Friday, 27 February 2015

Busy day.

I got up at 6, put on a load of washing, had my breakfast and then dressed to go shopping. My bill came to £63.57 so I am pleased with that. After we got home, unpacked and put everything away I hung out the washing. After that I vacuumed the house, dusted made the bed etc. and we got ready to go out on our bikes.H went on his mountain bike again and I used my road bike, the first time since its been painted. We rode 35 and a bit miles, it was hard work because it was still so windy but the sun was nice. When we came back we had bacon sandwiches and a glass of chocolate milk for lunch. I had a bath and washed my hair and then read a couple of chapters of my book. After that I did all our ironing up to date ( the job I hate most ). I cooked dinner, pasta with chicken peppers peas onions (stir fry ) and H made a pot of tea to wash it down and it was all nice.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

To the City

It's getting to be a habit,laying in bed till 6.30, I did it again this morning!  After breakfast etc. I got ready and H ran me into the City. The main reason I went was to pay for our holiday. After I had sorted that out I bought a couple of things that H had asked me to get and then I went to M & S for one of their meal deals which we have just eaten and it was lovely. We had duck legs in port and orange sauce with garlic mushrooms ( I added potato wedges ) for desert we had millionaire's chocolate cheesecake and I got white wine for a change, it all made for a lovely meal. While I was out H put my bike back together arter painting it so I can use it tomorrow. I forgot to say yesterday that when I was out in the garden a pair of buzzards were circling above my head for ages. It was a lovely sight, they were huge and hardly moved their wings,just glided round on the wind. This afternoon I made a loaf of bread and a dozen chocolate and choc chip buns but there are only 11 left now as I have eaten one.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wednesday 25th

This morning I managed to stay in bed till 6.30 and then I had my breakfast and put on a load of washing. When it was done I hung it out and we had a coffee.H then gave my bike frame a second coat of paint and also sorted out his bike for the weekend. I used my mountain bike to cycle to the shops where I bought a tele' magazine and a couple of packets of crisps for our lunch. When I got home I went straight into the garden to do more clearing up, I trimmed all round the edges of the lawn and it's looking nice and tidy. At 4 o'clock my boss rang and said he can manage without tomorrow,so it's no more work till Monday. I had a shower and we had a gin and tonic before our spaghetti Bolognese which was really nice. My bike ride took 30 mins and I was working in the garden for 2 and a bit hours so I am hoping I will manage to get to sleep tonight.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Windy Tuesday

I put a load of washing on as soon as I got up so it would be done on cheap electricity. I had my breakfast,H was already up and had made a pot of tea. We sat and watched the local news on tv,had a coffee and then got ready to go out on our bikes. It was really too windy which made it hard work. We kept to the lanes so we were a bit shelterd by the hedges but each field gateway we passed we were buffeted into the road or the hedge depending on which side the wind was. We rode 34 miles. We had cream crackers, cheese and pickle for lunch H had a glass of wine, I had water. H then went into the garage and stripped my cycle down to just the frame and has given it a first coat of paint. While he was out there I cooked dinner, jacket potato, salmon and baked beans with a slice of bread and butter. We just had a yogurt for desert. I was going to do a bit of work in the garden this afternoon but I couldn't be bothered.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday 23 rd

It was work for me today so as soon as I had eaten my breakfast I packed my cucumber sandwiches, my bottle of tap water, a few sticks of celery and a couple of tomatoes and off I went. I had to trim leeks again till 12 30 when we washed and packed them. By then it was 2.30 and we walked back to the top of the field for 3 boxes of turnips and a few more leeks. We just had time to wash and pack them before I left off. My boss said he may not need me any more this week because he has no farmers market this weekend but he will phone me Wednesday evening to let me know. When I got home H had a nice cup of tea waiting for me and when I had drunk it he ran me a bath 

Sunday, 22 February 2015


I had toast for breakfast with a large mug of tea. Soon after we had a coffee. I put on a load of washing and when it was done I hung it out. H said we would go out on our bikes at 10 am so we got ready, he took our mountain bikes from the garage and we rode to Reepham along Marriotts way. ( and home again) . It was very muddy in places and with today's rain we won't be using the track any more this week. We had cheese and beetroot sandwiches with tomatoes, celery and cucumber for lunch with a coffee and later we had a slice of cake with a cup of tea. I went out into the garden for around an hour to do a bit more clearing up but came in when my hands were frozen, bringing the washing in with me ( dry ) H put the bikes away and soon after it began to rain. We rode 18 miles and I enjoyed it. For dinner we had pork with mashed potato,cabbage,broccoli and gravy. For pudding H had the crumble that our sister in law gave him to bring home last night but I had to make custard to go with it, I had a bowl of ice cream. We had a glass of wine and a can of coke and now I am going to watch " country file". I also made a loaf of bread today which has come out nice, I added some sunflower and pumpkin seeds to it and it tastes quite nutty.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sat 21 St

Today didn't start well!! I heard H get up so I thought I would hang on a bit so he had made the tea and sliced the bread etc. but when I came down and poured my tea he had only left me half a cup in the pot. I made myself a bowl of porridge and then managed to tip half of it over one of his Spanish text books.(H is learning Spanish) . By the time I had cleaned it up my half cup of tea was cold and so was my half bowl of porridge. He then got ready to go out with son in law for a long ride. When they left I had a slice of toast and marmite because I was still hungry. It was lovely and sunny so I dressed in my cycle gear and was going to go for a long ride ending up at the chicken farm because I wanted some eggs. I locked up, got my bike walked up the path, unlocked the gate, went through, locked the gate and the sun went in and it was freezing. I cycled up the road into a howling wind and thought " blow this for a lark ", took the short cut to the eggs and straight home again. H did 60 odd miles. However it got better from then on, we had a nice lunch, I read my book for a couple of hours and then we dressed ready to go to my middle brother and sister in laws for dinner. We had a lovely meal and a really nice evening catching up with all the family gossip. For dinner we had prawn cocktail to start, posh fish pie was the main dish which had prawns, salmon, cod and smoked haddock in with sugar snap peas, cauliflour, broccoli and carrots, and for desert it was either fresh fruit salad or raspberry and apple crumble with custard, cream or ice cream. There were loads of nibbles and dips, wine and beer, chocolates and coffee. We both enjoyed our evening.

Friday, 20 February 2015


After breakfast I went shopping at Asda and spent £89.06 but I did get H a box of rose wine which took my bill up a bit. When we came back I hung out the washing and had a cup of coffee. I told H I didn't want to go out on my bike because I feel so tired so he rode on his rollers for an hour while I vacuumed and ironed and then just sat and read a book. I hope I feel less tired tomorrow, H is cycling with son in law if it's not raining but I am staying home.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thursday19 th

After eating my breakfast and packing my cucumber sandwiches I drove myself to work. I had to pick a sack of sprouts first and then trim leeks for the rest of the day just leaving enough time at the end of the day to wash and pack them. It was sunny all morning and wet all afternoon. I was quite cold by the end of the day and tired,so I am, as usual glad to be home.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Windy Wednesday

Another lay in but only till 6.20 this morning. I put on a load of washing and after breakfast I also put on a loaf of bread. After a few household chores we got ready to go out on our mountain bike's. It was so much worse than yesterday, the wind was awful, really strong and cold as well. We rode 18 miles and I was breathless all the way round. The track was much more muddy and sticky than last time we were on it and I didn't enjoy it one bit. We had a coffee when we got back home with a beetroot sandwich. H cleaned the bikes and put them away. We are having chicken curry for dinner tonight. It's work for me again tomorrow. All the washing dried outside again so that's good, saving on electricity because I won't have to use the tumble dryer.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Busy Tuesday

I managed to lie in till almost 7 am this morning, a record for me. After breakfast and the washing etc we got ready to go out on our bikes. We rode 42 miles today at 15.5 miles an hour. Not bad for an old girl of 76. We then had lunch and a bath and at 4 o'clock we got ready to go to our daughter and son in laws for our Grandaughters birthday party.( it's her 12 th birthday tomorrow ). We had a lovely time and tea was really yummy! I am stuffed. It's a good job I burnt 1,299 calories on my ride this morning!! 

Monday, 16 February 2015


Today was a bit different at work. I had to trim leeks as usual till 12.10, we then washed them and it was time for lunch. ( chicken and Mayo' sandwiches ) but after lunch I had to go into the greenhouse and first fill 150 flower pots with compost and seed 50 of them with courgette's and the other 100 with Broard beans ( 3 beans in each pot ) . Then, after I had watered them I had to fill 6 trays and seed them with 6 different types of salad leaves, I had to put 256 seeds in each tray. After that I filled more trays for leek seeds. I only had time to seed 4 of those before it was time for me to go home. I just added it up and that is 2,850 seeds altogether. When all these plants are large enough I will be pricking them out into the field and later still I will be harvesting them so that will be 3 times I have handled them. The time passed quickly but it was still nice to be home.  

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday 15 th

I have not done much of interest today,a load of washing which I hung out and when I got it in 7 hours later was as wet as when I hung it out! Made a loaf of bread and no2 sons flapjack, started a new book and watched a film in 3 d. I made vegetable soup for lunch and roast chicken for dinner. As its Shrove Tuesday this coming Tuesday and no2 son won't be here we had pancakes for pudding today. We all have ours the traditional way with sugar and lemon and they were very nice. I have had a text from him and he has arrived back safely so I will be able to sleep well tonight. Work for me tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Dull Saturday

It was really dull and wet when I got up but I did a load of washing anyway. Toast for breakfast and at 9.30 daughter and son in law came round so we could all go out together on our bikes. It was a nice ride and we enjoyed it, we chatted all the way round which made a change from riding round as fast as we can go. No 2 son managed to get here last night just before midnight so he was still in bed when we left but up when we came back. We rode almost 30 miles and only saw 4 other cyclists. The dull weather must have choked them off but it wasn't at all cold. We all had cheese on toast for lunch and cottage pie for dinner. No 1 son rang this afternoon so I have seen or spoken to all my children today so I am lucky. H asked if I wanted to go out on my bike again tomorrow but I think I will give it a miss. The forcast is good so far for Tuesday so we may go out then. He says in that case he will probably use his rollers.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Busy Friday

I was up at 6, put on a load of washing,had my breakfast and then got ready to go shopping. It was a big spend this week! 6 pence change from £ 100.when we got back we put everything away, had a coffee and a hot cross bun and got ready to go out on our bikes. We used mountain bikes along the track which had dried up nicely since we last used it. We got really close to a Heron but we also saw the remains of a poor swan. It must have been caught by a fox, there were masses of feathers in a long trail across a field. When we got home I got the washing in it was dry so that's a bonus when the forcast was for rain. We then had a major clear up, dusting, sweeping and washing floors, polishing doorknobs etc. etc. I made a " boiled cake" which turned out nice. We had chicken and prawn paella for dinner with small roast potatoes. I have some crocuses out now, spring is slowly arriving.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday 12 th

Well it was same old, same old for me at work, leeks carrots, parsnips and then leeks again. It's a good job I like doing it all. I am off till Monday now so I expect the weekend will go by quickly. Our daughter rang when I got home this afternoon to tell me that a brain scan she had to have found everything is normal so it's such a weight off our minds. No 1 Grandaughter goes to slimming world and has already lost 3 stone. Then she was stuck for ages but last week she lost 2 1/2 lbs and she lost 2 1/2 again this week so she is doing well.we had chicken curry for dinner tonight which was nice, with a cup of tea. I had beetroot sandwiches at work with tomatoes.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dull Wednesday

I was up at 6 and put on the dishwasher and the washing machine and had a slice of toast and marmite for my breakfast with a huge mug of tea. When the washing was done I hung it out and swept the path. We watched an old cycle race on u tube and then I got ready to go to the City. H put on a loaf of bread and then took me to the City and dropped me off at the front of City hall. I bought Grandaughter no 2 s birthday present,s but can't write what I have bought because she reads my blogs!! I bought a few things in M&S food hall and our holiday euros. We didn't need many because our holiday is full board so we just need enough for morning coffees and afternoon sangrias etc. I caught the bus home and was back before 12 30. We had " an all day breakfast " for dinner tonight and it was lovely. Bacon, eggs, sausage, tomatoes and bread and butter,H had a glass of wine but I just had a cup of tea. Work again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Busy Tuesday

When I got up I put on a load of washing and made a bowl of porridge for my breakfast. I hung the washing out when it was light and tidied the kitchen. I went up made the bed and dusted the bedroom before getting dressed in my cycle gear. We rode 33.9 miles, H on his mountain bike and me on my road bike ( so I can almost keep up ). It was a hard ride but I enjoyed it. When we got back home I made us a coffee and after I had changed I went into the back garden and finished clearing the garden path that I began on Sunday. I filled the bird feeders and carried on weeding in the garden for another hour. It was then time for me to prepare our evening meal so I came in, and swept and washed the kitchen floor before turning on the oven to preheat, we had quiche with mushrooms and potato wedges. When H got up this morning he said he has hurt his back, he twisted it in the night.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday 9 th

Work today and it was the best day we have had for ages. The sun was out for most of the day, very little wind and not too muddy. There are only 2 of us there this week because one of the men has a weeks holiday. The boss lends a hand but he had to spend a large part of the day delivering and then ploughing. I had to trim leeks more or less all day the rest of the time I had to wash and pack them. The day went quickly. When I got home daughter rang to say she will not be coming out with us on our bikes tomorrow because she has still got a horrible cough. I have come home with a backache, I suppose it's because I haven't worked since last Monday. Hopefully it willbe better tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lazy Sunday

I was going out on my bike on my own but decided I couldn't be bothered . So instead I sat and read for an hour after H had gone off with our son in law and then I thought I had better get on and do something. After I had dressed, made the bed,hung out the washing etc. I began to clear our garden path. I was still out there when H came home, they had been to the coast and back. We had the rest of the sausage and onion patty for lunch, cold with sauce . I went back outside and carried on with the garden till gone 3 pm when I had to come in to get the meat in the oven ( pork )  it was a nice dinner with mash, carrots and cabbage. I have to go to work tomorrow and as I haven't been since last Monday it will make a nice change.

Saturday, 7 February 2015


We said last night that we would have a lie in this morning but we were still up at 6 am. I was awake at 5 and was fed up with laying there. I put on a load of washing, we had our breakfast and H got our mountain bikes out of the garage. We had a coffee while we watched a bit of news and then got ready to go for a bike ride. We rode 25 miles, we started off in drizzle but it soon dried out and the ride wasn't too bad. Our daughter, son in law, Grandaughter and one of her friends all passed us ( in there car ) so there was a lot of shouting and laughter. When we got home we had a shower and lunch ( cheese and biscuits with gherkins and pickled onions ). I made a loaf of bread and then for dinner tonight I made a very nice sausage and onion patty with 2 hard boiled eggs inside. It was really tasty. I just added green veg. No 1 son rang this afternoon he and his wife are both well. Our youngest Grandaughter will soon be 12 and she is counting down the days. She has given me a list of things to choose from of what she would like for her birthday. I told her I hope I can find them all in the pound shop. H is going out again tomorrow with our son in law, I think they are riding about 50 miles. H has already ridden 151 miles this week without what he has done on his rollers.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Shopping day

As soon as we had finished breakfast we got ready and went to Asda for our weekly shop posting a couple of no 1 sons letters through their door on our way. When we came back I unpacked and put everything away while H went up to get changed into his cycle gear ready to go out with son in law. ( I forgot to get any milk ) when they left I did a few chores and then went out on my bike. I had decided to ride a few miles and get the milk on the way home but when I got out there ti was really freezing so I went straight to the shop and home again. H rode 61 miles at 18.7 miles an hour and I did 1.77 miles at 10 mph!!! I really don't know how he does it ! Mind you it's tired him out and after lunch he had a doze in the chair in front of the tv while read my book. He says we will ride tomorrow. I kept my shopping under £80 including the milk ( and 2 packs of maltesers and an avocado which I ate before H  came home) 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thursday 5 th

Today I have done nothing much again. I did manage to get yesterday's and today's washing dry outside which was a bonus.
I have 3 brothers, all younger than me. The eldest lives in Newzealnd the middle one lives in Thorpe and the youngest in Staffordshire. They are all married,and I got an email from Nz this morning saying that my sister in law has just had her second ( new knee) operation. My brother says it went well. She is much younger than me and my knees are in fantastic shape, it must be all the excersise I get, so if any 70 plus are reading this,keep on moving. Use it or loose it. Hopefully I will have something more interesting to write about tomorrow. We are shopping in the morning, H is cycling with son in law in the morning so if I go out I will be on my own.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wednesday 4 th

We have had a bit of a nothing day, I caught up with all my ironing after a bowl of porridge for my breakfast. H washed our bikes we used yesterday and then cleaned the car before riding for an hour on his rollers. I just sat and read. I did then go into the garden for half an hour to clear up a bit and fill my brown bin ready for the bin men on Friday. While H had a shower I made some soup ( parsnip, beetroot, onion and potato with a touch of curry powder. ) It was nice. For dinner we had spag' boll'. made with quorn mince, fried onion, a tin of tomatoes, frozen peas and sweetcorn, red wine and an oxo cube. At 5 o'clock the phone rang and it was my boss, he said that he had not got many orders for this weekend so he could manage without me tomorrow, so now I don't have to go to work till Monday. If it's fine in the morning we will be able to go for a ride. A couple more plants out in my garden.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tuesday 3 rd

When I went to bed last night I peeped out of the window and everywhere was white, we had had a nice layer of snow. It was still there this morning but it had frozen hard, so H thought it would be fun to ride to Aylsham along Marriots way. We had a leisurely breakfast and a little later a coffee before he took our bikes from the garage, wiped them over and added a little oil. We set off only to find the roads still like glass but the track horribly muddy.We carried on along the track for 21 miles but gave up and did the rest of the ride on the road.( total 29.3 miles ). It also rained twice which didn't help. I was mud from head to foot ( I hope it's good for my complection ) . After a quick shower we went to the chicken farm for eggs. We then just sat about all afternoon watching T V. I was too worn out to do much else. We had jacket potato, salmon, peas, sweetcorn and bread and butter for dinner with a glass of red wine.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Chilly Monday

It was freezing most of the day in the field but the sun came out once or twice and it was nice. At lunch we were invited into the Boss's conservatory and we had home made pizzas which were lovely,a warming cup of tea and a slice of fabulous chocolate cake which was one of Mary Berrys recipes. We then washed and packed all the leeks we had done in the morning and went back up the field and trimed some more till it was time for me to leave off. I soon warmed up when I got home and I have no more work till Thursday. Daughter rang,she is not cycling with us tomorrow because she has an awful cold. She has had it for a week now so hopefully she will soon be over it. My backache is much better so I hope it will be gone tomorrow but even it isn't I will be able to ride my bike, sometimes even if your backache is really bad, the one place that's comfortable is on a bike. I hope it's not too icy.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Wet start to new month

I was up just after 5 am because I was unable to get comfortable and I just sat and read till H came down at 7 am. We had our breakfast, I had porridge and he had toast. I then stripped no 2 sons bed, put it all in the washing machine and put yesterday's into the tumble drier because, even though I hung it out yesterday there was little dry out there. H made a fruit and malt loaf and as soon as it was cooked he cut the crust off for me and I had it with butter while it was still hot, it was lovely. He is now on his rollers again, I went to hang out the sheets etc after it stopped raining and the sun came out but before I had finished it turned black again and the next minute it began to rain so I brought everything in and they will go in the tumble drier in the morning when it's cheaper electric.we are having toasted malt loaf for lunch, chicken for dinner with Christmas pudding and custard for afters. While H was on his turbo I dusted the lounge and finished yet another book. I was going into the garden to take a photograph of my winter aconites to brighten this blog up but it's raining again so I will wait for another day.