Friday, 6 July 2018


 I got up at 5.30, put on a load of washing and had a slice of toast for my breakfast. After that I got ready to go shopping. After Asda we popped to the butchers in Reepham for some bacon etc. When we got back we had a coffee and a bun, I read my new tv magazine and then I hung out the washing and got on with my housework. I swept the kitchen floor then I swept and washed the toilet floor and cleaned the basin etc. Next our son in law came round to fit our last 3 kitchen cupboard doors, while he was here I dead headed the roses and did a bit of weeding. When he left I vacuumed all downstairs and then dusted. H had a Cornish pastie for his lunch and I had a crab, we had cherries for dessert and washed it all down with a beer. We sat in the garden for a while and then I made 2 batches of flapjack. One is coconut and pistachio, and the other is chocolate with chocolate chips. I had a shower and for dinner we had paella with garlic flat bread. Our no 2 son is coming home this evening for the weekend. I did a dreadful thing today! I had a dental appointment this afternoon and I forgot to go till it was too late! I will have to go on Monday when I leave off, pay, apologise and make another apple. What a nightmare.

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