Saturday, 24 June 2017


I got up at 6.20,had my breakfast, put on a load of washing,dressed and we went shopping. I managed to get all the things into 3 bags but it cost me over £84!! When we got back I hung the washing out while H made us a coffee. I watered my outdoor pots and pulled a few weeds out of the garden. We decided to go out on our bikes, it was rather dull but pretty warm. We rode almost 23 miles but it was quite slow.H didn't want to do a fast ride because he didn't want to upset his knee before his long ride on the turbo trainer tomorrow. I left him once to try a ' segment ' and managed to get joint queen of the mountain , I will have to go again tomorrow and see if I can do it faster.we had a cheese and ham sandwich for lunch with a glass of wine. This afternoon I did a bit of clearing  up and cooked dinner. We had paella with chicken and prawns and some garlic bread. It was strawberries and cream for pudding. I rang my daughter and have arranged to pop round to see her tomorrow after she gets home from work.

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