Saturday, 5 August 2017


We both got up at 6am and had toast and tea for breakfast. We then got ready and went shopping. When we arrived back H made us a coffee while I unpacked and put everything away. He got our bikes out of the garage and changed all 4 of our tyres over from our smooth to our knobbly ones because we were going ' off road '. We planned to do 23 miles but we had only gone about 4 when we felt a few spots of rain. We carried on but it began to get worse so we stopped, put our waterproof jackets on and turned back. In the end we only rode 13.5 miles but as it was off road it was a good workout and took us an hour and two minutes so we had our exercise. When we got back we had an instant coffee and for lunch cheese and biscuits with a slice of fruit cake. This afternoon H went into the garage to do a bit more clearing up and sorting out rubbish. I had a shower and then sat and knitted. For dinner tonight we had pizza and runner beans, potatoes and carrots tossed in butter. It was strawberries and ice cream for pudding. We had a cup of tea to wast it all down. I forgot to say that we had a glass of wine around 3.30 !!! We had a phone call from no 2 son who had just landed in France, and a phone call from our daughter who had had her yearly car boot sale. She was pleased with how it went.

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