Sunday, 21 May 2017


I got up just before 7 and put on a load of washing. H was already up and had made a pot of tea so I had a cupand a little later a coffee. I had 2 cream crackers for breakfast and when the washing was done I hung it out. I made the bed, tidied up the bed room and sat in the garden and listened to the Archers omnibus. As soon as it was over I went on a roundabout trip to the wet fish shop in Felthorpe to buy 2 crabs for our lunch. They were delicious. The shop is actually 3and a bit miles away from us but I ended up riding 17.3 miles so I had my exercise. Mind you I can't compete with H who rode over 62 miles. However he did his indoors where as I was out enjoying the fresh air. This afternoon I cleared more rubbish out of the garden, brought my nice dry washing in and had a bath. We had pork for dinner, with roast potatoes, broccoli and peas. For pud we had lemon mousse, nice and refreshing. This evening I am going to watch  ' The Durells '. There is not much on tv. No work tomorrow 😊

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