Sunday, 24 January 2016


This morning H and I got up together and had our breakfast. Today he was going to ride a race on his turbo at 10.30 so we had a lazy morning till then. When he went upstairs to ride I made a loaf of bread which has turned out great, then I made a plate of biscuits. When they were cooked I went into the garden and worked for an hour and a half weeding. I only have a small garden but after an hour and a half you can't see what I have done. I have a lot of hours work out there. When H had finished he had done almost 72 miles ( 71.9 ). He is so good. While he was showering I got spaghetti on toast for lunch. We didn't do much all afternoon and for dinner we are having roast chicken. Roast and mashed potatoes cabbage and carrots with onion gravy. 
It's work for me tomorrow.

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