Saturday, 4 August 2018


I got up at 5.30, made a pot of tea and had 2 cream crackers spread with butter and marmite for my breakfast. I sat and read till H got up and then we had a coffee. After watching the news I stripped the bed and put on a load of washing. When it was done I hung out and then I stood and ironed for 1 hour and 10 minuites!! H, by then, was on his turbo riding a 100 k race so I rewarded myself by spending the rest of the morning in the garden. I cleared my oval bed and cut round the edging bricks first which took ages. For lunch we had a coffee and a banana and I carried on gardening. I trimmed all down one side of the lawn and pulled loads of weeds and dead stuff out of the border. My garden bin was emptied Friday and now it’s fill. H came out and trimmed some shrubs for me that I couldn’t reach but they are piled up on the patio waiting to go in the bin in 2 weeks time. We had a G&T mid afternoon and when I went in H ran me a bath. After Friday’s cold bath I hopped into this one only to find it was so hot it almost burnt my feet! I hopped out again and added cold. For dinner tonight we had beef in red wine with mushrooms, cauliflower cheese and new potatoes. It was nice, strawberries and yogurt for pudding. I stayed down all evening because we were both watching the same things on tele, midsummer and Endeavour.

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