Thursday, 1 February 2018


I was up at 10 past 5, put on a load of washing and had my breakfast. I finished off packing my salad and made a flask of bovril to take with me. I made the bed, dressed and got ready to go to work. I had to go straight to carrots and do 16 dozen bunches. Andy joined me after a while and we managed to get them by coffee break at 10 plus 3 boxes of loose ones. After that I had to walk back to the sprouts and pick 2 sacks. It was leeks next and the men joined me when they had finished cutting cabbages. We went back to the yard at 12.30 and washed the leeks before having our lunch. I packed them while the men were finishing their lunch and then I had to walk back to leeks to get 4 more boxes. It was sunny all morning but quite cold but in the afternoon it was awful, no sun, a very strong wind rain and then snow. We were all frozen! After the leeks we did a box of beetroot, a box of golden beetroot, 10 kilo of purple carrots, 12 kilo of purple sprouting broccoli and 3 more boxes of loose carrots. We went down, washed everything and it was my hometime. I had a long soak in the bath as soon as I got in which warmed me up a bit. For dinner tonight we had pasta with chicken strips, mushrooms,onions,carrots etc,in a white sauce, it was nice. I have my usual post work headache.

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