Friday, 5 February 2016


First it was the weekly shop and I only spent £55.14, then it was a coffee while I read my new tv magazine. Before we left we put the dish washer on but while we were out we had a power cut so it was all in a muddle and we had to sort it out and do it all again.there was also all the clocks to reset, cooker, heating,microwave oven etc. ect. I then vacuumed the whole house made the bed and brought the bins back in. In Asda I bought a couple of balls of blue wool baby wool so I can knit a matinee coat for my no 1 Grandaughter's friend who is having a little boy. I have already started it, I love knitting. We had a corned beef sandwich for lunch with a coffee after which I rode for an hour on H's turbo trainer. I rode 15.6 miles. I could have gone faster but I wanted a steady ride. I tried to keep it  at 15 m p h. We have just had our bath's and now I am going to cook dinner. I was given a dozen eggs yesterday so we are each having a 3 egg cheese and mushroom omelette, with chips and peas. 

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