Monday, 9 May 2016

I can't believe it's sunny again!

I had my washing out nice and early and after breakfast I popped out on my bike to ride a small section of the track to get my Queen of the mountain title back! Yesterday when I checked my ride on arriving home I had this title for about 2 minutes, then my Grandaughter must have loaded her ride, beat me so I lost my crown to her and I was second.  A few minutes after that my daughter must have loaded her results, won, took the crown and then I was third. So to winde them up I took it back. There are only 5 women who have done it so far so it will soon go to somebody else but I bet they won't be as old as me. 
After that we went to Wells and had fish and chips sitting on the harbour wall in the sun. From there we went back to the car eating an ice cream on the way. We then went to the Holkham estate for a walk in the park, it was lovely. We saw loads of deer. When we got back home we had a nice cup of tea, a salad and pancakes. Our son is going back to London shortly, but it has been great seeing him again.

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