Saturday, 12 August 2017


I got up at 5.50 and put on a load of washing. We had our breakfast, then I emptied the dishwasher that we had put on overnight and dressed ready to go shopping. After Asda we went to M&S food hall for a ' meal deal ' and fish pies etc. Lastly to Tescos for milk. H made us a coffee while I unpacked and put everything away. After my coffee ( and cream horn ) ( we didn't know you could still get them, haven't seen any for years ) I hung out the washing. After I had made the bed and tidied the bedroom I swept the kitchen floor and vacuumed downstairs then I sat down for a bit and read my  book because my legs are a bit stiff after yesterday's ride. For lunch we had a cheese sandwich, I also had cucumber in mine but H doesn't like it. We had a coffee with it and some sun gold tomatoes. We watched a cycle race this afternoon and then I had a shower and cooked dinner. We had chicken with roast potatoes, cauliflower and runner beans with strawberry trifle for pudding, a cup of tea and a glass of wine. H spent some time in the garage changing his single speed bike into one with gears. My washing is all nice and dry again.

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