to the garden centre where I bought some tomato plants for my hanging basket. When we got home it was time for tipping point. I made a pot of tea and we had a shower then dinner, lasagna with peas and sweet corn. I forgot to say that on our cycle ride H got a puncture. We both have tubes with gunge inside, ( self sealing) . Well it must have been a huge hole! I was riding behind H and all of a sudden there was a pop and I got sprayed with masses or white fluid squirting out of his rear tyre! It came out like a fountain! We stopped and were about to change the tube when H said I think it has sealed itself. His tyre was pretty flat so he had to put some air into it and we set off again. We then did another 29 miles without a problem, those tubes are magic!

Thursday, 23 May 2019


I got up at 5.15, put on a load of washing and the kettle, made a pot of tea and then some toast and had my breakfast. I packed my lunch, made the bed, hung the washing out and got ready to go to work. First we planted, we only had to plant the celeriac so it didn’t take long. As soon as we had finished Andy and I had to pick 10 boxes of rhubarb.when it was done we took it to the yard, stapled the tickets on to the boxes and loaded it on to the van to be delivered. When we had finished it was 10 o’clock. We had our break and then I walked to the top of the field and picked 45 bunches of radishes. I spent the rest of my time weeding the leek bed.. I don’t have to go again till next Thursday. When I got home I had a coffee and a slice of corned beef. I had a banana too. We watched a cycle race, I made a pot of tea and we watched tipping point, I had a bath and cooked dinner. We had meatballs in a tomato sauce with spaghetti.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


I got up at 5.50 and put on a load of washing. I had a slice of toast and marmite with a cup of tea. I packed my lunch( cheese, tomatoes and a bottle of water.) I dressed, made the bed, hung out the washing and got ready to go to work. When I got there the boss said I had to go weeding. So I was weeding till 10 when I had my break, then I carried on weeding till the boss came to see me at around 10.40 and said he wanted 75 bunches of radishes so I picked them and then it was back on the weeding for the rest of my time. It’s not a very nice job got it has to be done. The trouble is, the ground is so hard, the weeds won’t pull out so I have to use a knife 🔪 to dig them out and now I have a huge blister at the base of my fore finger. When I got home H had made a loaf of bread which has turned out well. He made me a coffee and I had a corned beef sandwich. I have done nothing all afternoon because I had worn out. We watched tipping point and I had a soak in the bath before cooking dinner. We had duck legs with new potatoes and spring cabbage. It was very nice. My washing is nice and dry again.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019


I got up at 6.30 and put on a load of washing. H was up and had made a pot of tea so I had a cup which I sat and drank in the conservatory and read a bit of my book. I just had 2 cream crackers for breakfast because I didn’t fancy porridge. We had a coffee and I dressed so I could hang out the washing. I put our garden chairs out in the sun and we both sat outside with our second coffee. H did more work on the paving slabs and I worked in the garden. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch with an oxtail cup a soup. We both sat in the sun for a while and it was nice to have such a lazy day. At 3.10 we popped to our daughter and son in law’s to pick up a bbq they were giving to us. We had a cup of tea and waited for our Grandaughter to come home from school, she is in the middle of her
G C S Es and today was her first maths one. When we got home we had our baths and I cooked dinner. We had fish pie with peas and sweet corn. My washing is all lovely and dry again. The garden is beginning to look a bit tidier but I won’t be doing any tomorrow because I have to work.

Monday, 20 May 2019


I got up at 6.30 and as I thought we were going for a long ride and leaving home early I would have toast. I made a pot of tea and put on a load of washing. We had had some rain over night and when H got up it was still doing it a bit. We watched a weather forecast and it said showers this morning and sunny tomorrow so we changed our plans and decided to go then instead. So after breakfast H went up to turbo and I walked to the doctors with my prescription. I walked the long way round so I could get some exercise, 2.3 miles. H rode over 20 miles in an hour. Then he looked at the calendar and realised that the doctor is ringing tomorrow to talk to him about his medication. This means we can’t go out so we decided we had better go today. I hung the washing out before we left and got it in when we got home , all nice and dry.By this time it was 11.30 so we had to cut our trip short. We cycled to Aylsham bank, then back to Reepham station where we had lunch. Beef pasties and a drink, they were nice. We biked home and it was 29 miles so H has done 50 miles today. We had a cup of tea nd a bun then at 6 I just had a slice of toast. If the doc rings early we may still go out for a ride but not our 50 miles we had planned, we will save that for next week now.

Sunday, 19 May 2019


I got up just before 6and put on a load of washing. H was already up and had made a pot of tea. I had porridge for breakfast and we also had a coffee.when the washing was done I went up and dressed so I could hang it out. I made the bed and sat and read some of my book. At 7.30 H went up to the pain cave for a ride, he was going to ride 100 k but after 50 k he said he had enough so he gave up. While he was upstairs I made some sultana buns which turned out well. When H came down I made us a coffee and we sat in the conservatory for a while. Next I got my bike out of the garage and cycled to the wet fish shop in Felthorpe to get a crab for my lunch. ( H didn’t want one so he had a cheese sandwich.) After lunch we sat in the garden but it wasn’t really warm enough so H went in again but I worked in the garden for a while. The patio is finally clean but my ornamental pots are still on it because I can’t think where I want to put them yet. I have got rid of 2 one I have emptied and moved and the other was a half barrel. I emptied it, picked it up and the bottom dropped out. So that one is in the bin. When I had finished I got the washing in and made a pot of tea. I had a shower, and then cooked dinner. We had a chicken pie with cauliflower, carrots, potatoes and gravy, it was nice.

Saturday, 18 May 2019


I got up at around 5.40 and put on a load of washing. Then I sat and read my book till I heard H moving about what I made a pot of tea and a bowl of porridge. We had our breakfast and then a small coffee. I swept the kitchen, conservatory and toilet floors and dusted the lounge. At 9.50 we were leaving home to meet our daughter and son in law on Marriotts Way so we could go for a ride to Reepham station for a coffee. So because it was rather dull I didn’t hang the washing out in case it rained before we got back home. I got our bikes out and H wiped our chains then sprayed a little oil on and off we went. We had a great ride, I offered to buy the coffees because I wanted to see if I could pay with my watch because last time it wouldn’t work. Well it worked first time so I was pleased. When we got home it was still dry so I hung the washing out, we had a coffee and a toasted tea cake or lunch and then we both went into the back garden where H is working on the path and I am cleaning up the patio. We worked out there till it began to rain and we came in, had a glass of wine 🍷 and watched the rest of the tour. When it’s over I will have a shower and cook dinner. Today it’s our favourite, liver and onions with potatoes carrots and cauliflower. And after that I will watch Britain’s got talent.