Monday, 1 February 2016


Yesterday I forgot to write my blog!!!! I was busy in the morning playing crib' with no 2 son. I like playing cards but cribbage is my favourite game by far. All our games were realy close but I just managed to win 4 games to 3. While we were doing this H was on his turbo trainer riding a virtual race with 60 others. He did 65 and a bit miles at 22 and a bit miles an hour. In the afternoon all 3 of us played scrabble, I came second, I intend to win next time. Well that was yesterday. Today I worked and it was carrots and leeks as usual. We had leftover chicken for dinner tonight and I took chicken sandwiches to work. I haven't got to go again till Thursday. No 2 son has gone back to London and he says when he arrived the temperature was 16 degrees.

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