Sunday, 22 May 2016


We were up at our usual time and I stripped the bed and put the washing machine on while H stacked and started the dishwasher. We also put on a loaf of bread and then, after breakfast I made some fruit and nut flapjack. I hung out the washing and then got ready to go out on my bike. I went along the track and rode 18 miles. I tried hard and it was a good ride. I am not too keen on going on my own but H was riding a virtual race so couldn't come with me. We both had a shower and a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch and then I spent the afternoon working in the garden. For dinner we had chicken with mashed potato,cauliflower and gravy. It was a sunny morning so after my shower I put my shorts on, put lotion all over my legs, arms, face etc. got my sun bed set up and the sun went in. We didn't see it again!! My sheets etc all came in nice and dry so I ironed everything and put it back on the bed.

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