Friday, 2 June 2017


I was up at 5 ( too hot ) I put on a load of washing and had my breakfast. When we were ready we went for our weekly shop. We were home again by 8.30 and we had a coffee, I hung out the washing and we sat outside for an hour before getting stuck into some housework. H went upstairs to turbo so while he was out I washed the kitchen and toilet floors and vacuumed right through downstairs. When H was done I got fried egg sandwiches for lunch with an orange and soda to wash it down. At 1.30 we left home to go to the hairdressers calling in at the chicken farm for eggs on the way. When we got back home it was wine o'clock and then I cooked dinner. We had chicken in wine with roast potatoes and peas. We had lemon cheesecake for pudding. It was nice. We had not been home from the hairdressers long when it began to rain and then it really poured. I am pleased because we needed rain but no 2 son should be coming home tonight for the weekend and he said he was coming on his motorbike!!!

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