Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I stayed in bed till 7.15 and then had my breakfast. It was far too wet to go out on my bike and H was having his Spanish lesson so I got him to give me a lift to the City. It was a bit disappointing because I wanted some special wool, we had looked on line and the only place to get it locally was John Lewis. But they didn't have any!! Well they had one 50 gram ball. This means I will have to go back to Sheringham, they have it in a nice little wool shop there that sells it. I had a wander round the clothing department because I want some ideas for a nice wedding outfit. I won't need it till next year but I like looking. I bought us each a sausage roll and a Belgium bun for our lunch and I sat and knitted all afternoon. For dinner tonight I made a cottage pie which turned out nice. I kept waiting for my boss to ring and tell me it will be too wet for me to work tomorrow but no such luck.

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