Friday, 31 March 2017


We both got up at 7 this morning and I put on a load of washing while H made a pot of tea. He had toast and I had porridge. After that we had a coffee and I hung my washing out. We tidied up and I made the bed and dressed. We then went into the garden and H cut the front and back grass while I did a bit of weeding. At 10.30 we had a coffee with a cheese and ham sandwich. We carried on with a bit of sifting of our soil heap and killed over a hundred of the horrible little white grubs. The heap is slowly getting smaller. When I came in I made some vegetable soup, onion, celery, broccoli and potatoes with a vegetable cube. It was nice a very dark green. I have got all my washing dry again. For dinner tonight we are having jacket potatoes, salmon, mushrooms and peas.

Thursday, 30 March 2017


We both got up at 5.50 and had our breakfast. H had toast and I had porridge. I put on a load of washing and packed 2 cheese and ham sandwiches with mustard, a tomato and some celery. I hung my washing out and got ready to go to work. I had to do 50 bunches of radishes, the first of the season. Then 60 bunches of spring onions and 6 boxes of leeks. All this took till 1 o'clock. Andy then cameto pick me and all my work up and take me to parsnips. We had to have 3 boxes of them and then 3 boxes of carrots. We took everything down to the yard and it took the rest of my day washing and packing everything. When I got home our daughter rang, they are all safety home from New York. I had a cup of tea and a soak in the bath, then I got dinner, fish pie and baked beans. It's been the best day of the year, it was 22 degrees when I came home, but in the middle of a field with the wind blowing a gale it felt pretty cold.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


I got up at 6.55 and put on a load of washing and had toast and marmalade for breakfast with a cup of tea. We had a coffee and I hung the washing out. H and I watched the news etc. and then I made the bed and he put on a loaf of bread. H then swotted up on his Spanish ready for his lesson. Today he went in the car so I didn't go with him. I waited till the loaf was done and then got ready to go out on my mountain bike. I only wanted a short ride because I had a long one yesterday. I did 13.1 miles, the track was a bit sticky after last nights rain but I enjoyed it anyway. When I arrived home H had beaten me to it. I had a shower while he made me a coffee and I got cheese and ham sandwiches with mustard to go with them. We watched a cycle race and I got my washing in, all dry. We had a glass of wine and then I cooked dinner. We had pork chops, new potatoes, broccoli and peas.
Before my boss went on holiday he said I should work Monday and he might want me on Thursday but if he didn't he would ring me up and let me know. Well at 10 am the phone rang and it was him, I thought hooray, he's rung to say he doesn't need me! But he had forgotten what he had said and rang to make sure I was going in the morning.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


I managed to lay in bed till 650 when I came down, put on a load of washing and had a slice of toast for breakfast. We had a coffee and I hung out my washing. I made the bed, read a chapter of my book and then we got ready to go out on our mountain bikes. We rode 37 miles and it was lovely, most of it was off road. We cycled all the way to Aylsham along the track and on the way back we stopped at a cafe where we had a coffee, I had a Stilton and red onion scone and H had a slice of flap jack and a fruit shortcake. The sun shone most of the way round and there was very little wind. We had a shower when we got home and watched a cycle race on tv. For dinner we had sausages, potato wedges, mushrooms, fried onions and fried eggs. I got all my washing dry yet again.

Monday, 27 March 2017


It was work today so as soon as I had put on a load of washing and eaten my porridge I made a salad to take for lunch. I also packed a slice of cake, a banana and a bottle of water. I had to pick 3 boxes of rhubarb first and then a box of kale, after that I joined Andy and we each picked a box of purple sprouting broccoli. I walked to the leek bed next and trimmed them till Andrew came with the tractor and trailer to take me and my leeks to the yard so we could wash them. We then had our lunch, I packed all the leeks and we had to go back for 2 boxes of carrots, 2 boxes of cabbages and another box of rhubarb. We then washed and packed the carrots, watered the greenhouse and it was time for me to go home. I had a cup of tea (spilt some on my front ) it was really hot. I can't believe I missed my mouth!! I had a bath and we are about to have a chicken curry for dinner. I don't have to work again till Thursday.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


When I went to bed last night I loaded the washing machine and showed H how to turn it on if he was up first. When I got up the washing was done so I stripped the bed and put on a second load. I had toast for breakfast and H made me a coffee. No 1 son rang to wish me happy Mother's Day and said he would come round in the afternoon. I hung all the washing out, 2 lines full! I spent a bit of time messing about in the garden and we had soup and a hot cross bun for lunch. In the afternoon H came outside and helped to sieve some of a huge heap of soil we have on our patio. It's full of white grubs which we kill, they live on roots and are the reason our front lawn looked a mess last year, it looks better now. Our son came round after he had walked his dog. He brought me a nice present, it's a large jar with heart shaped lights inside, it has a handle so it can be hung up if you wish. We all had a coffee and a slice of cake and when he left I put a steak and onion pie in the oven and went up for a bath. First my daughter contacted me on FaceTime from New York and showed me round their apartment, wished me h p Mother's Day etc. and as soon as we had finished talking no 2 son did the same from Greece. So I have had a nice day. We had cauliflower and mashed potatoes with our pie, i did too much and we are still both too full. It's work for me tomorrow.

Saturday, 25 March 2017


H came in and woke me up this morning, I was sound asleep. We had our breakfast and then we went out to do our weekly shop. H bought me a new kettle for Mother's Day!! I unpacked as soon as we got back while H boiled the kettle to clean it out and then again for a cup of coffee. We then changed to go out on our bikes. We did our usual ride along the track to the cafe for coffee and cheese straws. I was lovely at the station, we were sheltered from the wind and full in the sun at our table outside so we sat there for ages chatting and watching the world go by. We just had cream crackers for lunch with cheese and I changed into my shorts and went into the garden to do a bit of weeding in the sun.H  worked on our daughters bike, he cleaned it all up and then put on a new cassette and chain. We watched a cycle race in Spain which ended in a town that we have cycled to a couple of times ourselves, so that was nice. For dinner tonight we had duck, cauliflower, leek and potatoes, for desert we had lemon cheesecake.

Friday, 24 March 2017


I got up at 6 and put on a load of washing. I made porridge for breakfast and when the washing was done I hung it out. H went up to turbo and I made a boiled cake. It's turned out really well and tastes delicious. When H had finished his ride we got ready and went out. First we went to the chicken farm and I was so pleased to see that the chickens are all back out in the field pecking away. After getting my eggs we went to the garden centre where we called in at the cafe and had a coffee with a toasted tea cake. Then we bought a garden sieve, some moss killer and some lawn food. I also popped into the pet food store to get some small bird seed to put onto a bird feeder my daughter bought me. When we got back home I made a salad for lunch with tiny mini pizzas. We had a coffee and watched a cycle race on tv and I made a chicken casserole for dinner which also turned out well, I am on a roll with my cooking today. My washing all got lovely and dry again so tomorrow I will do the ironing.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


I put on a load of washing,had my breakfast, packed my lunch made the bed, dressed, hung out the washing and went to work. I had to pick 28 bunches of spring onions first, I forked them all up but they are so full of weeds they were hard to untangle. Next I went to the greenhouse where I filled 16 trays with peat, watered them and began to seed them. I had only done 2 trays ( 616 seeds ) when Andy came to tell me an order had come in for 10 boxes of rhubarb so we had to pick that first. When that was done he went off to deliver it and I went back to my seeds. I did 3 trays of cos lettuce,3 trays of flat lettuce, 2 trays of oak leaf lettuce 1 tray of lolla Rossa, 2 trays of fennel, 1 tray of some little salad leaf that I can't spell and 4 trays of leeks. Each tray has 308 seeds. When they were all finished I had to pack up leeks till hometime. When I got home I had a cup of tea and a bath then I cooked dinner. We had cod in bread crumbs, potato wedges, mushrooms, purple sprouting broccoli and carrots. It was nice.
Today is our daughters birthday, she is half a hundred!! We have loved every year we have had her, happy birthday......

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


We both got up at 6.30 and had toast for our breakfast. H burned his and I can still smell it. After breakfast we had a coffee and I did the ironing and a bit of housework. H went for his Spanish lesson at 10.30 and I changed to ride on his turbo trainer. I rode 17.3 miles in the first hour but carried on to do 20 miles in 1 hour 9 minutes. As soon as I had finished I had a shower and made us each a salad for our lunch. We watched a cycle race this afternoon on tv and for dinner tonight we had a pasta bake. It was very nice, mince, leek, spring onions, mushrooms, tomato, peas, and a tin of tomatoes. I did mixed pasta, shells etc. However I would rather have had last nights meal again. Our youngest son is in Grease on a climbing holiday for a month, I had some lovely photos this morning, and our daughter and all her family are in New York, they have all gone there to celebrate her 50 th birthday which is tomorrow. So tomorrow they are going to the Statue of Liberty and they have tickets to go right up into the torch. Tomorrow I have to work worse luck.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


 I was up before 6 and put on a load of washing. I had a bowl of porridge and a cup of tea, then I hung out my washing and yesterday's. I had 2 lines full. We had a coffee and H went up to turbo while I sat and finished a book my daughter brought me on Saturday. When H finished we had a coffee and a couple of biscuits. We watched a cycle race in Spain, it passed through places we have stayed so we enjoyed the scenery. We then had lunch, a cup of soup and a hot cross bun. We didn't want to eat too much today because we were going out this evening for a meal. Our daughter and son in law bought us a gift voucher at Christmas for a meal at Prime in Norwich. The meal was delicious, we had a sharing starter, it was perfect, not too much, we had a bottle of fabulous wine and H had a salmon risotto and I had a lamb noisette on a potato and mixed veg stack. We also had a coffee. We were going to get a taxi home but when we came out we were right at our bus stop and it said a no. 28 would be along in 4 minutes, it was, we hopped on with our bus passes and 19 minutes later we were home.  I think my back is a bit less painful today so everything is looking good. ( all my washing was lovely and dry when I got it in.)

Monday, 20 March 2017


I got up at 10 to 6, made a pot of tea and had my breakfast. I did a load of washing, packed my lunch and got ready to go to work. I had to trim leeks till lunch time when Andrew came along,picked up the 14  boxes I had filled and took them and me down to the yard. We had our lunch and washed and packed them all. We then went back to the carrots and filled two boxes which we then washed and packed. By the time we had put everything away it was almost time for me to go home. My boss is on holiday and Andy is in charge so he took me to the greenhouse to show me what I have to do on Thursday.(I now have to do 2 days this week ). By the time I had been shown all this it was time for me to go home. We had eggs beans and chips for dinner. My back is still painful but work hasn't made it any worse.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


I forgot to post!! I did nothing all day, my back is so sore and when I got into a position on the settee where it was comfortable I didn't want too move. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch and for dinner it was roast pork with mashed potato cabbage carrots and gravy.

Saturday, 18 March 2017


H woke me up at 6.20 this morning, he had made the tea and my bread was waiting in the toaster ready for me to pop it down. I put on a load of washing, then got ready to go shopping. As soon as we came back I put everything away while H made us a coffee. We then went into the garden and H dug a huge root up for me at the side of the house. I will now be able to dig the strip of garden and replant it. He then cleaned the car while I hung out the washing and did a bit of housework. We had a small sausage casserole for lunch and this afternoon our daughter and her husband came round. They are off to New York on Tuesday so they brought my Mother's Day present round. She had already given me the Bridget Jones DVD!! I have a card that I will open on the day, a bottle of wine I will also open on the day and a very pretty bird feeder that looks like a daffodil. I am so lucky. They also brought her bike round, her dad is going to sort it out for her while they are away. They are going to America for her 50 th birthday. I can't believe my daughter will be half a hundred.!! For dinner tonight we had a mushroom lasagne, it was ok but we prefer a meat one.

Friday, 17 March 2017


I stayed in bed even later this morning! 7.40. I put on a load of washing and had my breakfast as soon as I had weighed myself. I am the same as last week, 10.8 that's at least one stone too heavy! I hung out my washing and we had a coffee. I did a bit of clearing up and at 10 we got ready to go out on our mountain bikes. We rode to Reepham station and stopped for a drink and a plate of cheese straws straight out of the oven, they were delicious. We came back a longer way round and it was a nice ride, but rather windy. We had cheese on toast for lunch and I had a shower and got ready to go to the dentist. Everything was ok and I don't have to go back till September. For dinner tonight we had a steak and onion pie with potatoes, cauliflower and leek, it was all very nice, I just had an apple for my pudding.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


I am starting off with a bit that I meant to say yesterday. I cycled all that way all on my own and didn't have a clue where I was most of the time so if I had punchcard I would not have been able to tell H where he was so he could have come to my rescue. Well, when I got home I lent my bike up against the wall and later on when we went to put it away my tyre was flat as a pancake.! How lucky was I? This morning H mended it for me.
I got up at 6.40, had porridge for breakfast and did a load of washing. We had a coffee and I hung the washing out. At 9.30 a man came round to put a new element into my oven, it blew a couple of weeks ago,I was still able to use the oven on fan mode but it's great now it's all sorted. I made some soup for lunch which was nice and this afternoon I spent more time in the garden. For dinner tonight we had a pork and apple burger, potato wedges, mushrooms, eggs and peas, it was very nice. H rode on his turbo and did 46.7miles!!! Tomorrow I have got the dreaded dentist.!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Lovely day

We both laid in till 6.30 and both had toast for breakfast. I did a load of washing and when it was done I hung it out. H went upstairs to study some of his Spanish and I vacuumed all downstairs. We had a coffee at 10am with a hot cross bun and then got ready to go out on our mountain bikes. H was going for his Spanish lesson so I rode with him for the first 3 miles and then we went our separate ways. I went to Ringland and up Ringland hills. It was hard work on my own( I don't really like hills)
Anyway, I carried on riding, went along a road I haven't used before and was quite lost. I found a sign that said Norwich 12 miles so I followed it and came to a main road, I used that for a bit but it was so busy I turned off it and was lost again. I finally found the railway line so I came home off-road. On my ride I saw an egret with 2 swans, 2 Egyptian geese in a field, a poor dead badger and a field full or Canada geese eating the corn that was just coming through. The rooks are all building like mad and trying to drop twigs on my head, I had 2 near misses. H arrived home 6 minutes after me, I had done 24 miles. We had cheese and biscuits for lunch with pickle onions and gherkins,also a cup of coffee. I spent an hour in the garden, it's been a lovely day 16 degrees this afternoon. For dinner tonight we had a fish pie with cauliflower cheese, it was yummy.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lazy Tuesday

I stayed in bed till 6.30 and had toast for breakfast. I had no washing for a change. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my ovens, one of my most disliked jobs. H rode 25 miles so while he was doing that I carried on with my gardening. As soon as he was done he called me in for a cup of coffee and a hot cross bun. I finished a book I was reading and we had a cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch. We watched a cycle race on tv and I did a bit of ironing. I still have a sore back, I will be pleased when it's better. For dinner tonight we had rump steak, jacket potatoes, cauliflower and carrots. The steak was lovely, really tender. Tomorrow H has a Spanish lesson so I will try to get out on my bike.

Monday, 13 March 2017


I got up at quarter to six and put on a load of washing before eating a bowl of porridge for breakfast. I packed my lunch, dressed, made the bed, hung out the washing and went to work. I had to trim leeks till the men came to get me. I had done 6 boxes. They took me to the rhubarb bed, and we did 2 boxes of that for them to take away before coffee break. I then had to do 11 more boxes of rhubarb and I was on the last box when the men came back. We all went down to the yard together and had lunch. After that I had to plant 8 huge long rows of broad beans, I had done 4 when Andy joined me and then we did 2 each. We both then walked to the leeks and joined Andrew to trim some till it was time to go back to the rhubarb for one more box. There was just time to wash the leeks before it was home time. I haven't got to go again until next Monday. My cup of tea was waiting for me when I got home. I have a very sore hand, there were over 300 beans in each row, the ground was hard and each bean is planted with a trowel. For dinner tonight we had baked beans, potatoes, bacon, mushrooms and 2 fried eggs. ( I forgot to get anything out of the freezer this morning ). 

Sunday, 12 March 2017


I was up at 6 made a pot of tea, a bowl of porridge and had my breakfast. H came down at 7 and had his. He then made us a ' proper coffee ' we emptied the dishwasher and put everything away and watched the news on tv. I wrote and sent an email to my brother in New Zealand. By the time I had finished it was 9.45 so I changed into my cycle gear and rode 23 miles on the turbo trainer. I was on it for an hour and a quarter while I listened to the Archers omnibus. The time went quite quickly and I have had my exercise. When I had finished I had a shower and then made some soup or lunch.  This afternoon we watched cycling on tv and for dinner tonight I made a pasta bake, it was very tasty, fried onion mushrooms, bacon peas, white cheese sauce and pasta. We had it with cheesy bread and a glass of wine. Tomorrow I have to go to work so I won't sleep so well tonight.

Saturday, 11 March 2017


I was up at 5.35 after a lousy sleep, waking up every hour. I just sat and read till H came down then I made a pot of tea and we both had toast for breakfast. As soon as I was done I got ready and went shopping. H didn't come with me this morning because he was riding with our son in law and wasn't sure we would be back in time for him to get ready etc. they were meeting at 9am. I arrived back before 8 .30 and I had been to Asda and to M&S for one of their ' meal deals '. When H left I unpacked and put everything away,made myself a coffee and read my magazine. As soon as I had done that I swept and washed the kitchen floor and the toilet floor and cleaned all the cupboard doors.  I vacuumed and dusted the rest of the house and hung out the washing. When H got back he had done 56 miles. We had lunch, a corned beef sandwich with hula hoops and celery. We then sat and watched a cycle race on tv with a glass of wine and for dinner we had our ' meal deal ' meal which was very nice. It was chicken and herb crumb lattice and garlic mushrooms, I added a jacket potato, and for pudding we had strawberry jelly trifle. H said it was all really tasty and he wouldn't mind having it again.
Me.... when I left school and went to work my dad wouldn't allow me to wear lipstick or earrings. When I was around 16 and a half 9 of the women I worked with on the sewing section were all going off together when they left off on the following Saturday to have their ears pierced. They asked me if I would like to go too. When I arrived home that evening I told my parents and my dad forbade it. We sat down for tea and dad asked me to ' pass the salt ' I answered, I want my ears pierced. The meal went on and each time anyone spoke to me the only answer I gave was, I want my ears pierced. Well all of a sudden my dad stood up and clipped me round my left ear with his right and my right ear with his left! I didn't ask any more after that!! On my 18 th birthday all the women on the sewers collected and paid for me to have my ears pierced and the gold sleepers. They were done with a needle that had a hook on the end. The jeweller nipped my earlobes hard so they were a bit numb they pushed the needle in and right through, the gold hoop was attached to the other end of the needle so pulled through my ear and then clipped up. I didn't tell my dad and they were never mentioned but he must have seen them. I have had both ears pierced again since then and the left one twice.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Today was not as warm and sunny as yesterday but it was still nice. After I had eaten breakfast and hung out my washing I did all the ironing up to date. I did a bit of the dreaded housework and then H and I changed and went out on our mountain bikes. We went along the track to Whitwell but it was pretty muddy so we came back along the road. When we got back we had soup for lunch and then watched a cycle race on tv. As soon as it w as over I had a bath and cooked dinner, breaded cod, mushrooms, potato wedges and beans with Christmas pudding and custard for pudding. Tomorrow H is going for a bike ride with our son in law. They plan to ride about 60 miles!!
A bit about me ...... I left school on the 23 rd of December, I was just 15 and I started work on the 4 th of January at Jarrolds printing works. I started off on the sewing machines and was in that department for around 6 years then moved to a more interesting department where I learned several different machines. My first weeks wages were £1.12.6 which in new money is about £1.57. For that I had to work from 8 am to 6.15 pm with an hour off for dinner and 8 to 12 on Saturdays. I was made to give my mum the 12.6 and save ten shillings which left me with ten shillings ( 50p ) to buy all my own clothing, bus fares union subs etc.

Thursday, 9 March 2017


we got up together this morning and had our breakfast. I put on a load of washing and after I had hung it out we had a coffee. At 9.30 H went up to turbo and I went outside and worked in the garden. We had a coffee break at 11 and I went back outside till 1 when I went back in again and made tuna and beetroot sandwiches for lunch. I continued in the garden till 3.30 and when I went in I took the washing in with me all lovely and dry. I am really pleased with what I have done out there. For dinner i made a spaghetti boll which was delicious. I wore my shorts all day in the garden, they were ones I had last year which fitted me well but this morning even zipped and buttoned up I could just pull them down, they are miles too big! I had to tie them up around my waist. BONUS.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I got up at 5.50and put on my usual load of washing before making my porridge. After breakfast we had a coffee and I dressed, made the bed, a loaf of bread and did s bit of clearing up. H had a Spanish lesson this morning and he was going in the car but it brightened up and he decided to cycle there so I changed into cycle gear and went part of the way with him. When I left him I went for a bit of a ride and did 21.8 miles. I found it hard work, the wind was strong without H to shelter behind. He got home soon after me and we had a pot noodle, a coffee and a hot cross bun. We watched a cycle race this afternoon, had a bath and then a cup of tea. For dinner tonight we are going to have a Cornish pastie with potato wedges,cauliflower and carrots.
I forgot to say that on Sunday my son and I played our usual 3 games of cribbage and, joy of joys, I won 2 of the 3 games. It made my weekend.😀After I pruned my roses yesterday I fed them all and also my camellias. It then rained overnight and it was enough to wash the fertiliser in.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


I have had a really nice day. I was up at 5.30 and because the weather forecast was good I stripped my bed and put it in the washing machine. Then I made a pot of tea and a bowl of porridge for breakfast. I hung out my first load of washing and put on a second. H got up and after his breakfast he made us a coffee. We then got ready for the furniture men to arrive and bring our new chair and this time it matches! When they left we had another coffee and I hung out my second load of washing. H then went up to ride his bike and I pruned my roses. I stayed out in the garden and did a whole lot of clearing up then wed and fed my roses. H called me in when his ride was over and I made us each a cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch. I went straight back out into the garden and carried on working till 2.30 H then called me in and we had a G & T. We watched a cycle race and after my bath I am going to cook dinner. We are having duck a la orange, with potato croquettes and cauliflower cheese. Andy from work cut me a huge cauliflower yesterday it's lovely. After dinner I shall go upstairs to watch my soaps. I was so tired yesterday after work I fell asleep and missed them all.

Monday, 6 March 2017

My only day at work this week.

 Because I was working today I woke up every hour of the night, I gave up trying to sleep in the end and got up just before 5am. I took a salad and my water and hoped it wouldn't rain before I left off at 4 pm. Well today was a bit different from my usual Mondays, first I didn't have to bunch carrots and went straight to leeks. I was there till 12 when Andy came to collect my leeks and me. We had to go down to the rhubarb patch and pick a box of rhubarb, my first of the season. After lunch we washed and packed my leeks and then I was sent to the greenhouse to fill 24 trays and 50 pots with peat.when they were filled and watered I began to seed them. I had to put 3 broad beans in each pot and then start little seeds. First 300 tomatoes and then cabbages I had time to sow 616 cabbage seeds before it was my hometime. We had left over chicken for dinner tonight, with a glass of leftover wine.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Saturday ,

Our son got home yesterday at midnight, I waited up for him but H went to bed. He is looking well and hasn't brought the flu with him this time. I got up at 6.30 this morning and put on a load of washing and had my breakfast ( toast). H was up just after me. As soon as breakfast was over we got ready and went for our weekly shop. We unpacked and put everything away when we got back and had a coffee. Our son came down and cooked his own breakfast, I hung out my washing as soon as the rain stopped. The two men then messed about with bikes, changing chains, cassettes and gear cables etc. They said it was too cold to do it outside so spread an old sheet on the kitchen floor and did it there! I couldn't do anything much so I sat and read a book my daughter had lent me, it was so good I couldn't put it down. When the men had finished I made lunch, a bacon sandwich for H and a salad for D and me. We washed it down with a coffee and when his lunch had settled son went off climbing for the afternoon at the local climbing centre.for dinner we had gammon steaks, corn on the cob, peas and chips and fresh pineapple for pudding. After dinner the men began to watch a film with aliens in it ( rubbish ) so I finished my book and I have come upstairs to write my blog and  watch midsummer murders.

Friday, 3 March 2017


I had a dreadful sleep because I have a bad back. I couldn't get comfortable however hard I tried. I got up when I heard H moving around and it was7.35. I didn't put a load of washing on because the forecast was for rain for most of the day. I had my porridge with a cup of tea and then a coffee. I have been sitting about quite a bit because I am in pain. However, as number 2 son is coming home this evening I have baked 2 batches of flapjack one with seeds and chocolate chips and the other with fruit and nuts. H went to the chemist to collect my medication for me and while he was gone I got cheese and biscuits for our lunch with an instant coffee. We watched a cycle race on tv and then I had a shower and washed my hair. We had a phone call from Aldiss, the furniture people to say they have a chair for us, it will be delivered Tuesday morning. I hope it's the same colour as the settee this time!! For dinner tonight we are having a pork and apple burger from my butcher, they are delicious, a sausage, egg, fried tomatoes and chips, roll on dinner time.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


I got up at 6 am and put on a load of washing and had my breakfast. I had a slice of toast for a change. I hung my washing out and did a bit of dusting before H came down. I dressed and brought my coat. And boots down etc ready to walk with my daughter and Macy. They were here by 8.45 and off we went. It was quite windy and dull but we had a lovely walk and because of the weather there were very few people about. We walked for over an hour so I have had a bit of exercise today. When we came back H made us a cup of coffee and when L and M left H went up to turbo and I went to my butchers. I bought pork pies for our lunch and a lasagne for dinner, plus lots more meat and pies for my freezer. My washing is all dry again but I don't think I will be as lucky tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wednesday, work.

I was up at 5.40,put on a load of washing and made my porridge. I packed a small salad, a hard boiled egg,a banana and a bottle of water. When I got to work we were busy which I love because the time just flies by. I picked a sack of sprouts first then I bunched carrots till coffee break which is at 10. Then I had to walk to Leeks and trim them till I was picked up at 2.20. We had to pick 3 boxes of loose carrots on the way down to the yard. We then washed and packed everything and it was time for me to go home. I don't have to go again till Monday and that's the only day I have to go next week. I had a cup of tea when I got home and my daughter rang to ask if I would like to walk her dog with her tomorrow morning, yes. She says she will be round at 8.45 ish. For dinner tonight we had a fish pie with cauliflower and leeks.