Wednesday, 17 May 2017


It's been a disappointing day, we were promised lots of rain but had hardly any. H and I both got up together this morning and both had toast and marmalade. I put on a load of washing while H made a pot of tea. He then did some Spanish homework while I did all the ironing. We had a coffee and a date scone before he left for his lesson. It had brightened up a bit so I hung the washing out and got on with a bit of housework, dusting etc. H got back quite early because he went in the car and on the way home he bought my tv magazine so after a lunch of bacon butties, coffee and another scone I sat and read it while he watched the ' tour of Italy'. He slept through the whole race and I woke him for the last 3 kilometres. When he came home he told me it was raining a bit so I got my washing in and , much ti my surprise, it was dry, it had only been out for about 2 and a half hours. For dinner tonight we had mushrooms, fried tomatoes, potato wedges, bacon and eggs. Tomorrow our new fridge freezer should arrive and we will be able to stock it up and eat properly again. I am hoping for more rain overnight.

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