Thursday, 7 January 2016


WELL !!!! today I had to go to work and it was unbelievable, I have never kown it to be so muddy. We all got stuck so many times and we were all falling over. The mud was so soppy and deep it was half way up our Wellington boots. I was wet through by 10 but we all carried on until we had harvested enough veg to cover all the orders. We all left off early ( 150 ). I rang H to tell him I was on the way home so my cup of tea would be ready. As soon as I got in he ran me a bath and poured me a cuppa so I was soon warm inside and out. We had a pasta bake for dinner tonight. Any one who reads my blog knows at work I live on cucumber sandwiches but today I had a change and took a salad. No more work till Monday for me so I hope it dries up a bit by then. 

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