Friday, 4 August 2017


I got up at 6, H said we had to lay in bed till 7 but I just got fed up laying there. He could only manage to stay there till 6.30! We had our breakfast and a coffee, I put on a load of washing and when it was done I hung it out.  Then I washed the cloakroom floor etc, and cleaned the kitchen. H made a loaf of bread which has turned out well. He got our bikes out of the garage and at 9.20 we got ready to cycle over to see his second youngest brother who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was surprisingly chearfull. He is waiting for a letter from the specialist to hear what will happen next. When we got back we had cream crackers and cheese for lunch with an instant coffee and then our daughter came round to pick up a few things for a car boot sale she is going to tomorrow. H found a cycle race to watch and we had a glass of wine. For dinner tonight we had quiche with potato wedges and mushrooms. My washing is all lovely and dry again and smells of fresh air.

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