Wednesday, 16 December 2015


I went off to work after packing my bag etc and it was very mild even in the middle of the field. I had to do 96 bunches of carrots and I had to fork them all up as well. Then I walked to the leek bed and trimmed 11 boxes before the men came for me to help wash and pack them. We had almost finished I was carrying a box full of leeks out to the washing area, I caught my foot in a loop of hose pipe and I fell over onto a concrete edge. I have a huge ' egg ' come up on my left knee and a long gash on my leg under my right knee, and that is through 2 pairs of trousers! I also hit my chest on the box I was carrying so I am pretty sore all over. Anyway it happened at3.30 so I came home. I felt much better after soaking in the bath. We had chicken curry for dinner which was nice. 

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