Thursday, 14 January 2016

Lazy day

No work so we both  laid in till well gone 6. I had porridge for breakfast, a coffee and a biscuit at 10, home made soup for lunch and for dinner we had sausage's,baked beans, eggs, chips and bread and butter crisped up in the oven. H was busy all day working in the garage, he has put insulation up on the walls, one of which backs on to our lounge and the other the dining room and it feels warmer in the lounge already. I sew up the little coat I knitted and then knitted a matching pair of bootees. I can knit till the cows come home, I love it but I hate sewing it all up. When my mum was alive I used to knit and she used to sew everything up for me, it was great. I did a load of washing this morning, hung it all out, came in, looked out of the window and it began raining so back I went and got it all in again.

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