Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Day off

 I managed to stay in bed till 5.40 but it was so warm I just had to get up. I sat and read till I heard H moving around then I made a pot of tea. He sliced my bread off for toast and we had our breakfast. H then made us a coffee and I wrote my diary for yesterday, made the bed, and plucked my eyebrows. I sat and read a couple of chapters of my book and H said he was ready to go out on his bike so I changed and off we went. I decided to record my ride on my watch which worked perfectly well last time. Well we went to Reepham station which is about 9.5 miles, I checked my watch and it said I had ridden 3.2 miles!! I don't have a clue what went wrong but it's annoying. I recorded the rest of my ride on my phone which said I rode 26 and a bit miles but my bike computer says I rode 36 and a quarter miles. We had a cheese and lettuce sandwich for lunch and I went outside to work in the garden. I turned the oven on before I went outside and when it was heated I made some chocolate chip buns. As soon as they were done I went back outside and did my first snail collection of the year, I collected 92. I carried on weeding till H called me in and said he had run me a bath. When I had done I made a pot of tea and put a fish pie in the oven for dinner tonight.
Getting back to my ride,   H was with me so we both did the same. I thought I would be able to copy his numbers down, he was using his ' garmin' but, would you believe it? , ! That didn't load either!!  This month I have ridden 308.5 miles.

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