Sunday, 17 September 2017


We both got up at 6.35 and had our breakfast, then while H was making the coffee i hung yesterday's washing out. He then went out front to clean the car while I cooked some beetroot and put my slow cooker on with some cubed beef and fried onions. I added some vegetables, water and red wine and just left it to cook all day.whenH had finished the car he got the bikes out so we could go for a ride.
( the car looks nice ). We put our cycle gear on and left just after 9am. We had a lovely ride and went to Holt via Hunworth and the horrible hill! There were loads of cyclists on the roads and we saw more bikes than cars!! We rode over 41 miles. We were home again by noon and I got my washing in, all dry. It's a good job I did because a few minutes later we had a shower of rain. We had a coffee and a cheese sandwich for lunch followed by a raspberry bun and a shandy. We sat and watched a bike race ( world champs team time trial ) when it was over I had a soak in the bath before dishing up dinner which was very tasty. Tomorrow I have to go back to the dreaded work!!!

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