Thursday, 10 August 2017


I put on a load of washing as soon as I was up and then had my breakfast. I packed my lunch, made my bed, hung out the washing and went to work. I had to do 45 bunches of radishes, 40 bunches of spring onions, 6 bunches of golden beetroot, 22 bunches of purple beetroot, 11 bunches of purple carrots, 48 bunches of orange ones, then 3 boxes of loose carrots. Andy came and picked it and me up  and we went to the yard to wash and pack everything. We then had lunch and I had the luxury of eating mine in the shed with the men. After that I had to pick 2 trays of tomatoes and then spend the rest of the day weeding. I don't have to go again till Monday. For dinner tonight we had smoked haddock, jacket potatoes and baked beans. The forecast for tomorrow is looking a bit better so we hope to go out on our bikes in the afternoon.

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