Friday, 18 December 2015


I had to go to work again today!!! I haven't worked on a Friday for ages. The good thing about it is, we leave off 2 hours earlier so I was home by 2.20. My cup of tea was waiting for me just the same. I took cucumber sandwiches and hardly had time to eat them we were so busy. I picked 2 and a half sacks of sprouts and was on leeks for the rest of the day. I managed to trim 11 boxes. When the boss lifted them he cut the bottoms off a couple so tonight we have got roast chicken with leeks, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes. Because I worked we couldn't shop and I am running out of all sorts !! We have no fruit, hardly any milk no yogurt etc etc. I will be going bright and early in the morning. Tomorrow I am having a ride with my daughter which I am looking forward to, I hope I will be able to keep up with her. I think my knees will be ok they weren't too painful at work.

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