Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Day

I managed to lay in bed till 6.30 this morning and then I put on a load of washing before eating breakfast. We sat and watched Christmas songs till our son came down before getting ready to go out on our bikes. We asked him if he wanted to come with us, but we were on road bikes and he didn't bring his home this time but he has a mountain bike here. So H and I went off for a short ride, we did almost 21 miles (20.9) and because there was no wind and the roads were empty it was great, we did it at 16.3 miles an hour. When we got back we had a coffee, then I prepared lunch. Son and I had a salad and H had a bacon sandwich. This afternoon I made a fresh fruit salad for tomorrow, and also the stuffing for the turkey which will be going in the oven when I go to bed, I always start it the night before because it big and being fully stuffed it takes some cooking!!, the bird weigh's 7.5 kilos. For dinner tonight we had fillet steak, stuffed mushrooms and chips. It was lovely. It will be a busy day tomorrow, everyone should be here by 11 and then for us Christmas begins. 

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