Tuesday, 12 January 2016


I have had a nice day today. I was going to have porridge for my breakfast but when I got up I couldn't be bothered to make it, so I had my usual toast and marmite with a huge mug of tea. A little while later I had a cup of coffee and a biscuit. I hung out yesterday's and today's washing and then I got ready to have a ride on H's turbo trainer. I began my ride at around 10 past 9 and the next minuite began to rain so H had to get my 2 full lines of washing in. I rode 32.3 miles on my bike in 1 hour and 58 mins which is the longest I have ever sat on a static bike. We had a dippy egg for our lunch and another coffee.No I son popped round on his way to work ( he is on lates this week. ). He had time for a coffee and a couple of cookies. When he left we went out for eggs from the chicken farm and to a shop for me to buy a light to put on the dining room windowsill. I found a nice one shaped like a candle stick with 2 candles. H thought it wouldn't be bright enough but he is  pleasantly surprised. When we came back he said he was hungry again so we had a turkey sandwich. We are having turkey stew for dinner tonight, it just won't have quite as much turkey in now. ..... A picture of me on my bike......

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