Friday, 15 June 2018


I got up  at 5.35, put on a loa d of washing made a pot of tea and at 6.10 I woke H up and we had our breakfast ( toast and tea). I dressed, took the first load of washing out of the machine and put on a second load before we went out for our weekly shop. When we got home I unpacked and put everything away while H made us a coffee. He then went out and washed the car while I hung out all the washing and started on the housework. H wanted to polish the car as well but it was so hot that the polish dried on before he could polish it off. When he had done we ha d another coffee and he got our bikes out of the garage so we could go for a ride. It was a lovely ride there wasn’t a lot of wind and the sun was out. We did almost 19 miles. When we got home we had a cheese sandwich with radishes and a glass of wine sitting in the garden. H went in when it was time for the cycle race on tv but I stayed out and did a bit of weeding, when the sun went in I watered my outside pots and then went in and had a bath before cooking dinner. We had M&S pizza with potato fritters and strawberries and cream for dessert. Today we both thought it was Saturday!!!

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