Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lazy day

I have done nothing much today, I did go into the garden and spent around an hour and a half pulling weeds up. I filled my huge bucket up twice but you can't see where I have been. No 2 son went to the climbing centre this morning while H rode 31 miles on his turbo trainer. This afternoon no 1 son came round and had a go on the trainer, he thought it was good and did 7.2 miles. I made spaghetti bolognase with quorn mince for dinner but I didn't have any as it seems to upset my stomach. Tomorrow my daughter,son in law and no 2 Grandaughter are coming round to pick up son and me and we are going to look at the seals. 
When I was gardening I found 6 Lilly beetles ( killed 5 ) 1 got away!! I also saw 2 ladybirds. 

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