Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wet Wednesday

It was work for me so I did all the usual things and off I went in the rain. When I arrived I put on all my wet weather gear and walked up the field to pick 50 bunches of beetroot and 72 bunches of carrots. I then walked back to the yard and washed 3 boxes of butternut squashes. I laid out all the bunches of beet and carrots to be washed and when one side was done I turned them over. The boss then said there wasn't really anything else for me to do so I came home. I was home by 10 past 12.  H was on his turbo trainer and only one more mile to do to make it 40 miles which he did in under 2 hours. We had soup and a coffee and I pealed a load of apples that we brought home yesterday. They are lovely apples, they were all in bags outside a house with a note saying ' please help yourself '. It's great when you are on a bike you see so much more than if you are in a car. I forgot to say on Saturday when we cycled we found another pheasant, the poor thing was still warm when we picked it up. So now that's free meat and free pudding.


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