Friday, 25 May 2018


I got up at 6.10, put on a load of washing and had toast and tea for breakfast. As soon as we had finished we got ready to go shopping.  As soon as we got back H made us a coffee while I unpacked and put everything away. I read my tv magazine while I was drinking my coffee and then I got on with some housework. I vacuumed the whole house and started to dust. I got all 4 bins in, our two and our neighbours two because they had gone out. At 11.15 we got ready to go to Corston village hall to receive an award given posthumously to Hs brother, my brother in law, he is Corstons village champion for 2018. He was always helping others and a really nice guy? We had soup, sandwiches, and dessert, I had fresh fruit salad and cream ( which was delish ) and H had crumble. There was tea and coffee and water on the tables. All the people there were so nice.  When we got home we had a glass of wine and watched the ‘tour’. When it is done I will have a shower and get something for tea. We won’t want much because we are still stuffed from lunch, we will have a cup of tea and a bun.

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