Thursday, 24 December 2015


We got up just after 5 am, had our breakfast and went to Asda. We were there just after 6 and it was really busy, they had most of the checkouts open but I still had to queue behind a couple of people with laden trolleys. We went from there to our butchers in Hevingham to get our turkey and loads of other stuff, sausages, steaks, bacon, ham, pork pies, sausage rolls, etc etc. Even after all the shopping and driving we still managed to be home again by 8.10. We had a coffee and then I got stuck into the     housework it's great, the whole house is sparkling. I even had time to watch a Christmas film this afternoon. At 6.10 pm no2 son arrived home for the Christmas holidays and was just in time for tea. We had lasagne, potato wedges and salad, it was nice. I am now going to relax and watch my soaps. My turkey is huge!!!!! 

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