Friday, 27 April 2018


I got up at 6.10, put on a load of washing, made a pot of tea and had my breakfast. I had buttered toast this morning because we were going shopping. We went to Asda calling at no1 sons on the way with his birthday card and present. After Asda we went to M&S for a few things. When we got home we unpacked and put everything away and had a coffee and a cream bun. My washing was finished but I couldn’t hang it out because it was raining. H went up to turbo and I vacuumed upstairs. Next I made some choc chip and seed flapjack. When it was done I vacuumed downstairs and then I made some raisin and pistachio flapjack. We had another coffee and I dusted upstairs. For lunch we had a corned beef sandwich and a bunch of grapes. I dusted upstairs and made a chicken stew for dinner. Our no 2 son came home in time for dinner, we had pineapple for pudding. I had a bath and at 7 watched Emmerdale. Tomorrow H will be 80 !!!!

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