Friday, 26 February 2016


We shopped straight after breakfast and I managed to stay under £80, just. When we came back home the washing was finished so I hung it out. I vacuumed up and downstairs and then dusted. We had a coffee and a hot cross bun, then I made a chocolate sponge which has turned out really well I sandwiched it together with chocolate cream. Then I made some vegetable soup for lunch. No2 son arrived just 6 minuites before it was done, so good timing on his part. This afternoon H had a hospital appointment because he keeps getting stomach pains. He has already had scans, X Ray's etc. but it's still a mystery. His appointment was at 2.40 and he was called in dead on time. The Doc said they need to try a camera down his throat to look in his stomach and they are also doing another cat scan. We were home again by 3.35 even after me queueing in the chemist for ages and just before 4 pm the hospital rang and gave H an appointment for next Thursday for his camera op. Now I think that is good service for you. When we came home son had gone to the climbing centre so we had another coffee and waited for him to come home before I got dinner. It was chicken pie, peas, potato wedges and mushrooms. We had tiramasu for pud. They are now watching a film and I am watching rugby. 

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