Thursday, 11 May 2017


Work today so I was up at 5.35 and put on a load of washing. I made a pot of tea and a bowl of porridge for my breakfast. I packed 2 corned beef sandwiches with brown sauce,a banana and a bottle of water for my lunch. I dressed and made the bed, then I went to work. First I had to pick 75 bunches of radishes and then walked down to the rhubarb bed and picked 11 boxes of it. Next I walked to the spring onions to pick 30 bunches, I really struggled to get the fork into into the ground to dig them up it's so dry. It is the first day of the year I was able to work in a t shirt. I finished all that by 12 noon and spent the rest of the in the greenhouse stringing up the tomatoes. It was very hot work. Andy is on holiday this week and Andrew was on a gardening job so I have worked all day on my own, it was lovely, i listened to my radio all day and the time flew by. When I got home my daughter rang fot a chat and I could hear her dog snoring in the background! For dinner tonight we had a fish pie with peas, it was very nice. H had yogurt for pudding but i have run out of oranges so i had an apple. The boss doesn't want me any more till Monday.

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