Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Waste of a day!

We carefully watched the weather forecast yesterday evening and decided it was going to be too wet to do the long cycle ride to Wroxham that we had planned. When I got up just after 6am I looked out of the window and we had had a bit of rain overnight but it looked quite bright. Anyway we didn't change our minds so after a coffee H brought his computer downstairs and got on with his Spanish homework ready for his lesson tomorrow. I just sat and read my book. We had corned beef sandwiches with tomatoes for lunch and then I went outside and worked in the garden. H came out and cut the front lawn. I have filled my brown garden rubbish bin again. I came in again at 3.30 and got on with some knitting. At 4.30 my boss rang to say it was too wet for me to go to work tomorrow!!!! I didn't know what he was talking about! We hadn't ( at that time ) had a drop of rain and we are only about 5 miles from my work as the crow flies! However it is raining here now and when we watched the news there has been rain all over the place and if we had gone out on our bikes we would have been soaked. We had cod in a mustard sauce for dinner with runner beans, courgette, carrots and new potatoes.

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