Friday, 16 February 2018


I got up at 6.30 and made a loaf of bread.i made a pot of tea and waited for H to get up. We had our breakfast, I had porridge and H had toast. We had a coffee and when H went up to turbo I swept the toilet floor, cleaned the hand basin etc and washed all the walls down. I got the bins in and then cleaned the kitchen, sweeping and washing the floor and wiping the cupboard doors and worktops. When I had done all that I worked in the garden for an hour, it was lovely in the sunshine. When H had finished his ride and showered we had spaghetti on toast for lunch with a coffee. After that I changed and we went to the nursing home to visit H’s brother. He is going downhill fast, he has always been a big chap but his arms are beginning to look like sticks. While we were there he was sick, he is unable to keep anything down.  We stayed longer than usual it seems horrible leaving him there. When we did leave we went to our daughters because it’s our youngest granddaughter ‘s birthday on Sunday so we popped in with her card. She is off to Miami in a few weeks so we gave her money. We had a cornflake cake and a cup of tea. When we got home we had a glass of wine and just eggs and beans for tea.
Yesterday’s food. ..... corned beef, cheese sandwich, Benecol, pork slice, egg, chips mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, a square of chocolate, 3 plums, orange, date scone.

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