Saturday, 27 January 2018


We got up at 6.30, I put on a load of washing and we had our breakfast. As soon as we had done we got ready and went to Asda for our weekly groceries. When we came back I unpacked and put everything away while H made the coffee. He then went straight up to ride 61 and a bit miles!!! After our son had had his breakfast ( a concoction of porridge, banana, honey and peanut butter!!) he and I went out on our mountain bikes. We did about 18 miles and were pretty muddy by the time we got home again. It was very windy and quite cold, (3 degrees when we left home) . We were almost home when it began to rain. I rushed to get my washing in and it was dry. As soon as I had washed my hands I made us all some lunch. H had a bacon sandwich and son and I had salad. We all had a coffee and I had a bath, we all watched the Ann Frank film then I cooked dinner. We had steak, chips and peas, pineapple and yogurt for dessert. And of course a cup of tea. After dinner we watched the new Kong film in 3D.

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