Tuesday, 2 February 2016


We both had a lay in and didn't get up till nearly 7. I put on a load of washing and H put on the dishwasher. After breakfast I hung the washing out while H opened the garage to get out our bikes only to find he has a puncture in his front tyre. He took the wheel out and soon had it mended. We then went for a ride but it was so dreadfully windy we cut our ride short and only rode 26.2 miles and most of it was hard work. As soon as we had finished we showered and had lunch. ( poached eggs on toast, a cup of soup and a slice of cake. ) I have just been to get the washing in and it's all lovely and dry. I made a loaf of bread and took some salmon out of the freezer for tonight's dinner which we are having with mushrooms, baked beans and a jacket potatoes with a slice of my new loaf.

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