Thursday, 9 June 2016


Today has been a day I will remember for the rest of my life!!!! We got up at 6 am and at 7 went down and had a nice breakfast of scrambled egg, rolls and cold meats, followed by toast, butter and jam or chocolate spread. Coffee and o j for H and tea and o j for me. We then went back to our room, cleaned our teeth and got ready to go out on our bikes. We took them out of the boot of the car, unfolded them put the seats in etc. and strapped our bags on the back and off we went. We visited several lovely towns and villages, each with a wonderful church. Here are a few of the names........ Fijnaart, Standdaarbuiten,Oudanbosch, Ettenleur and Zevenberger. On the way from there to Klundert I noticed my Bag had fallen off my rack on the back of my bike!!!! It contained our passports, return ferry tickets, £260 sterling, my heart tablets,my iPad my car key, my brand new rain top, the list goes on........ Before we lost it we had been ot a wonderful Arbouretum in Oudenbosh and also for a nice ice cold beer, ( it's been a scorching hot day ). We then turned round and rushed back in the vain hope of finding it lying on the path. When we got all the way back to Oudanbosch, where I last had it we gave up hope. We called into a cafe to ask how to get in touch with the police, the kind lady took us next door to a florist and the two girls in there were wonderful. They rang the police, got several numbers and addresses for us to visit in the morning to sort out passport s and ferry tickets etc. We then cycled back to our hotel. Altogether today I have ridden 64.28 miles on a small wheeled bike!! We were almost back to our hotel when H had a call on his mobile phone, it was the police, somebody had dumped my bag on their steps and gone off. They thought it was a suspicious package and rang their bomb squad.!!! They arrived and cut my bag in half because they thought unzipping it might trigger an explosion. They found inside the address of our hotel who gave them H's number. They brought the bag back to the hotel and handed it to me fully intact. It gives one their faith in human
nature back... We are both burnt to a cinder after spending around 9 hours in baking sun. We had planned a nice quiet day and a ride of around 30 miles.

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